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  2. Apps Can Increase Productivity — March 15, 2015
  3. Tips for Making Time for Important Things — March 8, 2015
  4. Ask The Experts — February 23, 2015
  5. Spring Cleaning, Start Now — February 23, 2015

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Jun 16

Clutter Can Lead You to Overeat

  According to a recent article in the AARP Magazine, clutter and chaos can lead to overeating. Yet another reason to clear that clutter! Who’s craving carrots?   Need help clearing clutter and chaos from your life, your home, your calendar? Call SOS today to schedule your organizing session, (480) 382-1085.  

Mar 15

Apps Can Increase Productivity

Apps Can Increase Productivity If you are like me, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the sheer number of choices in apps that claim to increase productivity. And like me, maybe you may subscribe to the theory that says, “A confused mind makes no decisions.” In my case, that is true. Thankfully, there are people …

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Mar 08

Tips for Making Time for Important Things

March 8, 2015 is International Women’s Day. Do you take time to stay in touch with your women friends? If you are not – and it bothers you – then read on. As women, we call ourselves nurturers. Make sure you nurture your friendships, too. As a professional organizer and productivity consultant, I am often …

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Feb 23

Ask The Experts

Ask The Experts  I was invited to participate on the “Ask the Experts” forum for eWomen Network, Phoenix. I was chosen as the expert Professional Organizer and I was thrilled to share the “stage” with my friend, the highly-regarded Angie Mozilo, Rediscovery, Accountability & Transition Coach and founder of Woman Up! and AZ Mom of Many Hats.     …

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Feb 23

Spring Cleaning, Start Now

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning Spring cleaning is overwhelming for many people. Rather than waiting, why not start now? If you do a little bit each day, before you know it, spring will be here and you will be finished with your “Things-To-Do” list! Start here Early in the year, I recommend clearing …

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Feb 18

Clutter Clearing

Articles and books are cropping up all over about letting go, clutter clearing, and releasing that which no longer serves. Are you ready to jump on the band wagon and get rid of some of the stuff that is perhaps weighing you down?   Pamela Druckerman recently wrote an Op Ed for the New York Times entitled, …

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Feb 15

Color Connection

The Color Connection Here is a wonderful guest blog written by the highly esteemed Interior Designer Jeanette Knudsen, owner of Design For A Lifespan. How Color Changes Your Outlook…and determines the mood of your home Color does matter! Sometimes you walk into a room and something changes. Maybe you were agitated and now feel calm. Or felt …

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Jan 30

Soar into the New Year

  So, here we are about three weeks in to the new year and I must ask you a question. How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? If you are like most, a lot of the great intentions are starting to fall by the wayside about now. Do not give up and do not …

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Jan 28

Organizing Principles

Organizing Principles Like With Like   There are many ways to organize, but a basic organizing principle is to group things in a like-with-like manner. Consider the pantry: Cereal goes with cereal. Snacks with snacks. Baking supplies with baking supplies. Canned goods with canned goods. The linen closet carries the same concept; sheets with extra …

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Jan 21

Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs Provide Great Opportunities to Spread Your Reach   If you are like me, you enjoy writing and sharing your passion with as many people as possible. Answering the call for writing guest blogs is one way to effectively expand your reach. Not only do you get exposure to people outside of your circles, …

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Jan 15

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions… Decisions are difficult for a lot of people to make, and difficulty in making decisions is at the very heart of piles of clutter and unfinished business. As they say, “A confused mind makes no decisions,” and this is why it is vitally important to set up simple, easy-to-maintain organizational systems.   My …

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Jan 11

Arizona YWCA Women’s Forum

Jan 11

The Root Cause of Clutter

 Identifying the Root Cause of Clutter Interior designer, Jeanette Knudsen, has invited me to create blog posts around her beautiful graphics, which will feature a series of organizing tips throughout the month of January. Visit her website at for more tips and great design ideas from this amazing designer. Her company, Design for a Lifespan specializes in …

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Jan 10

The Truth About Professional Organizers

Do you know the truth about Professional Organizers? Guess what? We are just like you!   I want to share this excellent article from a fellow Professional Organizer, Jennifer Asselin, who is a busy young mother, and one with clear priorities. She shares the truth about Professional Organizers. I love the honesty of her post, and I …

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Jan 08

Kudos Are Wonderful

Kudos: Giving and Receiving   Aren’t kudos wonderful? I received a wonderful email from Donna Smallin, best-selling author on the subject of organization. Earlier this year, I contributed as a guest blogger with my article on “DDD” (Delayed Decision Disorder). Here is the article in its entirety,  Apparently, my article hit a nerve with many of her …

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Jan 07

Clutter Depression Link

Is there a clutter and depression link? Here is an excellent article that addresses the possibility that there is a clutter and depression link. In my years of experience as a professional organizer, I have seen definite elevation in moods when clients work with me through the purging and organizational process. The clearing of clutter provides …

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Jan 05

SOAR Event

Make 2015 the BEST year of your life! You are invited to attend “SOAR in 2015,” a women-only event and workshop, on January 17, 2015 at the lovely Troon North Golf Clubhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona.  If you are ready to experience an event that is all about you, instead of all about selling to you, …

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Dec 15

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing   The Art of Doing Nothing…doesn’t that just sound so marvelous right now? We are now full-swing and into the holiday mode – hurried and harried, and running on little energy or perhaps, only on sheer willpower. What about pressing the pause button and doing nothing for just a bit? …

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Dec 10

SOAR in 2015 – Women’s Workshop

This is the best year of your life! You are invited to attend “SOAR in 2015,” a women-only workshop, on January 17, 2015 at the lovely Troon North Golf Clubhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona.   SOAR is a thoughtfully-designed empowerment workshop series that will help you live your best life, starting with where you are right now. …

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Dec 03

Fresh Start Women’s Conference

Fresh Start Women’s Conference    Topic:           Get Organized: Set Yourself Up to SOAR into the New Year When:           Friday, December 19, 2014 Location:      Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center, (602) 252-8494                       1130 E …

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Dec 02

7-Simple Acts of Kindness

7-Simple Acts of Kindness Encourage charity and goodwill towards others this holiday season by being a good example and by involving your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Spread the love, spread the word, and make a commitment to give to those in need this holiday season. Don’t know what to give? Consider  these ideas: 1. …

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Nov 21

Holiday Checklist

  November is upon us (where has the year gone?), and Thanksgiving is next week (already!), which means the stress levels have already started to increase. With some pre-planning, you can feel more in control and less stressed. My holiday checklist may be helpful.     November Schedule family portraits Write holiday events and parties …

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Nov 10

Use the Right Calendar

What Calendar Works Best for You?  Do you use the calendar that is right for you? With the new year approaching, now is the time to give this some thought. Full disclosure here, I still use a paper calendar. Actually I use a paper calendar and an electronic calendar! How is that for redundancy? I rationalize this …

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Oct 29

The Organized Traveler

Thoughts from an Organized Traveler Are you overwhelmed and cranky by the time you leave for a trip or family vacation? Vacations have been known to cause some of the biggest arguments with families, so here’s some advice – get organized so you won’t be stressed out and ready to bite someone’s head off before you …

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Oct 09

Perfect Does Not Exist

Do you get stuck trying to be perfect? Guess what? Perfect does not exist! Isn’t that the most refreshing thing you have read all day? Letting go of perfectionism means you need to be okay with imperfections, which is our human condition, and you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means looking at …

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Oct 02

Garage Organization

Garage Organization – Is Your Garage Scary?   If you are like the majority of Americans, your garage is a scary place. Most garages have simply become attached storage units full of boxes marked, “Miscellaneous,” broken household items, obsolete sporting equipment, unfinished projects, and an overflow junk that really should have been recycled or dumped …

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Sep 25

10-Steps to Organizing Your Pantry

10-Steps to Organizing Your Pantry Just in time for the holidays…   Fall is the perfect time of year to clean out and reorganize your pantry. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is less than 100 days away! Organizing your pantry now will ensure that you are ready to go when the holidays …

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Sep 19

Simplify – For Business Owners

How you run your business can be just as important as how you serve your clients.     Simplifying the work environment by creating organized workspaces and efficient paper flow can increase productivity and reduce stress.  Adopting effective systems, establishing routines, and setting proper boundaries are just a few simple steps that can help you …

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Sep 18

Do You Walk the Talk?

Do you walk the walk you talk or do you expect more of others than you are willing to do yourself?   It is not unusual for parents to complain to me about the messiness of their children, especially their teens. What I often find is that the parents are not setting a good example …

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Sep 08

5-Questions To Help You Declutter

5-Questions to Help You Declutter Your Space Do I love this? If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no and you are not sure why you even still have it, let it go.   If the answer is no but it has sentimental value, consider taking a photograph of it and …

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Aug 31

Organize YOUniversity Class: How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room

Plan to attend the upcoming Organize YOUniversity Class, “How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room”   Are you a scrapbooker, stamper, artist, jewelry maker, or a quilter? Are you overrun with all the supplies that accompany your hobbies? Plan on attending my upcoming Organize YOUniversity class, “How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room” on Sept 3rd at …

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Aug 27

Are You Good At Follow Through?

(This blog is a bit of a rant so if you do not want to read it, exit now.)   As a business owner and a networker, doing one-to-one meetings is a big part of getting to know people and their businesses. One-to-one meetings are also about creating and nurturing that all-important KLT (Know, Like, Trust) …

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Aug 19

5-Benefits of Being Organized

  5-Benefits of Being Organized from a Professional Organizer There are so many benefits to being more organized, and here are five main reasons why you need to commit today to getting organized. Help is a simple phone call or click away.   If the thought of starting to clear clutter in your home or office …

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Aug 12

10-Back to School Organizing Tips

In some places, school has already started and in other places, school will begin in the next week or two.  Are you organized and ready for your child to go back to school? Are your kids organized and ready? Is your college student ready?  It is never too late to implement new organizing strategies so …

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Aug 06

Professional Organizer Spotlight by Salt River Project

I am so honored to have been selected by Salt River Project for their Business Resource Center spotlight in July. Click on the link to read the article about Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer / Productivity Consultant / Speaker / Educator.       And I was very surprised to learn that I was also …

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Jul 11

Decorate on a Budget

 Use books and other items of interest that you already have around your home to decorate on a budget.   I love books, and many of my clients love books, too. Unfortunately, books are often relegated to closets, or a boxed up in the garage or basement. When working with my homeowner or real estate clients, …

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Jun 18

Get Organized – Do You Suffer From Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD)?

  Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant Do you suffer from DDD (Delayed Decision Disorder)? Symptoms: Clutter, overstuffed closets, messy cars, piles of paper, loads of laundry, sinks full of dirty dishes, no room to park cars in the garage. The cure: Physical therapy (as in sorting, purging, donating, clearing space, and MAKING …

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Jun 17

Professional Organizers Just Want To Have Fun!

As a professional organizer, this Huffington Post article written by Samatha Toscano really hit the mark. We professional organizers are not going into your homes with an critical eye looking for things to reorganize or to put away. Nope, we are just like you, wanting to have some fun and connect with our friends and …

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Jun 09

Get Organized: Managing Business Cards

   Get Organized: Managing Business Cards  If you are like me and you network a lot, managing business cards can become overwhelming! While working with clients who need help getting organized in their offices, I often see piles of paper and lots of business cards. I have found that stacks of business cards are a result …

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May 28

NAPO Honors Andrea Brundage

I am so humbled to have been awarded the President’s Award by the NAPO-AZ chapter this month.  Working with an amazing board of directors that included Brenda Scagnetti Clement, Shelle Snyder, Robin Adrihan, Doreen Collins, and Bridges Conner was a delight.   Together this team worked through a year’s worth of challenges being short-staffed in …

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May 20

Client Testimonial: Home Office Organization

Watch this video of a recent home office organization client [youtube][/youtube] Do you need some home office organization? Call SOS today.

Mar 23

Spring Cleaning Can Be More Fun

  Can cleaning be fun? When springtime rolls around, our thoughts often turn to budding flowers, more sunlight, and a sense of renewal. This is also the time of year that many people decide to do some spring cleaning and organizing. While cleaning and organizing is not nearly as fun as playing in the garden …

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Mar 11

Organize Your Home Office Day is March 11!

How organized is your office? Having an office in your home these days is commonplace. So this begs the question: How organized is yours?  Well, if you need some incentive to get that space organized, today is the PERFECT day to make a commitment! As a professional organizer, the home office is very often the area …

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Oct 14

Get Organized and Get Involved

  Serving Others I want to celebrate the people out there that are involved in lifting, supporting, and actively participating in community service projects. That’s right, the people who are not just talking about helping, but the people who schedule time in their lives to actively make a difference. From operating non-profits to chairing committees; …

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Oct 02

Get Unstuck, Get Organized

Are You Stuck? Are you the person whose New Year’s Resolutions list always contains the words: “GET ORGANIZED,” but when December 31st rolls around, you realize that not only are you still not organized, but now your piles are even deeper? Not only have the piles grown, but now your closet is overflowing into other …

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Sep 01

10-Steps to Organize Paper Piles and Mail

10-Steps to an Organized Office When facing a large office organizing project, I recommend that my clients start with the paper piles.  This post provides an easy to follow 10-Step program as well as a checklist of the supplies you will need on hand before you begin. Helpful tips: On your calendar, block at least …

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Aug 06

10-Tips on Organizing Your Office and Boosting Your Productivity

Is Your Desk a Mess? How you operate in your business on a day-to-day basis is just as important as how you serve your clients. Organizing and de-cluttering your office, optimizing office space, establishing routine, and implementing effective workflow systems are just a few ways to reduce stress, increase productivity, and ultimately provide more productive …

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Jul 09

Do a Closet Makeover Before Back-To-School Shopping

Closet Makeover & Back to School For some students, having a new outfit on the first day of school is only a dream. With back-to-school just a few short weeks away, it is time for a Closet Makeover! That’s right, this is a great time to clear closets of outgrown, unwanted clothing and shoes. Not …

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Jun 15

10-Tips To More Organized (less stressed) Summer Travel

Summer Fun Ahead 10 Tips to a Less Stressful Vacation Whether you and your family are planning a road trip this summer, or flying to your vacation destination, your trip can calm instead of chaotic if you implement these simple 10 summer travel tips: Take only what you need (truthfully, I have yet to master …

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May 14

Organize Your Passwords

Organize Your Passwords Staying organized takes on a whole new meaning with the electronic age moving at such a fast pace. Managing your Inbox mail with filters and rules is one thing, but managing your passwords and PIN numbers is even more important. Here is a quick read by my friend, Susan Mershon, aka The …

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