About Andrea Brundage

Andrea Brundage Bringer of Calm


  Are you tired, stressed, and frazzled?  

 Are you overwhelmed with too much stuff?

  Do you always waste time looking for lost items?

  Do you crave peace of mind?



Calm down. Breathe easy. You are at the right place. Andrea Brundage of Simple Organized Solutions will help you get organized and more importantly, help you stay organized.


At SOS, we guide clients through the “process of elimination” and then we build effective organizational systems around you and the way you think. You deserve the highest level of service along with long-term results.


Would you like to have:

  Increased peace of mind?

  More time to do what is truly important to you?

  More money?

Then you need to contact SOS right now.


Simple Organized Solutions offers gentle guidance and compassionate care, and operates from a place of non-judgement. 


Stop the madness. Liberate yourself from clutter. Reclaim your peace.


Get Started today, and let us turn your “chaos into calm.”