Jan 19

Cleaning versus Organizing

cleaning tips_professional organizer_arizona_andrea Brundage

Cleaning vs. Organizing

Getting organized is step one in the process of creating a supportive, comfortable space. Cleaning takes place after the space has been purged, organized, and the excess things have been removed. While Professional Organizers like me will wipe down flat surfaces as we go, a thorough cleaning should be done by the client or a professional cleaning company.

A lot of people assume that Professional Organizers also clean, and a lot of people think that housekeepers organize. While there may be some cross-over, it is only at a very superficial level. Organizers will go through things with you; they will often handle confidential paperwork; they will move things; sort things, and help you put things away. Housekeepers typically clean surfaces that are accessible and often come while you are not home. That means that they will often “clean around” the piles of papers and “mop around” the stack of boxes. Bear that in mind when deciding what kind of help you need.

Next steps

Cleaning is the obvious next step after a Professional Organizer has been in to help you sort, purge, process, and place all that remains. You can decide to do the cleaning yourself, or hire a housekeeping company. You can also decide if cleaning is something you can maintain on your own, or perhaps you may decide to have the cleaning company come in weekly or monthly, or whatever works best for you. As a Professional Organizer who is committed to my clients’ success, I also offer Monthly Maintenance.

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, here is a great article by HomeTips World Network regarding homemade, bio-friendly cleaning solutions that leave your place sparkly clean while not polluting the air you breathe with toxins. Should you decide to hire a cleaning company, you can ask that they use natural solutions, too.


If you need help clearing clutter and getting organized, give us a call. If you need a referral to a housekeeping company, I can help with that, too. Call SOS now at (480) 382-1085.

Jan 15

Business RadioX: Andrea Brundage, Guest


   Business RadioX - Karen Nowicki - Phoenix

Business RadioX – Phoenix


I had such a great time in the Phoenix recording studios with Karen Nowicki, Studio Partner at Business RadioX. Karen and I have known each other for several years and being in the studio and chatting with her was if not one day had passed since we had seen each other. Don’t you just love that? That’s what I call heart connections.

I love the the slogan of Business RadioX, “Amplifying The Voice of Business” and “Building Business…Connecting People,” and I was excited and honored that Karen invited me in to talk about organized living. With the New Year barely behind us, it was perfect timing, too! How many people have “Get Organized” as a resolution/goal this year? Plenty!

The format of the show is casual, authentic conversation, and as Karen puts it, “If someone were eaves dropping nearby, they would want to join in on the conversation, or at least know more.”  Karen interviews esteemed leaders in the community and business owners, and they cover a myriad of topics. In my case, of course, we talked about the benefits of living a more organized life; the peace that comes from it; and I shared some tips.

Andrea’s Top 3 Benefits for Getting Organized:

1. Saves you time,

2. Saves you money, and

3. Enhances peace of mind.

We actually talked about many things during our short 30-minute segment. The highlights would have to include the process of getting organized; the commitment required to stay organized; the emotional burden of our stuff; ways to get out from under the weight of having too much stuff; the challenges of downsizing for the elderly and their loved ones; making “me” time, and time management.

Please listen in by clicking here. I would love you to share your biggest takeaway below. Be sure to follow Karen and Business RadioX on all the social media outlets, which can easily be found on her page (link provided above).

If “Get Organized” is on your list of goals, may I suggest that you do it FIRST! Being organized will support every other goal so should really be placed in Priority #1 position. Need help? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin? Reach out to Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm right now by clicking here or by calling (480) 382-1085.

Jan 02

Happy New Year – 2018 Resolutions

Resolutions_Goals_Get Organized_Andrea Brundage_Professional_Organizer

Achieve your resolutions/goals this year!

Resolutions! Goals! At this time of year we often pause, reflect, and take stock of where we have been, where we are right now, and where we want to go. Many of us create resolutions or goals, whether formally or informally. Some resist the idea of resolutions and instead just make a commitment to improvement as things arise. It does not matter what you call them or how or why you set your goals, all that matters is that you recognize areas where you feel you are falling short or areas of your life or in your business that can be improved upon.

The most common resolutions are shown in the graphic above. May I suggest that Get Organized be the first one you tackle as it will support the achievement of the other two, and any others you may have on your list. When you are more organized, you will be able to schedule in your gym time or walks (Improve Health); your finances will be organized, and you will more conscious of your spending and savings goals (Spend less, save more). Additionally,  you will be in proactive mode versus reactive mode, which puts you in the driver’s seat, and who doesn’t like to be the driver in their own life? 

In short, being more organized saves you time, saves you money, and enhances your peace of mind.

What’s that worth to you?

That last sentence bears repeating: Being more organized saves you time, saves you money, and enhances your peace of mind. What IS that worth to you?

Just the facts

According to a statistics, New Year’s resolutions typically fall by the wayside by February, and only 8% of people who actually set goals are able to achieve them. {Read this article if Improve Health is on your list.}

There are many reasons why our goals fail. Personally, I believe the biggest reason is because they are often unrealistic, under-defined, and they require work, consistency, and a change in behavior. That’s right! WORK and CONSISTENCY and a willingness to change BEHAVIOR. That’s tough stuff!

There is no magic here, folks. Just a willingness to get help when you need it; to work through the process, and to make a firm commitment to incorporate new and improved habits into your life. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, take advantage of my blog posts. Use the search function to find articles, tips, or techniques that may assist you in your endeavor of getting organized this year. 

If you tend to start and not finish projects, or set goals then not complete them, aligning with a coach, accountability partner, or someone with expertise in the area you in which you wish to improve will exponentially increase your chances of success. 

And that’s where I come in

The benefits of a more organized life simply cannot be understated here. You do not have to go it alone. You do not have to figure out where to start. You do not have to continue to live in chaos. You do not have to experience those feelings of shame, embarrassment, and inadequacy. I will help you, I will guide you. I will not just TELL you what to do, I will do the work WITH you! Advantage YOU!  

Start off the New Year by tackling the one goal/resolution that supports all the others, “Get Organized.” It is the easiest one to accomplish; has the quickest pay-off; it is the one you have help with; and the one that will set you up for an amazing year! Are you ready to Get Started?

And the best part is that help is a simple phone call away.

Still not comfortable with the AMAZING change that is about to occur?

Here are the words of a few of my past clients. Their experiences and words are different, but the underlying theme is the same and that is, I turn chaos into calm. Got Chaos? Get Calm.

Dec 20

Holiday Greetings – 2017

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Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer Arizona

Holiday Greetings!  

Wishing you all the joys of this special season. May
your hearts and homes be filled with peace and joy.Image: unknown credit
 Your Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm

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                     7-Organizing Tips for the New Year

Start off the New Year on focused and on track

       Call Andrea at (480) 382-1085 to schedule your 2018 organizing sessions.

        Click here for a complete list.


Organizing 101

“If you keep everything, nothing matters.
Be discerning about what you keep.”

– Andrea Brundage

Give the Gift of Organization.
…a most thoughtful gift..

Nov 17

Create A Launch Pad

andrea brundage_organize my life_blog_speaker

A Launch Pad

You need one! We all need one!

Great, but what is it?

A launch pad is a place in your home or office where you place the things that needs to leave your home. A launch pad is a flat surface, and in my case, it is an antique dresser that my Mother gave me (shown in photos).

When you set up your launch pad, start referring to as such. Reference your “launch pad” and have your family start calling it by name, too. When you do this, and repeat it over and over and over, it becomes habit, and over time you you will have created an organizational solution that is utilized by you and your family!

What goes on a launch pad?

Permission slips or books that need to be returned to school.

Items that need to be returned to the store for credit or exchange.

A completed grocery list with coupons attached.

Tip: 1st item on grocery list: “Reusable Shopping Bags”

Reusable shopping bags (you even get credit if you use them at Sprout’s Farmers Market!)

The SOS process: Unload your groceries, put the shopping bags on the launch pad, and then put the bags back into your car so you always have them!

Coupons (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, etc,).

The SOS process: Place the coupons in an envelope marked Coupons and keep them in your door console so you have them when you need them. Nothing worse than going to Bed, Bath & Beyond or Kohl’s and realizing you left your 20% coupons at home!

Gift cards for places you frequent

The SOS process: Place the cards in an envelope marked Gift Cards and place them in your car or put them in your wallet next to your Frequent Buyer punch card. How many times have you pulled into Starbuck’s and forgotten your gift card at home? Keep it with you!

Books or audios that need to be returned to the library.

Gifts for the party you are attending.

Items you have borrowed that need to be returned.

A sticky note that relates to things you need to do while out running errands (ie., pick up Rx, pick up dogs at the groomers, go to the bank, drop off donations, dry cleaners, return jacket to my sister, etc).

Where should I set up a launch pad?

launch pad-andrea brundage-organizer-arizonaA launch pad should be set up near the door where you enter and exit your home or office. In my case, I enter my home through a door that is between the garage and my hallway. This is where I place things that need to be dealt with outside of my home. There is not a chance that I will not see those things when I leave my house, which means they will go straight into my car and will get taken care of in a timely manner.

What’s on my launch pad?

landing-pad-andrea-brundage-professional-organizer-arizonaWhen this photo was taken, I was heading out to run some errands. I planned to go to Costco so needed my coupon booklet with me. I wasn’t going to Bed, Bath & Beyond but I wanted to place the coupon in my Coupons envelope in my car (by the way, BBB coupons do not expire). I also needed to return the Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run” audio book to my library (by the way, an EXCELLENT read!); and I needed to take the blouse with me shopping so I could find some matching accessories for an upcoming wedding.

Closing thoughts

Set up a launch pad in your own home and I assure you, it will serve you well. And when you do, please post comments and photos. I love it when you implement SOS tips and share your successes with me.

Need help figuring it all out? As always, I am here to help you and that help is a simple call or click away.

Oct 16

Arizona Republic: Condo Living Article

I was recently interviewed by writer, Susie Steckner for an article for the Arizona Republic. Below is the article that was published on October 15, 2017 in the Condo Living section on Page 2



If you are moving into a smaller space, or simply are tired of feeling crowded and cluttered, give Andrea a call at (480) 382-1085 today. Got Chaos? Get Calm. ™

Oct 12

Waste: The Costly Affect of Being Unorganized


Waste. Simply stated, being unorganized causes unnecessary waste. Wasted time, wasted money, wasted space, wasted food, wasted energy, and wasted opportunities. As a Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm, I see it every day. From food, to clothes, to toys, to tools, to cars, to miscellaneous collections, we are a wasteful society, and many of us are overwhelmed and stressed by how much stuff we have accumulated – including food!

The photo above is from a kitchen organizing project I recently completed. The garbage bags shown contain food that is expired or no longer wanted. While it may not look like much, there is at least $150 in food in those four bags. And, what is not shown are the three extra large heavy-duty garbage bags that had to be dumped because the food was rancid, stale, or the cans were damaged or seeping. Those bags were so full and so heavy, I could barely lift them into the onsite dumpster at this client’s complex.

Donations to Food Banks

I was hopeful that the items in the bags shown above would be accepted by a nearby food bank. After doing a lot of online research, I found that most food banks in my area do not accept any expired food. Thankfully, I did not give up and I sought out a friend who is affiliated with St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent will accept out-of-date food as long as food is recently expired, unopened, and there is no damage, seepage, or rust on the cans. I have an appointment to deliver the food to St Vincent’s this weekend, and I am happy to do so.

Children are going to school without breakfast. People are hungry on street corners. Regardless of how or why they got there, they are “food insecure.” People are dumpster diving behind restaurants and grocery stores because they are hungry. And yet many of us continue to stockpile, hoard, and forget about how much we have in our own cupboards and pantries. We are so fully stocked that sadly, the food passes its “Best Used By Date” and many end up throwing it out. This lack of organization in our homes and our lives creates massive waste, and as stated earlier, the waste goes far beyond the actual cost of the food.


Less is more, folks.

Stop buying what you don’t need.

Do some meal planning every single week!

Bring older food items to the front of your cabinets so they get used first.

Use or give things away before they go bad.

Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.

Be a good steward of your blessings (money, food, talent, time, etc.).

Do not let the things you bring into your space own (overwhelm) you.

Share with the less fortunate.

If you need help clearing out your cabinets and cupboards, please give me a call right away at (480) 382-1085. Let’s support those in need and get those things donated before it is too late and they simply become waste.


Sep 29

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Note: links are not clickable on this blog. Email me if you want access to the links contained herein, or sign up for my FREE gift (on the right side of my website) and be added to my newsletter list.fall-andrea-brundage-professional organizer-arizona-(480) 382-1085




Sep 11

Preserving Photographs & Family Stories

Photo organizing_Andrea Brundage

Family Photographs: Saving, Sharing & Reliving the Magic Moments

I treasure this photograph of my mom with her mother and father (circa 1929). We have very few photos like this because my grandmother died when my mother was just 5-years old. My mother is turning 92-years old this year. How wonderful is it that I have this treasure and can share it with my siblings and family?

With the recent flood in Texas and the massive hurricane in Florida the timing could not be more perfect to make this announcement! In order to serve my organizing clients at an even higher level, I recently affiliated with a wonderful company that can process and preserve all of those bins and boxes of photographs and video tapes stored in your home, closet, attic, or garage. Let me introduce you to Legacy Republic.
I can help you organize the photos and then I will help you decide which ones capture and contain the most important stories. We will pack the media up using secure shipping procedures, and we will send them off to a trusted company that provides WHITE GLOVE treatment.

Imagine the fun you will have when you watch those old family movies that until now were stored away in a closet, garage, or attic. NOW is the time to PRESERVE YOUR PRECIOUS MEMORIES and SHARE YOUR FAMILY STORIES! For more information, give me a call at (480) 382-1085.

Types of media we process:
     Negatives, slides, reel-to-reel, VHS, miniDVDs, and printed photos.
     We also have a new device that scans albums and scrapbooks! How awesome is that!!

Sep 11

The Psychology of Stuff

stuff-andrea brundage-professional organizer-(480) 382-1085

How much is too much stuff?

Stuff is heavy. I often get asked by clients at our first meeting if I have “ever seen anything this bad.” The person’s body language is usually a dead give-away for internal tension, anxiety, embarrassment, regret, and even guilt. Posture is compromised; eyes may be cast downward and even brimming with tears. When the tears appear, it is not unusual to hear this statement: “I don’t know why I am crying. I am sorry.” 

You think clutter and too much stuff doesn’t affect you? Think again. It weighs heavy on you, and its ramifications impact you at a very deep level.

Every now and then, I run across an article that really hits home and touches on the very fabric of my profession. Professional Organizing is my calling and my passion and I know at the deepest level of my being that I was sent here to help people. Please click here to read “The Psychology of Stuff,” written by Jay MacDonald for sparefoot.com

Helping overwhelmed people get to the bottom of how they got where they are is critical. The reasons can be easy to trace, such as both parents have recently died and the client was the recipient of all of their possessions. It could be related to a medical issue: advanced age, a diagnosis, depression, physical limitations. It could be circumstantial like loss of home, marriage, family, job, security. It could be any number of reasons not cited here. The bottom line is clutter overwhelm exists and it weighs heavy.

If you are distressed and need help clearing clutter, call SOS now. If you want to learn how to simplify your life, call SOS now. If you want to get organized and STAY organized, call SOS now. If we work together, you can rest assured that I will work side-by-side with you to help you regain control over your space and your life. I will bring expertise, creative solutions, and compassion. Help is a simple phone call away. Call Andrea at (480) 382-1085 now.

Want more articles? 

The Cost of Clutter

How Getting Organized Can Help Animals


Aug 26

Organize My Pantry: Host an “Organize You” party!


A happy client shares her experience with hosting one of my Organize YOU parties. We organized her pantry and it not only was fun, it also provided GREAT results! (read testimonial below). If you viewed this video, you heard the joy in her voice as she shared that her wish – alphabetized spices – is now her reality!

Do you want to bring more organization into your life? Host an Organize YOU party! You can invite up to 10 people, and we will do a live and interactive demonstration to organize one small area in your home. Call me for more details.

Here is the blog post that Michelle shared about the experience:

“I think most people who know me would consider me an organized person. It’s true, I am actually quite organized and I get stuff done. But I had one thing that was impossible to keep organized! It was my large, walk-in pantry! No matter how much time I spent trying to organize and reorganize it, and no matter how many times I directed my family to “put things back where they go,” the pantry was always messy, dysfunctional, and it caused me stress.

Enter Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm. She is the founder and owner of Simple Organized Solutions (SOS). You may have seen Andrea on the television shows, Sonoran Living and Arizona Living where she shares her amazingly simple tips and techniques for living an organized and simplified life.

So, back to the party: I hosted one of Andrea’s Organize YOU parties and I invited about 10 friends over to learn, watch, and even participate in the PANTRY TRANSFORMATION! Let me tell you, it was humbling to let people see my pantry, but in the end, the vulnerability was SO WORTH IT!

I am truly amazed at the results, and after several months, and a summer of both kids being home, my pantry is still organized. The space is neat; I know what is in there; and everything now has a home. This makes it simple for my entire family to put things back where they go. I LOVE my pantry!

I highly recommend Andrea for any of your home or office organizational needs. And if you want to throw an Organize YOU party, tell her I sent you! Call Andrea when you are ready to create organizational systems that really work, and will continue to work long-term. Andrea can be reached at ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com or at 480.382.1085.”


andrea brundage messy pantry professional organizer

 andrea brundage organize my pantry organized pantryandrea brundage professional organizer home office parties classes arizonaBook your party now by visiting www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com

or by calling Andrea Brundage at (480) 382-1085.

Aug 14

Kitchen Cabinet Decluttering Checklist

Cabinet Decluttering Checklist

Below is an easy to follow checklist that will help you declutter your kitchen cabinets. I am sure you will find it helpful, however, if you find you get stuck with the project, by all means, give me a call at (480) 382-1085

andrea brundage professional organizer arizona cabinet declutter checklist

This awesome graphic is provided by Tri-Star Cabinet & Top Co., Inc. Tri-Star is an Illinois based company that was established in 1966 and offers residential, commercial, custom cabinetry as well as doors and moulding. Be sure to visit their website at www.tristarcabinets.com and tell them Andrea from Simple Organized Solutions in Arizona sent you!

A note from Andrea

I am often contacted by companies and public relations firms who want to me to post their articles on my blog. I am happy to do so when the message is in alignment with my company’s mission: To help people get organized and to turn your chaos into calm. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™ If your company offers products or services that align with this message, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking here.

Jul 25

Does Size Matter?


What Size House Do You Need to Be Comfortable and Happy?

Rarely is getting a bigger house the solution for feeling crowded and claustrophobic in our homes. We simply have too much stuff. No matter the size of your space, make it work for you. Your home should support you whether it is 50,000 sf, 5,000 sf, or 500 sf.

Tips for Creating A Supportive Space

Make room so you can breathe:

Clear the clutter;

Purge the excess;

Donate, sell, or giveaway what you longer want, use, or need;

Stop piling; and

Stop procrastinating!

If you want to remove that heavy load off your chest (that takes the form of clutter and chaos), you must find motivation, get into action, and commit to seeing it through. If you cannot do it on your own, call in a Professional Organizer to help you.

NOW is time to LET GO of all that no longer serves you. You deserve to live comfortably and happily in your home…no matter how big or how small. Can’t do it alone? Then call SOS now at (480) 382-1085. Help is a simple phone call away.

#findthepeace #letgo #toomuchstuff #createsupportivespaces #lovethespaceyouarein #getreal #realitycheck #nomatterwhereyouarethereyouare

Photos courtesy of Pixabay.com

Jul 20

A Guide to Help You Declutter your Digital Files

Do You Have Digital Clutter?

Digital clutter is a serious problem for most people. Whether it is a phone that is always out of space, an Inbox that contains thousands of Unread emails, or a hard drive that is sluggish because it is so full, digital clutter is a current day problem and it is here to stay. The good news is you can overcome challenges associated with digital clutter by being diligent and consistent in your file naming sequences, setting up master folders using meaningful category names, and creating a schedule for purging obsolete, unwanted files.

Clearing digital clutter should be part of your routine “purge” schedule.  Author Abby Quillen provides this excellent article which can be used as a resource to help you get started and stay on track. Read “Downsize and Organize Your Digital Clutter” here. (This article comes courtesy of Patrick Davis of ereplacementparts.com).

Remember, clutter comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Digital clutter needs to be purged and managed regularly just like your paperwork, and just like your clothes and shoes. If you need help purging or managing clutter of any kind, complete the Get Started form on this website.

As always, your comments are welcomed. For more articles on clutter, click below:

The Cost of Clutter

Electronic Clutter

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Jun 19

Office Organization and Productivity

Office Organization Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer Arizona

Office Organization Affects Your Productivity and Peace of Mind

Successful business owners need to work in supportive spaces to be effective, efficient, and productive. Here is a corporate office transformation I did with a very successful female executive who was simply overwhelmed. We removed obsolete stuff; processed piles of paperwork; compartmentalized major projects into zones; created systems to manage in-flow and out-flow; and cleared her desk to give her some breathing room. There is more to do, but this is a GREAT start! She shared with me that two weeks later, she is still organized, which she finds miraculous. Remember, getting organized is good, but STAYING organized is the ultimate goal.

Here is the ultimate acknowledgement received in the form of a note from this client: 

“My desk is still clean, I know it is a small miracle. Thanks again for motivating me and helping me to get my act together.”

Here is another article that you may find helpful.

Do you need to organize your office so you, too, can be more productive and enjoy some relief from chaotic days at work? Call Andrea today at (480) 382-1085 or complete my inquiry form here

Jun 01

The Cost of Clutter

What are the real costs associated with clutter?

There is a high cost with having clutter and it is not always evident at first glance. Here is an article I recently wrote for Green Living magazine that addresses the subject in more detail.

Click here to access Green Living magazine’s June edition.

Do you need help clearing that clutter? Are you tired of wasting time, money, energy looking through piles of stuff? There is a better way and I can help you. Call me right now if you are ready to change your life.


Share your comments below.

May 24

National Moving Day!

Credit: pixabay.com moving

Are you planning to move this summer?

National Moving Day is always the Tuesday after Memorial Day, and this year it will fall on May 30th. We all know that moving can be very stressful. If you want to reduce the stress, you have to start early.

So, what can you do now to prepare? Purge, Purge, Purge and Pack, Pack, Pack. The more time you allow yourself the better off you will be. When we do not allow enough time, we end up packing things that we do really love, want, need, or use. This is a waste of energy, time, and often times, money! Instead, purge out everything that you do not want in your new home. Contact your favorite charity and arrange for them to come pick up your donations. This is an added benefit, too, because it provides a deadline and will force you to get busy. If you are planning to purge and pack in stages, then commit to dropping off the donations REGULARLY. The last thing you need is a bunch of bags or boxes in your way that are going to be donated. Get rid of them now! And remember to get your tax donation receipt.

Moving Tips

Read my article 7-Essential Moving Tips, by clicking here.

My friends at Sparefoot.com created the infographic below. Sparefoot is an awesome resource for anyone looking for storage solutions. You can simply go to www.sparefoot.com, enter your zip code, and they will bring up storage locations near you. You can also call them at (844) 644-1489 for more information.

Remember: Moving companies get really busy this time of year so if you are planning to move, now is the time to secure your transport company!

andrea brundage professional organizer

Plan ahead! Call me if you need assistance deciding what to purge and what to pack. I will work right beside you and I can even help you pack up your old home and unpack in your new home. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™ That is what happens when you work with a Professional Organizer. 


I would love to hear from you. Please share your worst nightmare with moving, or your best kept secret for stress-free moving.

Photo credit: pixabay.com

May 18

7-Essential Moving Tips

Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer Arizona moving services

Summertime Moves

Summer is the time of year that a lot of people decide to buy or sell their home. If you or someone you know is in the market to move, you may find these essential moving tips helpful.

Make Moving a Breeze

  1. Purge, purge, purge! This is the PERFECT time to let go of all that extra stuff that you no longer LOVE, USE or WEAR, or NEED. 
  2. If selling your home, you must de-personalize!  A potential buyer will not feel comfortable walking into a home that is filled with portraits of your family members staring at them. Displaying a couple of tasteful photos is fine, but keep it to a minimum.
  3. De-clutter! Clear all “dump zones” where paper, mail, and “Things to Do” accumulate. Remove extra appliances from countertops. Clean out and organize your closets. Remove junk and garbage from your garage. 
  4. Obtain boxes, wrapping paper, shipping tape and start packing now. Note: Uniform sized boxes are much easier to handle and stack and are suggested over using a mishmash of sizes and styles.
  5. Start packing now! Pack away excess family photos (see #2), and pack away the things you do not use regularly. Clearly label boxes with the room those boxes will go to in your next place. 
  6. Do NOT overpack boxes. They should easy to manage and move.
  7. Hire professionals and carefully read their reviews:
           Organizers (we can help de-clutter/stage, organize, pack and unpack)
           House cleaners, carpet cleaners
           Moving companies (review contracts carefully before signing any paperwork)
NEW videos from happy clients:

     S. Navarro – Closet Overhaul, video 1
    S. Navarro – Closet Overhaul, video 2
    S. Navarro – Closet Overhaul, video 3
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Organizing 101
ANY space can be organized, no matter the size. This dorm-sized closet went from overstuffed and frustrating
to purged and organized. Simple!
                                  Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer Arizona Organize My Closet       Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer Arizona Organize My Closet

There is no magic to getting organized…

You remember what your parents and grandparents said, right? Work hard and reap the rewards. There is no magic to tidying up…and when it comes to getting organized, that is definitely true. Getting organized is work…however…I am willing to work side-by-side with you and guide you through the process. I will share with you my time-tested solutions, tricks, and techniques that are likely BEYOND WHAT YOU KNOW RIGHT NOW.


Got Chaos? Get Calm.
Do you want lasting change?
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Image credits: Andrea Brundage and pixabay.com.
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May 04

Closets: Smart Organizing Tips

Organize Your Closets

I work with a lot of clients who have bulging, over-stuffed and unorganized closets that drive them crazy. Here is a GREAT article and photo display published by Real Simple magazine. Please do share your own closet stories in the comments below. I do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Smart Organizing Tricks for a Clutter-Free Closet

Below are a few of my favorite reasons for keeping your closet purged and organized:

  1. Saves you valuable TIME as you get ready each day.
  2. Saves you MONEY because you actually KNOW what you own.
  3. Reduces STRESS. An organized, visually appealing space does not ignite a fight or flight response.
  4. Looks AMAZING. You will be so proud of your organized closet that you may be tempted to invite your friends over for a look-see.
  5. Smart use of SPACE. An organized closet allows to use ALL the space available. Hey, you are paying rent, a mortgage, insurance, and/or taxes on every inch of it, why not be able to actually USE it and ENJOY it?

If you need help with your closet, click here or call Andrea now at (480) 382-1085. Also, I am booking ORG U parties where we will organize one space in your home! Invite your friends over and let’s tackle that project with a helpful audience! Call now to book your party. Got Chaos? Get Calm.


May 02

#DreamSmallBiz – It is Small Business Week!

It is National Small Business Week!

What small business do you support? Which other small businesses in your area can you support? Remember, the dollars you spend in your own community support the entire city or town.


If you are thinking about clearing out the clutter in your home or office and you just keep putting it on the back burner, support this business, and call Andrea Brundage to schedule your session now at (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Apr 18

Help Animals with Your Discarded Linens

help animals

How Cleaning Out Your Linen Closet Can Help Animals

Did you know that animal shelters and the Humane Society are happy to receive your discarded towels, comforters, blankets, and some even take furniture? The Arizona Humane Society has three thrift stores in the Phoenix area and they offer a long list of acceptable donations on their website. And, the best part is that they will pick up your donation of six bags, and/or one large piece of furniture. How sweet is that! Get rid of your excess stuff and help animals, too!  Be sure to check your own state’s Humane Society website to find out if they, too, will take your donations.

Here is a wonderful guest blog written by my friend and colleague, Nancy Tossell, professional copywriter and founder of Because Women Care. She and her husband have been on a journey to clear out excess from their home. I think you will find her article one you can identify with from a few perspectives. The bottom line is that those excess possessions that we 1) are storing for rainy day, or 2) don’t even know we have, need to be released so they can serve others better. In this case, her excess linens are now providing comfort for precious animals at a shelter, and she feels happy and relieved of the weight of this extra stuff. Talk about a win-win! 

Read Nancy’s “How I Helped 17 Stray Pets Get Warm with a 30-Minute Closet Cleaning” here.

NOTE: In case you are wondering, the photo is of my dog Max. He was the best pup ever, and I miss him every day.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog for this website around the subject of organizing, de-cluttering, downsizing, transitional challenges, blending families, separating households, moving, packing, unpacking, or time management, please reach out to Andrea via info@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com

Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Mar 30

Organizing Office Space


Project: Organizing A Travel Agent’s Office Space

This client reached out to me after finding my website using Google search for Professional Organizers in Arizona. He was impressed by the great reviews from my clients and also noticed that I have done television shows. As a former PR person for the airline industry, this caught his eye. Watch video here.

The whiteboard tells the story of what we accomplished for this very busy travel industry professional whose company Select Sailings specializes is booking cruises.

During our initial call and follow-up meeting we talked about the problems he was experiencing and the fact that he felt overwhelmed and exhausted. He had never worked with a Professional Organizer before, so I assured him that the overwhelm was “fixable” and that I would navigate us through the entire process. I say us here, because my clients are very involved in the process, and in order to have long-lasting results, they need to provide input so that we implement organizational solutions that work best for them! There is no magic fix; and the way I do business, there is no one-size fits all approach either. Each client is different, so every solution needs to fit the individual’s needs.

The first thing we did was to empty and then remove boxes from the room, along with anything else that would impeding our walkway and progress. Then I set up my Basic SOS Paper Sorting Stations and we got to work. We focused on one pile of paper at a time. My client made quick decisions about which papers could be tossed, shredded, and then placed the remaining papers in the Sorting Stations we had created.

We added a couple of stations to the Basic SOS Four as needed. Once we had processed the paper piles, we went through each Sorting Station pile again, further purging, refining, and then began the process of creating permanent file folders that are logical and meaningful to him. No more looking for lost pieces of paper for this Professional Travel expert!

Learn more about Todd’s awesome cruise deals and be sure to get on his newsletter list for the latest deals at www.selectsailings.com. Below are the pictures that tell the rest of the story. Thank you, Todd Lehmacher. It was a pleasure working with you!


Before After
organizing-travel-agents-office organizing-travel-agents-office
organizing-travel-agents-office organizing-travel-agents-office



Do you need help organizing your office space so that you can

1) Be more productive,

2) Stop wasting time looking for lost items,

3) Effectively make more money,

4) Enjoy a calm and supportive work space?

Call Andrea Brundage right now at (480) 382-1085. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Mar 08

Garage Organizing Project

Garage Organizing

Here are Before & After photos of a garage organizing project that is still underway. My client’s goal, “To be able to park Sven in the garage” (Sven is her beloved Volvo SUV).

This project has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for my client as these boxes have been sitting in the garage since she moved in two years ago. Prior to the move, she lost her husband to a quick moving form of cancer, and it was devastating. They loved life together, and they lived life fully. They loved to acquire beautiful things such as china, crystal, and collectibles. Many of these treasures are still packed away in these boxes, which have been exposed to harsh conditions. In addition to the heat factor, many have sustained water damage, thus compromising their integrity.

Her family helped her pack, which is wonderful and also lined with its own challenges. Add to that, the physical constraints of moving into a place with far less square footage, and you end up with a situation headed straight for overwhelm. Going through the piled-to-the-rafter stacks of boxes to determine what to keep, what to donate, what to pass on to others, and what to  throw out, was simply too overwhelming for her. And then she called me.

When dealing with emotionally charged possessions, it is helpful to have someone come in who is not closely related. Someone who can guide through the process without judgement and without the emotion that often accompanies family help. A professional organizer is the ticket out of overwhelm. And my sweet client would agree!

If you need help reaching your own organizational goals, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) should be your first. Call Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm today at (480) 382-1085. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Feb 09

The Best Standing Desk

Would You Consider A Standing Desk?

Do you sit at your desk for long periods of time? Do you get up feeling stiff and sore? Are your shoulders killing you after a long day of computer work? If you answered yes, perhaps it is time to consider other, more ergonomically friendly options. Reviews.com has done a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of several models. Read the full article here.

Do you need help organizing your office space so every day just flows with ease? Call Andrea Brundage at Simple Organized Solutions to schedule your consultation now at (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Feb 02

Galentine’s Day Time Management Event


Self-Care Through Time Management

9 am to 12 pm, ASU Skysong

Time Management is a challenge for a lot of people. We are so busy running around taking care of others that we forget to recharge our batteries and care for ourselves. Register today for this empowering event that features a panel of three well-known time managment experts (including me!). Secure your spot by purchasing your tickets here and take advantage of the special “Bring-A-Friend” offer.



Do you find yourself wishing for an extra day in the week? Turned down an activity or opportunity you wanted to do because you “just don’t have time”? Or ever wished you had a few extra minutes to find time for yourself?

Come join Her Voice for a morning workshop and panel discussion on ways to more effectively manage your time on Saturday, February 11th. Learn how to identify and overcome roadblocks to your goals, to analyze your current schedule and obligations, and set yourself up for a healthy and productive year! Come join some amazing ladies to celebrate yourself and Galentine’s Day!

Cost is $20 per person

Brunch will be provided.

Note: cost should NOT be a barrier to participation in the workshop. Contact hervoiceaz@gmail.com if you need assistance.

Agenda (subject to change)

Why Self Care through Time Management
Panel Discussion
Networking break
Break out session: workshopping road blocks
Time Management tools

Her Voice is an organization designed to help women use their voice to achieve their professional goals. Be it climbing the corporate ladder, achieving a healthy work-life balance, or creating an ideal workplace – Her Voice helps women learn the tools and develop the skills to accomplish their goals. www.hervoiceaz.com

If you need help getting organized; capturing some “me” time; setting up a schedule that works for you and your family, then give Andrea Brundage a call now. Creating a customized “life flow” based on your work, home, and family needs is just one of her specialties. Call (480) 382-1085 now to schedule your consultation. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Jan 01

A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! 

Did you know that “Get Organized” is #2 on the list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2017? NBC reports that getting organized falls second only to “Get Healthy.” The GOOD news is that getting organized is easily achievable and results can be visible in a few short hours! I am quite confident you cannot to say that about the other resolutions on your list. And the BEST news? Getting organized will help you accomplish all of the other resolutions on your list! 

Andrea’s January Events 

January 9 – Changing Hands Bookstore (Tempe), 6:30 PM – Register here.

January 10 – Bosom Buddies Cancer Survivor Group, 6:30 PM – Details here.
January 17 – Changing Hands Bookstore (Phoenix), 6:30 PM – Register here.

Catch Andrea on COX 7 TV

Arizona Living program (airing throughout the month of January)
Click on links below to view each segment (note: more shows coming!)
   1. Getting Started Tips – View here
   2. 4 Simple Questions & More Tips – View here.
   3. Managing Paper Clutter – View here.

And on NPR radio  

Here is “No Thanks, Mom: Many Millennials Don’t Want Parents’ Furniture, Collectibles” (recording and article).

Want more tips? Get Unstuck: Tips for Getting OrganizedThe Process of Elimination

“Stop wishing and start doing.”  – Andrea Brundage

If you are tired of the chaos and ready for the calm, contact Andrea at www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com or call (480) 382-1085 now. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Dec 06

Holiday Checklist


holiday checklist_Courtesy: pixabay.com

 Holiday Checklist to Make This Season the Merriest Ever!

Refer to this simple holiday checklist and enjoy the calm knowing you have everything under control.


 Schedule family portraits

   Write holiday events and parties on family calendar


Send out Save-The-Date cards


    Update list for card mailing


Clean the oven


    Purchase stamps, address holiday cards


December, 3-4 weeks before

  • Pull out holiday decor, only put out the things you love, donate the rest
  • Set up holiday “staging” area where you keep wrapping paper and holiday supplies


December, 2-3 weeks before

  • Clean out your refrigerator
  • Take inventory of pantry, toss expired items, add to grocery list
  • Start grocery list, finalize menu, assign contributors, purchase non-perishables
  • Purchase gifts, wrap immediately
  • Buy batteries to insert into toys and electronics
  • Mail out holiday cards
  • Mail out-of-town gifts
  • Begin baking. Freeze breads and cookie dough.


December, 1 week before

  • Finalize gift purchases, finish wrapping
  • Confirm dinner guests
  • Wash china and linens
  • Clean house
  • If having overnight guests, change bed linens


December, 1-2 days before

  • If feasible, set table
  • Prep for meal by pre-cooking as much as possible
  • Replace or recharge batteries on camera and video equipment
  • Purchase centerpiece or fresh flowers
  • Buy remaining items on grocery list


After the holidays

  • Purchase holiday cards for next year (store with holiday decorations if possible)
  • Inventory wrapping paper and gift bags, purchase only as needed
  • Remove holiday decorations, china, and linens, store carefully
  • Write Thank You notes
  • Take inventory of what you have in your environment and make decisions on what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. Place new items in their “homes.”


In addition, I challenge you this holiday season to carry out simple Acts of Random Kindness. Here is an article I wrote to give you some fun ideas on making a positive difference, one person at a time: “7-Acts of Random Kindness” (click title to read).


Schedule your January 2017 organizing sessions now and ring in the New Year with “Get Organized” crossed off the list right away! Click on image above to be redirected to our “Get Started” online form. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™



Dec 02

10-Steps To Clear Clutter from Any Room

This dining room project was completed in less than 1/2 day. Turning chaos into calm is what we do at Simple Organized Solutions (SOS). Got Chaos? Get Calm.™
Below are 10 simple steps to use to clear clutter and reclaim unusable space:
  1. Set up stations/areas for things to Keep, Give to others, Donate, and Toss (KGDT)
  2. Start in one corner and work your way around the room
  3. Go through every item in the room and put the item where it goes (according to #1)
  4. Process the KGDT stations: Keep (goes in the closet or laundry); Give to Others (box up and label); Donate (load up the car now); Toss (recycle or garbage)
  5. Rearrange furniture (or put back in place)
  6. Dust, vacuum
  7. Deliver/drop off give-aways and donations immediately. In the future, arrange for pick up of donated items before starting the project (thus creating a deadline for yourself)
  8. Call your friends and invite them over!
  9. Enjoy entertaining in your formal dining room once again!
  10. Tell everyone you know about the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer!



Organizer_Before and After photos_diningroom10-steps-clear-clutter-andrea-brundage-organizer-arizona

If you are overwhelmed, living in clutter, and you have unusable space in your home or garage, it is time to stop the madness. You deserve to LIVE in every room in your house. If your stuff owns you rather than you owning it, NOW is time to take back control over your space and your life. Schedule your organizing session by clicking here, or by calling (480) 382-1085 now.


Nov 29

Radio Interview


Interview with NPR KJZZ radio

Below is the link to an interview I did with Christine Estes of NPR/KJZZ radio in Phoenix on the sometimes difficult and emotional conversation we have around passing on our possessions to our children. Photo above is of the table I reference in my interview.

Listen here and share your comments below.

If you need help downsizing your home, contact SOS to ask questions or to schedule a session or by calling (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Nov 08

Holiday Stress & Clutter





Here is a timely article that I wrote on Holiday Stress & Clutter for Green Living Magazine, (pages 11-12).

Read the article here.


If you need help getting prepared for the holiday season, or if you are just sick and tired of trudging through clutter, give SOS a call now at (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Nov 01

Are you on the right path?


Fall 2016 Newsletter

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

The plan
The photo above was taken during a hike I did with family last fall in the Great Smoky Mountains. The photograph shows a path leading up a hill and then it curves off into the unknown. According to the map, there was a waterfall a few miles up the trail, and that was our desired destination. So off we went.

The journey
The path twisted and turned through the mountains; the scenery changing at every turn. It was a beautiful hike and we were eager to see what was beyond the next bend. Every now and then we would check in with other hikers that we encountered along the trail just to make sure we were on task. We were assured that the waterfall was up ahead. We could not hear it; we could not see it, but we trusted the map and the other hikers. We were confident we were on the right path and so we simply enjoyed the journey putting one foot in front of the other.


The destination
Finally, the sounds of water crashing on rocks could be heard in the distance and we knew the waterfall was just around the corner. We excitedly trekked onward and at last we arrived at our desired destination! 

optimized-img_8767The Path to an Organized Life
There are similarities between hiking and adopting an organized lifestyle. We must start with a destination (goal) in mind; and then chart a course (plan), moving confidently down the path (action / journey), checking in every now and then (coaching), until at last we arrive at our desired results (success).



Side note: Encountering an unexpected detour may slow down your progress, but it does not have to become a ROAD BLOCK. Ask for help and get back on the right path. Success is just around the bend.

If you find yourself lost or going in circles because of too much clutter and chaos, know that help is a simple phone call away (480) 382-1085. Commit to that first step, and let’s get you on the right path. The path to success. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Here are a few SOS blog posts you may enjoy:
Signs You Need a Professional Organizer
There Is No Magic in Tidying Up
Autopilot Organizing


Fall is the time of year to release and let go. If you are ready to let go of all that no longer serves you, call now to schedule your appointment.

(480) 382-1085

“Seek progress, not perfection.”
– Andrea Brundage

Give the Gift of Organization & Space


A most thoughtful gift.

Oct 24

Organizing Your Affairs


Are your affairs in order?

Organizing your affairs is a term we think of when people are presented with a dire diagnosis from a physician. Typically, it means that someone’s life is hanging in the balance, and they may only have a few short months or years to live. And those are the lucky ones. We all have heard the tragic stories of the people who have died very unexpectedly, without a will, without a trust, without any forethought about what would happen if they were to suddenly die.

What if instead of waiting until we are faced with an end of life situation, we commit to getting our affairs in order NOW? Now while we are feeling good and vibrant. How different would it be if, God forbid, we got that kind of bad news, and our affairs were already in order? Rather than spending precious time taking care of legal issues, and having conversations around who wants what, we instead spend that precious time with our family, with our friends, traveling, or doing whatever it is we have been wanting, yet waiting, to do.

An organized estate plan is a gift you give to others Click To Tweet

Organized affairs – A guest blog

I am sharing this informative article, “Parting Gifts,” written by Loreesa Botkin on this very subject. Be sure to visit Loreesa’s company websites at www.jobollc.com and www.tapestryofourtales.com to learn more about her services. She has a passion to help you preserve your legacy, create your inventory, and prepare a distribution list of your possessions a manner that leaves you in control of decisions and alleviates family tension. Do it now….now while you are living and able to speak your voice. There is nothing worse than having family discord over “Mom’s recipe box” or “Dad’s trophy fish;” things that may seem inconsequential to outsiders, but can become a battlefield for family members. 

Read entire article here.

Remember, if you need help organizing your possessions so you can make good decisions and proper distributions, please give us a call. We will help you purge, sort, and make clear-headed decisions about what matters most to you. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Aug 24




Photograph by Andrea Brundage

Aug 02

Newsletter – August 2016

Image credit: pixabay.com

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Here in Arizona, we have encountered record heat and high humidity this summer and folks like me who live in the hot desert are usually HAPPY to see the end of summer. Bring on the cooler weather!

I am grateful that I was able to get away for a few days on a camping trip with family and friends to the beautiful and cool White Mountains of Arizona (where this photo was taken).

Ahhh, the gift of open space!


This time of year also means “Back-To-School” is in full-swing. Sonoran Living, the popular morning show here in Phoenix, asked me to come to their studios to share a few Organizing for Back-To-School Tips. Whether you have school age children, college-age kids, or if you just want to be a little more organized yourself, you will find some fun tips in this episode. Click here to view (note: this video is available for a limited time, so be sure to watch it now).

For more awesome articles and tips for Back-To-School, you can check out these blog posts:
Back-To-School Organizing Tips 
Top 10 Back-To-School Tips
Closet Makeovers & Back-To-School Shopping
Back-To-School: Honoring Differences

We made the Top 10 List of Professional Organizers in Phoenix!
Simple Organized Solutions made the Top 10 List of Professional Organizers, which was recently released by SpareFoot.com.

SpareFoot.com is a web-based storage locator service that understands the value of having a Professional Organizer involved in the process of moving, downsizing, and transitional needs.

Are you ready to work with a reputable, experienced, and recognized name in the Professional Organizing industry? Whether you need help downsizing, decluttering, or perhaps streamlining processes and setting up your professional office space, we can help. 

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Call us at (480) 382-1085.

Give the Gift of Organization & Space.  How very thoughtful.

“Seek progress, not perfection.”
– Andrea Brundage
If you need organizational help, or if you know someone who does, contact me. Helping clients overcome overwhelm, clear clutter, and create calm supportive spaces is what SOS is all about. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™
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All rights reserved.

Jul 27

Sonoran Living Show

Sonoran Living on ABC15


Be sure to tune in next Monday, August 1 at 9 AM on ABC15

where I will be talking with the girls about


Organizing for Back to School

Sonoran Living logo





Does getting kids ready for school each day totally stress you out? Contact me by clicking below or by calling (480) 382-1085. I would love to help you implement some Simple.Organized.Solutions. that will make your mornings less stressful. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Jul 26

The Gift of Space

Is your creativity stifled? Give yourself the gift of space.


If your creativity is “stuck” perhaps it needs some space and room to flow. Here are a few suggestions to open the flow of creativity:

  • Clear out any clutter in your workspace
  • Remove obsolete, unwanted supplies
  • Organize and straighten up your supplies
  • Display your favorite works, even if only on a slideshow on your monitor
  • Give yourself the gift of space
  • Spend some time outdoors in wide open spaces

If you need help clearing space, removing clutter, making sense of your supplies, click below or call (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Jul 02

Client Kudos

SOS_thumbs up-girl

Jun 16

Clutter Can Lead You to Overeat


According to a recent article in the AARP Magazine, clutter and chaos can lead to overeating. Yet another reason to clear that clutter! Who’s craving carrots?

SOS - Clutter_AARP

Need help clearing clutter and chaos from your life, your home, your calendar? Call SOS today to schedule your organizing session, (480) 382-1085. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Apr 22

Organizing? Plastic Bins Can Help



This is a guest post from professional writer, Jessica Kane, of Flex-Con, a corrugated plastics company based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. These products are some of the many options available. When in doubt, call a Professional Organizer to help you make a sound decision.


Plastic Containers and Their Many Uses

Plastic containers, they are found in virtually every household. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, durability, and dozens of other factors that we take into consideration when deciding their use. We can use them for organizing our closets, decorations, old belongings, and much more. The important thing is to carefully sort your items you wish to store, purge unnecessary items and place them thoughtfully inside for future use. It isn’t about just putting things away to just put things away. Organizing is an art and plastic containers are your tools to achieve bliss. They can be our greatest organizing ally, or our worst nemesis with missing lids and mix matching containers. But love them or hate ‘em, here are five reasons to keep them around.


Toy Bins

They not only help to organize your kid’s toys, but allows the child to feel confident and in control when putting their toys away. They can see them and know that they are there, but still be able to store them in an organized way. Small toys especially benefit from this. Building blocks, mini figures, coins, small dolls or cars and trucks, even crayons can be put in the small containers, sealed up, then stored on a bookshelf, dresser, or other designated space for your child. Try color coordinating the lids to a specific purpose. I.E. crayons go with the blue lid, building blocks go with the red, dolls or toy cars go with the yellow. Let the kids decide and let them have fun!


Crafting Supplies

For those who like to do crafts of any kind, clear plastic containers are a great option for storing supplies, coordinating like items, and can even aid in taking stock. They are sturdy, durable, and will keep out dust, pets, kids, and even bugs if stored in a garage or basement.

Use them to store supplies for:

• Sewing

• Scrapbooking

• Crocheting or Knitting

• Wood working

• Jewelry arts

• Painting

• Scrap metal

• Beading

• Rubber band arts

The possibilities are endless.



Industrial plastic containers are not only useful for storing important items that are not being readily used, but for some, it might offer a unique opportunity for decorating and/or extra table tops. The types of bins a person would want to use depends on their needs, but generally for long term storage, a strong clear box with an attached lid flap can offer protection for possessions, and for cost saving, turn that tote into a bedside table, a chair side table, supports for a light weight desk or work bench. Colorful totes and designs help to make the transition into the home or office interesting, fun, and cost effective.


Shed or Garage

Ever walk into your garage or shed and search for the one thing you need? Try using clear plastic containers to help you organize your outdoor belongings. Streamline your camping gear, outdoor toys, tool set, garden tools, hoses, spare parts… You get the idea. Not only will you get peace of mind knowing where everything is, your family will know too. Just point them in the right direction and they can take care of the rest without it becoming a hassle.



This is an oldie but a goody. Holiday decorations can be a pain to store. Boxes get worn out and take damage and eventually fall apart. They let in water, dust, bugs, and can leave your belongings smelling musty. Plastic containers are a great solution to this problem year after year. They don’t degrade or fall apart. They are engineered to have securely fastened lids to keep out damaging environmental factors. They come in an array of colors so you can coordinate according to the holiday, so you always know what box holds what. Get red and green  for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, light blue and light purple for Easter. Never misplace your decorations again. Have a family heirloom ornament, or several? Get a smaller plastic container, fill it with shock absorbing material, secure the lid and place in the larger storage box. Easy, safe, secure. Yes, plastic storage containers may be a bit more to purchase than boxes, but because they are so durable they will virtually pay for themselves in the first two years.


If you’re still stuck on where to get started with organizing your home, seek out and speak with a Professional Organizer organizer. They will help you figure out where to prioritize your efforts in order to get the most out of your home. 

Often, professional organizers can help bring a sense of peace and positive energy flow to your home that can help improve the overall function, ambiance, tone, and sense of self. In short, messy house, messy mind. Clean house, clean mind. Happy organizing!


Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in keeping things organized and in order. She currently writes for FlexCon, a leading vendor of corrugated plastic bins and boxes.



Call Andrea Brundage if you are ready to exchange clutter and stress to order and peace.Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Mar 07

Do You Need A Professional Organizer?


Signs That You Need to Hire a Professional Organizer?

If you have read, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and you are still unorganized, you NEED an organizer (by the way, there is no magic).

If you experience embarrassment over the condition of your home, you NEED an organizer.

If you break out in a cold sweat when you hear a knock at the door (as in “Oh my gosh, I can’t let anyone see the mess that I live in!”), you NEED an organizer.

If your housekeeper just cleans AROUND the piles of stuff, you NEED an organizer.

If you have tried to get organized on your own and have only created bigger messes, you NEED an organizer.

If you continually purchase organizing products and they don’t help, you NEED an organizer.

If you have unread organizing books on your shelves, or mixed in with the piles of paper, you NEED an organizer.

If you have difficulty deciding what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate, you NEED an organizer.

If you have clothes hanging in your closet that no longer fit, that are out of style, and that you never wear, you NEED an organizer.

If your clothes have taken over every closet in your home, you NEED an organizer.

If your shoes are in a heap throughout your home or on your closet floor, you NEED an organizer.

If your purses are in disarray and strewn all over your home and closet, you NEED an organizer.

If you find yourself making duplicate purchases because you do not know what you have, or if you know you have it but cannot find it, you NEED an organizer.

If your office looks like a bomb went off, you NEED an organizer.

If every drawer is a “junk drawer,” you NEED an organizer.

If you work constantly because you have no systems in place to manage your workflow, you NEED an organizer.

If you get late notices and reminders for unpaid bills, you NEED an organizer.

If you have stacks of unopened mail, you NEED an organizer.

If your car looks like a traveling dumpster, you NEED an organizer.

If you miss appointments or are consistently late and use the excuse “I forgot,” you NEED an organizer.

If you are so busy taking care of other people’s needs that you do not have any time for yourself, you NEED an organizer.

If you would pay $1 million dollars to clone yourself, you NEED an organizer.

If you have large quantities of expired food in your pantry, you NEED an organizer.

If you eat out because you do not have food in the house, or have not planned meals for the week, you NEED an organizer.

If your refrigerator smells of rotting food, you NEED an organizer.

If you pay tax penalties or late fees on bills, you NEED an organizer.

If you always request an extension on your tax filing simply because you have gotten your paperwork together for your accountant, you NEED an organizer.

If your hobbies and projects have taken over the entire dining room table or office, you NEED an organizer.

If you want your kids to clean up their rooms and yours is still a mess, you NEED an organizer.

If you want to teach your children to pick up after themselves and to better manage their time, and you are not modeling that behavior to them, you NEED an organizer.

If you need to wear a hard hat when opening closets and cupboards, you NEED an organizer.

If you or someone you know is transitioning to a smaller space and does not know where to begin with letting go, you NEED an organizer.

If you have trouble letting go of sentimental items, you NEED an organizer.

If you cannot park your car in the garage because it is filled with boxes and junk, you NEED an organizer.

If you think paper and mail is your enemy, you NEED an organizer.

If you are paying for off-site storage on a permanent basis, you NEED an organizer.

Besides all that, why should you contact a Professional Organizer? Because being more organized…

✓  Saves you TIME and MONEY and enhances your PEACE of MIND.

✓  Reduce chaos in your home/office and relieves stress and anxiety.

✓  Addresses your failure to stay organized, which just means you haven’t found the right system and adopted new habits.

✓  Can cause problems for you at home, at work, with family, and with friends.

✓  Gives you back your power. Clutter sucks the life out of you.

✓  Is a gift to your heirs. Your kids will be forced to deal with all your piles of junk one day. Not fair!

✓  Will create a place where you want to live and work. A place of peace and calm.

Working with a Professional Organizer can help you purge through the mounds of paper and files, and the excess possessions and clutter in a timely fashion. Professional Organizers who are worth their weight will work WITH you to help you get a handle on the clutter, and you will be a part of all organizational solutions implemented. The relationship between an organizer and client should be one that empowers, not one that creates a co-dependent situation. Choose carefully.

Are you ready to regain a sense of control over your space? And your life? It is yours to have, and it is one simple phone call or mouse-click away. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Having more peace and calm in your life is achievable, but you must stop procrastinating and commit to improving your current condition now. 1-2-3, GO! By the way, GO stands for Get Organized!

Mar 02

It’s Time to Start Your Spring Cleaning


 March newsletter: Spring Cleaning


It is time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning! Here in Arizona, we have had above average temperatures for the past few weeks and it feels like spring is already here with the wildflowers in bloom, the trees sporting new buds, and the sweet smell of orange blossoms filling the air.

Click here to access my easy tips on spring cleaning and organizing your space.

SOS events_andrea-brundage-arizona
I have some super fun organizing classes scheduled for March.
See the complete list here.

And on March 18th at 9 AM, I will be on Sonoran Living Live on ABC15 (Phoenix) with Susan Casper and Terri Ouellette. Tune-in to hear more about Spring Cleaning!


Looking for fun activities to do in Arizona in March?
Click image below.

unknown photo credit

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!
Give the gift of organization.
Call (480) 382-1085 for more information.

“Having less stuff in your space will give you a sense of calm and room to breathe.”
– Andrea Brundage

If you need organizational help, or if you know someone who does, contact me. Helping clients overcome overwhelm, clear clutter, and create calm supportive spaces is what SOS is all about.

Feb 15

Cooking Mistakes You May Be Making


Cooking and Organization Tips

Cooking can be fun and being organized in the kitchen makes it that much easier! I was quoted in a blog post, “7 Common Cooking Mistakes You’re Probably Making,” written by Bethany Ramos that appeared on sheknows.com. Read Bethany’s very informative article and comprehensive list that will help you improve your own kitchen skills. My contribution is all about organizing your kitchen, which is #6 on her list.


Read article here…


So what are your biggest challenges in the kitchen? Is it having the time to cook? Is it lack of organization? Is it interruptions? Is it not having the necessary ingredients on hand to make an entree, side dish, or dessert? Please post your comments below.

Being organized in your daily activity can make all kitchen challenges easier to manage. If you need organizational help in your kitchen/pantry, visit my Get Started page, or call today at (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Feb 08

Kudos from a Satisfied Client


noun ku·dos \ˈkü-ˌdäs, ˈkyü-, -ˌdōs\


Full definition of kudos

1:  fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement :prestige

2:  praise given for achievement


My heart overflows with joy when my clients take a moment to share kudos about the results and feelings of peace they experience after working with me. In this completely unscripted, spur of the moment video, my client shares how she feels after working with me on several organizing projects in her home. I love my clients! Click link below to view the video.




If you would like to experience the freedom from clutter that Annette describes in this video, then visit my Get Started page now, or call me at (480) 382-1085. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Feb 01

10-Things You Can Accomplish This Year

 Image: pixabay.com

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start and that you are anticipating a great February, the month of love. This month’s newsletter includes a motivating list of 10-things you can accomplish this year brought to you courtesy of Smead Manufacturing Company. 

 10-Things You Can Accomplish This Year
© 2010 Smead Manufacturing Company

1. Create an Emergency Survival Kit

Make sure to include food and water for 3 days, first aid kit, portable radio, tools, candles, matches and flashlight with batteries.

2. Use Automatic Bill Pay

Save time on paying your bills as well as ensure they’re paid on time.

3. Scan Your Family Photos

If you’ve been putting this off, do it this year. For added security upload them to an online archive in case of damage to your home.

4. Take an Inventory / Review Insurance Plans 

If something happened to your home, would you remember all of your items? Take pictures of your home, valuables (including serial numbers) and upload to an online archive.

5. Deep Clean Your Desk/Office 

De-clutter, clean, and purge or archive old records. Create new file headings if needed.

6. Update Your Budget 

Income, priorities and the changes to your goals. Re-evaluate what’s important to you this year.

7. Start/Continue Planning for Retirement

It’s never too late or too early to start planning for retirement. If you are already contributing to a retirement plan, consider increasing your contribution.

8. Focus on Publications You Care About

Unsubscribe from newsletters, mailing lists, and magazines that you don’t care about. Focus on a select few that you do, and re-evaluate again next year.

9. Stop Shopping and Start Donating

Having less stuff around is a great way to bring order and simplicity. Clean out storage areas and donate or sell useful items you no longer use.

10. Limit Your TV Time

Only watch the programs you really care about and plan when you’ll watch them.

If you are in need of organizational help, or if you know someone who would benefit from being more organized, contact us or visit our website at www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com Overcoming clutter and overwhelm, and creating calm and organized spaces is what SOS is all about.


Give the gift of organization to the one you
 ♥ love ♥
Call now to purchase your gift certificate.
(480) 382-1085
 Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm

Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Jan 27

Electronic Clutter


Do You Have Electronic Clutter?

The only way to cope with electronic clutter is to only keep what is currently in use within arm’s reach. As a professional organizer, I often see boxes and drawers filled with outdated, obsolete electronics. Rather than boxing them up or stuffing them into a drawer or box, I recommend donating them, along with the accessories and cords to places where they can be re-purposed and beneficial to others. Donations must be made in a timely to be most beneficial.
Consider donating to safe houses, shelters, local charities. If you are tech savvy, wipe off the hard drive or get assurance from the donation site that this will occur before they redistribute it. 
If you have boxes of stuff in your home, office, or garage that you never use anymore, it is time to get rid of them. Free up space. Get intentional. Let go of stuff that no longer serves you. Give away things that can serve others well.  
Call me right now at (480) 382-1085 if you are stuck in a rut and do not know where to begin with clearing your clutter.
Got Chaos? Get Calm.™
Photo credit: pixabay.com

Jan 13

Get Organized classes


2140 E. Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ, 85282 ~ (480) 222-9620

The “Get Organized in 2016” series is open for registration!

Register now for my monthly EMPOWERMENT classes through SCNM’s Thrive public education program. Classes will be held at the beautiful Southwest College of Natural Medicine campus located just west of the the 101 freeway & Broadway Road in Tempe. Register now.

“Time Management” – Wed, January 20, 6 to 7:30 PM

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and just wish you could clone yourself? Would you love to have more hours in the day? Come learn some easy-to-implement time management techniques that could free up some time on your calendar, which can then be re-allocated to self-care, family, friends, and fun!

“Organize Your Home: Turning Chaos into Calm” – Wed, February 17, 6 to 7:30 PM

Come learn some simple organizing techniques intended to facilitate the creation of an organized, calm and supportive home. Create a life of calm; Transform your home into a peaceful place; Dealing with Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD).

Organize Your Office: Piles into Files” – Wed, March 16, 6 to 7:30 PM

Come learn organizing techniques that will help you turn those piles of files and paperwork into a meaningful and streamlined system. The SOS filing system; Organizational tips for you and for the office; Dealing with Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD).

Registration Methods

Online registration is accepted (by credit card) at www.scnm.edu/thrive. Users must establish an account before completing online registration.

Over-the-phone registration is available by calling 480.222.9620, Monday-Friday between 8 AM to 9 PM.

Walk-in registration assistance with full payment (by cash, check or credit card) can be processed at the SCNM Welcome Desk in the Community Commons Building, 2152 E. Broadway Road, Tempe.

To view entire workshop catalog, visit   http://www.scnm.edu/for-the-public/.




Jan 12

Simple Organized Solutions Wins Best of Houzz



Press Release

Simple Organized Solutions has won their second consecutive “Best Of Service” award on houzz.com.  Only 3% of houzz Pros win, so this is quite a honor!  The houzz site is a WONDERFUL online place for anyone looking for ideas on building, remodeling, or decorating a space.

If you would like to see Before and After photos of some of my work, be sure to visit my houzz profile here. Feel free to write comments, too.

Who doesn’t love a rags to riches story. Read the story of houzz here.


Here is the email announcing that SOS won the award again this year!

Houzz logo

You won Best of Houzz 2016! We’re writing to let you know that you’ve been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2016 award!
The Houzz Team

If you would like your space to look organized and to function well for you, then work with the best. Visit our website here or give us a call at (480) 382-1085Got Chaos? Get Calm.™ 


Jan 05

One Simple Thing

simple thing

Can You Commit to Doing One Simple Thing?

I am all about simple, and my associate and friend, Mallary Tytel, Ph.D, has written this amazing book entitled, “One Simple Thing: Simple Tools for Living Your Own Theory of Change.” I love this quote on the back cover, “Your power lies in your ability to influence the world and all it takes is doing One Simple Thing every day.” 

If you do indeed want to make a difference – in your life or someone else’s – why not start by doing just One Simple Thing each day?

What Dr. Tytel offers in this book makes this concept very easy for you, too! Chapter 8 provides a list of 100 things you could do to accomplish that One Simple Thing each day. The rest of the book is full of thought provoking reflection activities followed by tools designed to help you understand who you are, and what matters most to you, and how you want to contribute in the world.  Buy the book. Read the book. Gift the book. It is simply awesome!


Your power lies in your ability to influence the world. Click To Tweet


Are you ready to get organized so you can show up in a bigger way this year? If you feel stuck because you are surrounded by physical clutter and your mind is foggy because it is filled with mental clutter, give yourself the gift of organization. It will open pathways to a life of intentional living. You are worth it! You matter. Call Andrea Brundage, your Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm today.


Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

Jan 01

7-Organizing Tips To Start the New Year



Happy New Year!

7-Organizing Tips To Help You Get Organized

  1. Only keep the holiday decorations that you love. The others should be passed on, donated, or sold. Wrap and pack away the “keepers” in labeled bins for next year.

    2. If you still use a paper calendar, set aside 15 to 20 minutes to transfer all the important dates to the 2016 calendar. No excuses for missed birthdays or late tax payments! 

    3. Set up all your 2016 file folders now. The same applies for both paper folders and electronic folders.

    4. Schedule a date with your CPA or tax preparer. That will give you a clear deadline to get all of your accounting records in order.

    5. Set up autopay or bill pay for all recurring bills. This will save you lots of time every month.

    6. Review your estate/trust documents; update and record as needed.

    7. Vow to process incoming mail on a daily basis using the SOS paper handling system (if you need more information, please contact me). 

Wishing you a happy and organized 2016!

If you are ready to conquer your own clutter and create a place of peace and calm, call Andrea now at (480) 382-1085 or click below to request more information. We work with residential clients, senior communities, and corporate clients.  Got Chaos? Get Calm.™


Dec 15

Happy Holidays from Simple Organized Solutions

© Andrea Brundage PhotographyWishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and
a happy and healthy New Year.

May you be surrounded by the people you love.
May your home be filled with joy and laughter.
May your heart be overflowing with gratitude.
May peace and calm be yours during this special time of year.

Andrea-signatureTired of the clutter and overwhelm? Call (480) 382-1085 now to scheduled a consultation. 

Got Chaos? Get Calm.™

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