Apr 06

Organize Your Closet

Organize Your Closet for Spring & Summer

I was recently contacted by Sonoran Living LIVE, ABC15, in Phoenix, Arizona to do a segment on how to organize your closet for spring and summer. It was so fun to be on the set with Susan Casper and Terri Ouellette and to be part of the show for the day.

Sonoran Living_ Reorganize_your_closet_for_spring___summ_2781210000_16037544_ver1.0_640_480

Click on the photo to watch the video


Here are some fun photos from the studio.


Terri Ouellette_Andrea Brundage

Terri Ouellette and Andrea

Susan Casper_Andrea Brundage

Susan Casper and Andrea

       AndreaBrundage_Sonoran Living_Phoenix          Simple Organized Solutions_Closet Organizer

Mar 15

Apps Can Increase Productivity

Apps Can Increase Productivity

If you are like me, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the sheer number of choices in apps that claim to increase productivity. And like me, maybe you may subscribe to the theory that says, “A confused mind makes no decisions.” In my case, that is true. Thankfully, there are people out there, like Erica Murphy, who research and write about these things for a living.

Here is Erica’s article that nicely summarizes a few productivity apps that may give you just the boost in productivity that you crave.


Simple Organized Solutions Arizona


If you want to enjoy more productive hours in the day, you need to GET ORGANIZED. If you want help getting organized, Simple Organized Solutions is exactly the help you need. Contact SOS now, and let us turn your “chaos into calm.” 


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Mar 08

Tips for Making Time for Important Things

Andrea Brundage, Making Time

March 8, 2015 is International Women’s Day. Do you take time to stay in touch with your women friends? If you are not – and it bothers you – then read on. As women, we call ourselves nurturers. Make sure you nurture your friendships, too.

As a professional organizer and productivity consultant, I am often asked how to find extra time in the day. The fact is we all have only 24 hours in a day; it is how we function in those hours that counts. For the chronically disorganized, this may seem like an impossible feat, but by taking small and deliberate steps, you can become more organized, thus saving time. From combining errands to learning to delegate, you can free up valuable time for the things that are most important to you. All it takes is a mindfulness of where you are spending your time. Keeping a time journal will be very helpful in highlighting areas of wasted time. Being mindful of time traps such as interruptions from emails, texts, phone calls is another way to regain some control.

Through small changes in our daily routines, we can simplify our lives and create some free time to take care of ourselves and to nurture our friendships.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hang a key holder near the door, and then hang your keys up each time you return home.
  2. Open your mail near the garbage can, and immediately toss out unwanted, non-confidential junk mail.
  3. Create a “Shred” basket for confidential mail, and then shred it each week. Enlist your children to help – they’ll love it!
  4. Commit to reorganizing one area at a time, and then do it.
  5. When shopping, be mindful of need versus want.
  6. Hang a magnetic-backed tablet on your refrigerator. When you are low on a grocery item, write it on the tablet.  This will become your grocery list (and don’t leave home without it).
  7. Be gentle with yourself, and recognize that being organized is a learned behavior.


If you struggle with too few hours in the day, then it is time to get organized. Contact Andrea Brundage at Simple Organized Solutions now.  Complete the Get Started form and get the upper hand on lost time. Today is the day to stop procrastinating and putting off what is most important to you.




Feb 23

Ask The Experts

Ask The Experts 

I was invited to participate on the “Ask the Experts” forum for eWomen Network, Phoenix. I was chosen as the expert Professional Organizer and I was thrilled to share the “stage” with my friend, the highly-regarded Angie Mozilo, Rediscovery, Accountability & Transition Coach and founder of Woman Up! and AZ Mom of Many Hats.


Ask the Expert


If you are looking for an expert Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant for your panel discussion, request a Media Kit or submit your request at www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com/events.

Andrea Brundage, Simple Organized Solutions

Feb 23

Spring Cleaning, Start Now

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Blossoms in Sunshine, credit to Corbis

Spring cleaning is overwhelming for many people. Rather than waiting, why not start now? If you do a little bit each day, before you know it, spring will be here and you will be finished with your “Things-To-Do” list!

Start here

Early in the year, I recommend clearing out last year’s files and setting up the current year’s files. In the US, tax day is April 15, and it arrives before we know it. Being prepared well in advance removes stress from last minute scrambling, and it takes the burden off our shoulders.

Physical space

From a physical standpoint, the best place to start is in an area that will provide the most visual impact of progress. Perhaps start in the entry way of your home, or the living room, or the kitchen. I suggest that clients focus on one area at a time rather than deciding to organize and clean the whole house in a day. Breaking projects into smaller, clearly defined tasks is beneficial when tackling any large project. 

 What are typical spring cleaning chores?

This varies person to person and house to house. The goal here is progress, not perfection. With that said, a typical spring cleaning might include: vacuuming under furniture and bed, cleaning out behind the appliances, window washing, clearing out the pantry and refrigerator of expired or unwanted food items, dusting blinds and ceiling fans, vacuuming or dry cleaning draperies, running a vinegar bath through dishwasher and coffee maker, changing out air filters, replacing batteries in smoke alarms.

 What should I have on hand?

Cleaning Supplies – At a minimum, have white cotton cloths and some type of cleaning solution on hand. There are a host of “green” products on the market such as Norwex or Melaleuca that you can research to determine if they will work for you. If chemicals are of concern, consider using vinegar and baking soda; these old-fashioned ingredients have so many cleaning uses. Have plenty of trash bags and a recycle bin handy.

Vacuum – Did you know that vacuums can be a major source of dust? Make sure your vacuum is in good working order and is sealed up properly.

Replacement items – New air filters, new batteries, belt for vacuum

Create momentum

A few completed projects can create huge momentum. Allocate enough time to start and finish at least one task per day.

How can I make spring cleaning easier?

Adopt a daily/weekly routine. This will be extremely helpful for KEEPING your home tidy so you do not have to tidy up things before you can clean. Here are a few examples of routines that you may find helpful:

SUNDAY: Vacuum, change linens. Wash, dry, fold, and put away sheets and towels

MONDAY: File and process piles of paper from the previous week. Turn the “piles into files.”

SATURDAY: Meal planning, grocery shopping. Wash and gas up the car for the next week.

EVERYDAY or AS NEEDED: Run the dishwasher. Wash, fold, and put away laundry (so it doesn’t get ahead of you). Tidy up every night. Prepare for tomorrow tonight.

Make spring cleaning fun

It is important to make your spring cleaning and organizing fun.  Rather than thinking of spring cleaning as a chore, try to re-frame it as a “feel-good” exercise—one that will help you feel good about yourself and your environment. Some suggestions to make spring cleaning more fun:


    1. Crank up the music. Before you know it, you will be singing along and not thinking about the chore you are doing
    2. Set simple targets for yourself and after you complete them, reward yourself. The internal dialogue might sound something like, “When I finish organizing this drawer, I will take a 10-minute break.” Then go outside and sit on the patio to relax for a few minutes
    3. Get the family involved. Give everyone a task, and then engage in something fun afterwards. Kids love activities like running through sprinklers and riding bikes, so do it as a family. If finances allow, consider going to a family movie or out for ice cream.


If spring cleaning is overwhelming to you, then call Simple Organized Solutions today! We will help you turn your “chaos into calm.”

 Professional Organizer AZ


Feb 18

Clutter Clearing

Articles and books are cropping up all over about letting go, clutter clearing, and releasing that which no longer serves. Are you ready to jump on the band wagon and get rid of some of the stuff that is perhaps weighing you down?

© Simple Organized Solutions 

Pamela Druckerman recently wrote an Op Ed for the New York Times entitled, The Clutter Cure’s Illusory Joy.  I would love to hear your comments on her closing thought, “It’s consoling to think that, beneath all these distractions, we’ll discover our shining, authentic selves, or even achieve a state of “mindfulness.” But I doubt it. I’m starting to suspect that the joy of ditching all of our stuff is just as illusory as the joy of acquiring it all was. Less may be more, but it’s still not enough.”  Do you agree?


Do you have too much stuff and need to clear some space so you can clear your head? Simple Organized Solutions offers a more holistic approach to professional organizing, “It’s more about intentional living rather than perfectly folded linens.” Clearing clutter will certainly not correct everything that ails you, but it certainly can provide some space for clearer thinking and much needed breathing room.




Feb 15

Color Connection

The Color Connection

Here is a wonderful guest blog written by the highly esteemed Interior Designer Jeanette Knudsen, owner of Design For A Lifespan.

Simple Organized Solutions Color Matters

How Color Changes Your Outlook…and determines the mood of your home
Color does matter!

Sometimes you walk into a room and something changes. Maybe you were agitated and now feel calm. Or felt good, but now feel irritable – and you don’t know why.

Believe it or not, it could be due to color. Whether it’s the walls, a piece of furniture, even a lighting fixture – you’d be surprised at how much it can affect your mood.

Recently, people have moved away from boring neutrals to vibrant colors. People can make statements that differentiate them from their friends and neighbors. And being individual is good…most of the time.

Have you ever seen a freshly painted house that make you gasp – with horror, not delight? Hopefully it’s not next door, but even if it is, there’s nothing you can do about it.

What you do have control over is your own space…and here are three things to know…

Color is personal.

Color is emotional.

Color can be complicated.

It’s the last point that trips people up. You’d be surprised to know how many color consultations I do. Clients know what they like…they just need help putting it together.

Here’s a fun and interesting article you might find helpful. It touches on the psychology and use of color in your home. Just go to http://goo.gl/FIWRJ2

So, what is your favorite color? How do you incorporate it into your home?

Here are some fun tips. Knowing these helps you bring new life into your home by adding joy to your surroundings.

  1. This ONE tip is the simplest and most important. Work with a color you love! Think of what color supports who you are – and makes you happy!
  2. Pay attention to lighting. There are other colors beside the standard chrome, brass or bronze. You can add a fresh, crisp feeling to any room by installing custom lighting with different finishes and hues.
  3. Brighten up old furniture. For example, if you have vintage end tables that belonged to your grandmother…lacquer them in orange spice, such as Sherwin Williams Daredevil, or obstinate orange, to give them new life.
  4. Pillows can change a room. A vibrant throw pillow can transform an entire room by delivering a bold color statement. Use solid pillows for floral seating, or patterned pillows for solid furniture. This simple addition adds a splash of color, and at the same time…comfort.
  5. Maybe you prefer the natural look. Plants add fragrance, personality, and a sense of “feeling grounded”. It doesn’t matter if they’re flowering, or just green plants. They still add color. If you don’t have a green thumb, or spend time away from home, use artificial plants. These days, you can find beautiful foliage and flowers that are hard to distinguish from live ones.

Determining the right color, or combination of colors, can be mysterious and time consuming. If your change doesn’t work the way you want, you’ll be frustrated.

Too often, people think working with an interior designer means spending lots of money. Not so! As I mentioned above, I do color consultations with people and it’s all they need. By getting the colors right, they actually save money by preventing mistakes that don’t show up until the project is done.

Making a change, even if it’s minor, has a big impact. Don’t hesitate to call me at 480-695-1360 to discuss what you’re trying to accomplish.


About the author:

Jeanette Knudsen, owner of Design For A Life Span and a professional Interior Designer, creates homes that offer the luxury of independence and timeless beauty; yet are forever functional.  Whether you just need a simple consultation, or have a project designed from beginning to end, Jeanette can take care of all your needs.

For more FREE interior design tips visit DesignForALifeSpan.


Andrea Brundage and Simple Organized Solutions is happy to work with you to clear space and create a sense of calm in your home or office space. We are connected with quality resources, like Jeanette Knudsen, and we happily refer to ourselves as “A Source of the Resource.” Call today or visit our “Get Started” page.

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Jan 30

Soar into the New Year

Simple Organized Solutions


So, here we are about three weeks in to the new year and I must ask you a question. How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? If you are like most, a lot of the great intentions are starting to fall by the wayside about now. Do not give up and do not despair. Just get back on track starting today.

Make this the year of “Intentional Living” by really evaluating what is working and what is not. Apply this to your home, your office, your life, and even on your calendar. One area affects another so in order to live a more intentional and calm existence, it is important to become more mindful of all areas of your life.

Releasing that which no longer serves us can make us feel as light as a feather. So, the question is this: “Are YOU ready to SOAR in 2015?” I hope your answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Click here to inquire about SOS services or to make an appointment. 

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Jan 28

Organizing Principles

Organizing Principles

Like With Like


Photo courtesy of houzz.com

Photo courtesy of houzz.com

There are many ways to organize, but a basic organizing principle is to group things in a like-with-like manner. Consider the pantry: Cereal goes with cereal. Snacks with snacks. Baking supplies with baking supplies. Canned goods with canned goods. The linen closet carries the same concept; sheets with extra bedding, bath towels, and overflow bathroom supplies.


The like-with-like principle applies to all areas of your home and office. Here are some other examples of storing items that “belong” together:


Pantry: Food and ingredients for cooking, canned goods, small appliances that are not used on a daily basis, plastic wrap, foil, plastic containers.


Bathroom: Medicine, first aid supplies, overflow bathroom supplies


Office: Paperwork, bills, insurance documents, permanent files, paper supplies, crafts and supplies, greeting cards, gift wrap


Laundry room: Detergent, spot removers, softeners, iron, starch, ironing board, extra hangers, small indoor tools, small supply of nails, batteries, etc


Holiday decorations: Store holiday decorations in clear, labeled bins. Attics and/or basements are great places for these bins. 


If you need help setting up organizational systems that support you, your family, or your business, contact Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm. Visit www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com for a free gift. Simple Organized Solutions offers virtual and group coaching as well as in-person hands-on organizing. For more information, call (480) 382-1085.

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Jan 21

Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs Provide Great Opportunities to Spread Your Reach

Simple Organized Solutions Guest Blogs


If you are like me, you enjoy writing and sharing your passion with as many people as possible. Answering the call for writing guest blogs is one way to effectively expand your reach. Not only do you get exposure to people outside of your circles, it is a wonderful way to support each other.

Jeanette Knudsen, Interior Designer and founder of Design For A Lifespan, invited me to write blogs that correspond to the beautiful graphics she has created around keeping an organized home. Her tips are pertinent and speak to the very principles of organized and intentional living. Read more by clicking on the link below.



Jan 15

Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions…

Unknown graphic credit

Decisions are difficult for a lot of people to make, and difficulty in making decisions is at the very heart of piles of clutter and unfinished business. As they say, “A confused mind makes no decisions,” and this is why it is vitally important to set up simple, easy-to-maintain organizational systems.


My article on Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD) was submitted by Donna Smallin, Best Selling Author to the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, which is the brainchild of Janet Barclay, founder of the Organized Assistant.  Click below to read the article in its entirety.




If you need help clearing clutter and setting up simple, easy-to-maintain organizational systems, contact Andrea Brundage and Simple Organized Solutions now. 

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Jan 11

Arizona YWCA Women’s Forum

Simple Organized Solutions

Jan 10

The Truth About Professional Organizers

Do you know the truth about Professional Organizers?

Guess what? We are just like you!


I want to share this excellent article from a fellow Professional Organizer, Jennifer Asselin, who is a busy young mother, and one with clear priorities. She shares the truth about Professional Organizers. I love the honesty of her post, and I hope that some of you busy moms and dads who use HGTV as the standard by which you judge your own organization – or lack thereof – will give yourselves a break. Organization on TV is pretty unrealistic, especially when you have messy little ones, and messy big ones, sharing your space.

While I am past the busy mom stage, I will say that being organized has always served me well, but do I wish I could have a few “do overs” with my now grown daughter? Of course I do! Do I wish we had more moments of cooking and crafting together and less arguing over messy bedrooms? Of course I do! Did I realize too late that we could find a compromise over that space I often referred to as a pig pen? Of course I did. With that said, do I think it is important to teach children to respect their parents’ homes, and their possessions, and that they should bear responsibility for helping around the house? Yes, of course! And I also believe that organization is a teachable skill and that as parents, it is part of what goes into raising a responsible adult.

But I have two grandchildren now and those life lessons are not mine to teach. Their parents are in charge, and they are doing a great job, I might add. Here is the beauty of grandchildren: I just get to love them! I could care less about the mess we create while we bond in the kitchen. I have more time now; I do not have 100 irons in the fire in addition to a full-time job that requires a ton of energy. There are no longer little people in my world who need to be taken to school, or who procrastinate over homework, or need me to take them to practice, and slumber parties, etc. Being a grandparent is much easier than being a parent, it is true.

Truth about Professional Organizers

Grandkids in the kitchen

So to all you busy moms and dads other there, just know that being organized is a process. It is seeking progress NOT perfection, and it is a commitment to consistent actions that will help you maintain some sense of organization. Chaos and overwhelm can be kept at bay – most of the time. And please remember, there is no perfect — no perfect parenting, no perfect house, no perfect anything, so relax, have fun, and know that the days really do fly by and our little birdies do leave the nest…and we miss them. Here’s to making sweet memories with your babies – and grandbabies.


Read Jennifer Asselin’s blog by clicking below:




Andrea Brundage is a Professional Organizer, Public Speaker,  and Bringer of Calm. Her company, Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) serves residential and business clients who love the notion of living and working in supportive spaces, and who are committed to turning “Chaos into Calm”  Andrea speaks on a host of topics related to organized living and time management. Virtual and group coaching is available as well as in-person, hands-on organizational services.  www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com/get-started


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Jan 08

Kudos Are Wonderful

Kudos: Giving and Receiving

Aren’t kudos wonderful? I received a wonderful email from Donna Smallin, best-selling author on the subject of organization. Earlier this year, I contributed as a guest blogger with my article on “DDD” (Delayed Decision Disorder). Here is the article in its entirety, http://www.unclutter.com/?s=delayed+decision+disorder  Apparently, my article hit a nerve with many of her loyal followers! 
As nice as it is to receive kudos, it also feels great to give them.  And so, kudos to you, Donna Smallin, on the release of your newest book, Clear The Clutter, Find Happiness! Click here to purchase.
Simple Organized Solutions, Kudos

Image by CardsDirect.com

Here is the sweet note from Donna addressed to myself and another well-known professional in the industry:
Well, ladies. I owe you both a big thanks. Your respective guest blog posts were my most viewed posts this year! Congratulations! You’re welcome to blog again for my readers any time!

Happy day,



Professional Organizer AZ

Jan 07

Clutter Depression Link

Is there a clutter and depression link?

Here is an excellent article that addresses the possibility that there is a clutter and depression link. In my years of experience as a professional organizer, I have seen definite elevation in moods when clients work with me through the purging and organizational process. The clearing of clutter provides an immediate visual reminder of a shift and positive change, which creates momentum, and can serve as a mood elevator.


Simple Organized Solutions

Cluttered room

To say that only unorganized people struggle with depression is not true, but I will say that for most people, living in clutter creates tension, stress, feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm, all of which can exacerbate depression. Clearing clutter brings relief and often clarity, both highly beneficial.


Need help clearing clutter, click here.


Contact SOS

Professional Organizer, Andrea Brundage


Jan 05

SOAR Event

Simple Organized Solutions

Make 2015 the BEST year of your life!
You are invited to attend “SOAR in 2015,” a women-only event and workshop, on January 17, 2015 at the lovely Troon North Golf Clubhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona.  If you are ready to experience an event that is all about you, instead of all about selling to you, then you will want to join us.
SOAR is a thoughtfully-designed empowerment workshop series that will help you live your best life, starting with where you are right now. So,  
  • Are you a woman who is ready to empower herself?
  • Are you ready to take charge of your results?
  • Are you ready to create your best year ever?
Invite a friend and join us for  this very special, women-only event  in warm, sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Register today.
When:          Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 10 AM to 3 PM
Where:        Troon North Golf Clubhouse, Sunset Saguaro Room
                     10320 E. Dynamite Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona 85262
Register:      https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soar-in-2015-tickets-13616221485
 Seats will fill up quickly and space is limited.
What you receive:
  • A half-day to focus on YOU, on your dreams, and on your desires
  • Exercises to help you identify and let go of that which no longer serves you
  • Tools to help you move toward the life you desire and deserve
  • A workbook designed to support you as you SOAR toward your dreams and desires
  • An opportunity to participate with an exclusive accountability community
  • A safe, supportive, and nurturing environment
  • Course materials and a lovely lunch
Questions? Contact Andrea Brundage at (480) 382-1085 or andrea@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com.

Dec 15

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing

Simple Organized Solutions, Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing…doesn’t that just sound so marvelous right now? We are now full-swing and into the holiday mode – hurried and harried, and running on little energy or perhaps, only on sheer willpower. What about pressing the pause button and doing nothing for just a bit? Can you organize your thoughts and take back control of your time just long enough to take a breather for 5 or 10 minutes? Can you just be still? You may be surprised how good you will feel when you do this. Shhh, just B-R-E-A-T-H-E and be still. 

Read this lovely blog, The Art of Doing Nothing, by Lisa D, a California based author, coach, and fellow “bringer of calm.” I love her work and know you will, too.




If you are tired of the chaos and ready for the calm, contact me now. There is a better way and I can help you get really clear about what is and is not working in your home, your office, on your calendar, and in your life. Turning chaos into calm is my purpose, and I can help navigate you through the process. Help is a simple click or phone call away.


Professional Organizer AZ

Dec 10

SOAR in 2015 – Women’s Workshop

Simple Organized Solutions

This is the best year of your life!

You are invited to attend “SOAR in 2015,” a women-only workshop, on January 17, 2015 at the lovely Troon North Golf Clubhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona.


SOAR is a thoughtfully-designed empowerment workshop series that will help you live your best life, starting with where you are right now. So,  

  • Are you a woman who is ready to empower herself?
  • Are you ready to take charge of your results?
  • Are you ready to create your best year ever?


Invite a friend and join us for  this very special, women-only event  in warm, sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Register today.


When:          Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 10 AM to 3 PM

Where:        Troon North Golf Clubhouse, Sunset Saguaro Room

                     10320 E. Dynamite Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

Register:      https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soar-in-2015-tickets-13616221485

 Seats will fill up quickly and space is limited.

Deadline to register is January 5, 2015


What you receive:

  • A half-day to focus on YOU, on your dreams, and on your desires
  • Exercises to help you identify and let go of that which no longer serves you
  • Tools to help you move toward the life you desire and deserve
  • A workbook designed to support you as you SOAR toward your dreams and desires
  • An opportunity to participate with an exclusive accountability community
  • A safe, supportive, and nurturing environment
  • Course materials and a lovely lunch



Andrea Brundage, MBA, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm, founder of Simple Organized Solutions. Website: http://www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com

Karen Irene, Life & Leadership Coach, founder of Scottsdale Success Coaching. Website: http://www.karenirene.com


Questions? Contact Karen Irene at (480) 200-0074 or pimpmylife@karenirene.com or Andrea Brundage at (480) 382-1085 or andrea@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com.

Dec 03

Fresh Start Women’s Conference

Fresh Start Women's Foundation

Fresh Start Women’s Conference 


Topic:           Get Organized: Set Yourself Up to SOAR into the New Year

When:           Friday, December 19, 2014

Location:      Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center, (602) 252-8494

                      1130 E McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Time:             8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Fee:              $25, includes continental breakfast and lunch

           Scholarships and partial scholarships available by contacting Gaeliel Aposolou at (602) 261-7122

Register:       bit.ly/FSConference14


The Fresh Start Women’s Conference offers women the opportunity to discover their purpose and successfully navigate some of life’s challenges through expert-led courses that will leave participants feeling empowered and inspired.

Select from the following facilitators and topics:

Laurie Battaglia – Seven Ways You Create Your Life, For Better or Worse

Andrea Brundage – Get Organized: Set Yourself Up to SOAR into the New Year

Sonja Fullwood – Tips, Tricks, & Solutions for Handling Time & Stress during the Holidays (and Beyond)

Karen Irene – Starting Over: How to Move Through 2015 with Intention, Power and Joy

Michelle Lee – Cultivating Your Self-Worth and Empowerment through Emotional Freedom Technique

Maya Nahra – Never Diet Again! How to Create Lasting Habits in Food and Fitness

Marie Neugent – The Gift of You – Remembering Me on My Holiday List

Carolyn Quinn – Handling Stress During the Holidays


Continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Scholarships and partial scholarships available by visiting http://bit.ly/FSConfScholarship14

For more information, please contact Gaeliel Aposolou at (602) 261-7122.


 Professional Organizer AZ


Dec 02

7-Simple Acts of Kindness

7-Simple Acts of Kindness

Simple Organized Solutions

Encourage charity and goodwill towards others this holiday season by being a good example and by involving your family, your friends, and your co-workers. Spread the love, spread the word, and make a commitment to give to those in need this holiday season.

Don’t know what to give? Consider  these ideas:

1. TIME: Volunteer to feed the hungry at a local soup kitchen, or take someone shopping who would not otherwise be able to do so. It costs nothing, and it feels good to serve others.

2. FOOD ITEMS: Most grocery stores have collection boxes during the holidays. Contact homeless shelters and safe houses.

3. TOYS: Toy drives are often sponsored by local police and fire departments. Join in.

4. MONEY: Make a donation in someone’s honor with their favorite charity.

5. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Pick up the restaurant tab or grocery bill for someone, anonymously. Offer to let some go ahead of you in line. Give someone your extra coupons. Take baked goods to the neighbors.

6. ADOPT-A-FAMILY: Brighten the lives of an entire family!

7. WISH TREES: Take a couple of Wish Lists off a Wish Tree, buy the items, and make a child’s holiday dreams come true!


Simple Organized Solutions

Getting organized is on most people’s New Year’s Resolutions list. Do not let another year pass without accomplishing this goal. Professional help and gentle guidance is a simple click or phone call away.  Visit us at http://www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com or call (480) 382-1085.


Professional Organizer AZ 

Nov 21

Holiday Checklist


November is upon us (where has the year gone?), and Thanksgiving is next week (already!), which means the stress levels have already started to increase. With some pre-planning, you can feel more in control and less stressed. My holiday checklist may be helpful.  

 SOS - I love lists, unknown photo credit


  • Schedule family portraits
  • Write holiday events and parties on the family calendar
  • Send out Save-The-Date cards
  • Update list for card mailing
  • Purchase stamps
  • Address holiday cards
  • Clean the oven and the refrigerator


 December, 3-4 weeks before

  • Pull out holiday decor, only put out the things you love, donate the rest
  • Set up holiday “staging” area where you keep wrapping paper and holiday supplies


December, 2-3 weeks before

  • Clean out your refrigerator
  • Take inventory of pantry, toss expired items, add to grocery list
  • Start grocery list, finalize menu, assign contributors, purchase non-perishables
  • Purchase gifts, wrap immediately
  • Buy batteries to insert into toys and electronics
  • Mail out holiday cards
  • Mail out-of-town gifts
  • Begin baking. Freeze breads and cookie dough.


December, 1 week before

  • Finalize gift purchases, finish wrapping
  • Confirm dinner guests
  • Wash china and linens
  • Clean house
  • If having overnight guests, change bed linens


December, 1-2 days before

  • If feasible, set table
  • Prep for meal by pre-cooking as much as possible
  • Replace or recharge batteries on camera and video equipment
  • Purchase centerpiece or fresh flowers
  • Buy remaining items on grocery list


After the holidays

  • Purchase holiday cards for next year (store with holiday decorations if possible)
  • Inventory wrapping paper and gift bags, purchase only as needed
  • Remove holiday decorations, china, and linens, store carefully
  • Write ThankYou notes
  • Take inventory of what you have in your environment and make decisions on what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. Place new items in their “homes”


 Now booking for  holiday organizing. If you need help getting your home holiday ready, give Andrea a call at (480) 382-1085 or visit the Get Started page.


Professional Organizer AZ

Nov 10

Use the Right Calendar

What Calendar Works Best for You? 

Do you use the calendar that is right for you? With the new year approaching, now is the time to give this some thought.

Full disclosure here, I still use a paper calendar. Actually I use a paper calendar and an electronic calendar! How is that for redundancy? I rationalize this dual system because it creates a back-up system should one or the other get lost or become inaccessible. The paper calendar is my “go to” system as my eyesight is not what it used to be, and using the calendar on my Smart phone leaves a lot of room for error with the compromised vision and clumsy fingers. Plus, and this is a big plus, the electronic calendar is a huge time saver. I enter the address of my appointment on my Google calendar, which automatically syncs to my Smart phone, which then activates Google maps, and feeds my GPS software. I no longer print out a maps, which saves me time, money in toner, and requires no paper. I also can easily generate mileage reports, and document who I met with, and the purpose of the meeting, which is crucial for documenting business deductions on my tax return.

So, I consider myself kind of a paper calendar snob, and for me, shopping for a calendar can take weeks. Whatever calendar I buy needs to serve me for at least one year so this is a BIG decision for a planner like me. As a former Franklin-Covey enthusiastic, I have found an alternative that suits me well at a fraction of the cost. For the past two years I have really enjoyed BlueSky calendars, which can be found at Target and many other outlets.


 Simple Organized Solutions

Here are 10-Things I like about BlueSky calendars:

1) The size (5″ x 8″ easily fits into purse or briefcase)

2) The plastic front and back covers keeps it looking nice and gives an extra “pocket” for displaying a photo, storing notes, or affirmations

3) Clearly marked tabs separate each month

4) Laminated Yearly Overview page at front of calendar for easy reference throughout the year

5) Clearly labeled monthly tabs have a full month’s calendar view, with room to write in on-going appointments

6) Daily writing space is sufficient for my appointments and notes

7) The paper is of quality so entries can be erased completely when needed (be aware of paper that is too slick)

8) There are extra blank pages in the back for notes

9) The spiral binder is sturdy, unlike other spiral bound calendars I have had

10) The price is very reasonable and with daily use, the product has held up very well


There you have it. Let me know what your favorite calendaring system is and why you like it.


If you are ready to take control of your time and need some tips or coaching in that regard, contact me. I facilitate time management classes other courses on a variety of organization topics.  The best way to reach me is by completing the form on my Get Started page, or by calling me at (480) 382-1085. 

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Oct 29

The Organized Traveler

Thoughts from an Organized Traveler

Are you overwhelmed and cranky by the time you leave for a trip or family vacation? Vacations have been known to cause some of the biggest arguments with families, so here’s some advice – get organized so you won’t be stressed out and ready to bite someone’s head off before you even back out of the driveway. Remember, vacation and travel should be a fun experience.


Simple Organized Solutions, Organized Traveler

Getty Images

Basic checklist for the Organized Traveler

1. Travel Information



Flight, hotel, and car rental confirmations (these can be delivered to and stored on your Smart phone)


2. Toiletries

Create a Grab-N-Go travel bag or cosmetic pouch that contains all the basic toiletries you need. You can add extra needed items such as medications, etc. on the day of travel.

3. Electronics

Camera equipment, extra memory card, charger or spare batteries

Laptop, tablet, charging cords

iPod, Phone, phone charger

Flash or portable hard drive


Alarm clock

4. Miscellaneous

Books, magazines, journal, notepad, pens

Portable speakers



Airline pillow and light blanket

Ear plugs, eye covers

Travel umbrella, sunscreen, insect repellent

5. Clothes

Climate appropriate clothing

Light jacket

Shoes, sandals

Accessories (small purse, jewelry, scarf, cuff links, tie)

Hat, gloves, boots, if appropriate

Robe, pajamas, slippers

6. Emergency Items

Basic 1st aid kit

Sewing kit, safety pins

Small flashlight

Copies of passport, insurance documents, credit card information (be sure to leave a copy with a trusted person at home, too)

Medical alert notification

Physician phone number, and insurance policy and carrier’s phone number



If you need help organizing your home, your business, or your life, or if you would like a more comprehensive Organized Traveler checklist, email us at info@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com, or go to the Get Started page and submit your request.


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Oct 09

Perfect Does Not Exist

Simple Organized Solutions

Perfectly Imperfect

Do you get stuck trying to be perfect? Guess what? Perfect does not exist! Isn’t that the most refreshing thing you have read all day? Letting go of perfectionism means you need to be okay with imperfections, which is our human condition, and you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means looking at yourself in the mirror and accepting yourself in your perfectly imperfect state. Being vulnerable means letting others see you in your less than perfect state. Being vulnerable means not letting fear keep you stuck in the sameness that no longer serves you. Being vulnerable is releasing all that is keeping you from your best life and/or your higher calling.

As a professional organizer, I frequently encounter people who are paralyzed by not knowing where to start with getting organized. Some are intimidated and frozen with fear of not being able to perfectly complete a project. Some have let things get so out of control that they do not know where to begin. Asking for help makes us feel vulnerable. Be vulnerable.

I help my clients through the process or sorting, purging, and simplifying and it is not unusual to start a project with a simple statement like “Let’s just start in this corner and work our way out.”  You see, I believe working our way out of a corner gives us the space we need to get turned around and to start moving towards our goals. I also believe that less than perfect is often good enough, and while striving to do better, to be better, to feel better, to look better can be motivating, when taken to the extreme of perfectionism, it can be detrimental and paralyzing.

We are human after all, and we all have issues – end of story. Being vulnerable means that I can just be me and you can just be you – naked in our frailties and imperfections, and if we decide we are both okay with who we really are then we can be friends, partners, collaborators, or perhaps something in between.

Perhaps we would do well to become unattached to how others “show up” and to just love them when they are lovable, and to love ourselves always.  We will find along the way that some people are better to love at a distance, and that is okay, too.

Accept that you are perfectly imperfect…and so it is with everyone you will encounter on this amazing journey we call life.  


If you are tired of being stuck in clutter and overwhelm, let’s talk. If you have tried to get organized before but didn’t get through it or have lost your way, let’s talk. If you just want to someone who understands the struggles that come from chronic disorganization, let’s talk.  Help is a simple click away  www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com/get-started


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Oct 02

Garage Organization

Garage Organization – Is Your Garage Scary?


If you are like the majority of Americans, your garage is a scary place. Most garages have simply become attached storage units full of boxes marked, “Miscellaneous,” broken household items, obsolete sporting equipment, unfinished projects, and an overflow junk that really should have been recycled or dumped into the garbage.

The reality is that for most of us, our vehicles are our second biggest financial investment, and yet our prized cars are relegated to the driveway because the garage space is filled with boxes of “treasures.”  I know that hits home with a lot of people, but it is important to know that help is available. So, are you ready to get rid of the junk, organize the REAL treasures, and reclaim that garage space?

We are now booking garage organization projects. Click here or call (480) 382-1085 to save your spot. SOS provides compassionate guidance, 1:1 organizing assistance as well as virtual coaching, so no more excuses, call today and let us turn your “chaos into calm.”


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Sep 25

10-Steps to Organizing Your Pantry

10-Steps to Organizing Your Pantry

Just in time for the holidays…


Fall is the perfect time of year to clean out and reorganize your pantry. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is less than 100 days away! Organizing your pantry now will ensure that you are ready to go when the holidays arrive.

Ugh! Have you ever gotten caught in the middle of a recipe only to find that the oil is rancid, the flour or rice has weevils, or that one crucial ingredient is out of date? Have you ever made homemade bread and noticed that the yeast has expired? You think to yourself, “Well, it is probably still good.” Wrong! The bread never rises and you not only have wasted your precious time, but you have also wasted money on ingredients, and you may now be under pressure because you promised that you were bringing your famous homemade bread to the party! Stress!!  

Do not get caught in a bind because you do not have everything you need on hand to make your signature holiday dishes and your yummy homemade desserts.  

Below are 10-Tips that will make cleaning and organizing your pantry a breeze. Follow these steps, and by the time the holidays get here, you will be in great shape and ready to bake your favorite dishes and desserts!

Unloading and cleaning

1. Remove everything from the pantry and place in a like-with-like manner on the counter or in bins (spices with spices, canned goods with canned goods, etc)

2. Wipe down the pantry shelves with a non-toxic cleaner of your choice. Replace shelf paper if needed.

3. Bring in a large garbage can and a donation box, and then check expiration dates on all items.

4. Discard canned goods that are rusted, dented, or seeping.

5. We all have items in our pantries that we will never use. If you are never going to make the green thai curry dish recipe, or if you have sworn off eating Spam, then it is okay to donate the curry paste now…before it expires.  

4. Even staples that have a long shelf life should be evaluated. For example: Crackers and nuts – if they smell rancid, they need to be tossed.  Same goes for cooking oil. 

5. You can test your baking powder and baking soda to make sure they are still active. To test baking powder: mix 1 teaspoon of baking powder with 1/2 cup of hot water. It should bubble immediately. To test baking soda: mix 1/4 teaspoon with 2 teaspoons of vinegar. It should bubble immediately.


Reloading the pantry

6. Make sure items going back into the pantry are not sticky or dusty. Wipe them down as needed.

7. Keep the items you use regularly up front and center.

8. Place items like-with-like (snacks with snacks, cereal with cereal, canned goods with canned goods, etc).

9. Consider using clear containers to hold pasta and staples like flour and sugar. Glass mason jars can also be used to hold beans, rice, pasta, dried herbs, etc.

10. Review the recipes you plan to make and note any ingredients you need to purchase. Put those items on a Holiday Grocery List.  Not only can you spread out the cost of groceries, you can pick up the items when they are on sale. As an added bonus, you will know exactly what you have and exactly what you need which will eliminate duplicate purchases thus saving you money.  


Simple Organized Solutions

Pantry Reorg – Before & After


Professional Organizer AZ

Need some help getting organized? Simple Organized Solutions can help you in your home and in your business office.  Visit us at http://professionalorganizeraz.com/get-started/ or call (480) 382-1085.  We turn “chaos into calm.”

Sep 19

Simplify – For Business Owners

How you run your business can be just as important as how you serve your clients.


Simplify - For Business Owners


Simplifying the work environment by creating organized workspaces and efficient paper flow can increase productivity and reduce stress. 

Adopting effective systems, establishing routines, and setting proper boundaries are just a few simple steps that can help you function more productively.

Here are some suggestions for creating an organized work environment:

1.  Start each day by reviewing your To Do List (see # 11).  Cross items off as you complete them, and remember to give yourself a pat on the back for each one complete!

2. Create a “Tickler” file to remind you of pending matters, and check it each morning.

3.  Create an Inbox.  It is the best place to receive incoming paperwork.  You may need to remind others to use it, but they will soon get in the habit.

4.  Keep desk items that you use regularly within arm’s reach. This might include a calculator, stapler, pens, pencils, etc.

Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 18

Do You Walk the Talk?

Do you walk the walk you talk or do you expect more of others than you are willing to do yourself?


It is not unusual for parents to complain to me about the messiness of their children, especially their teens. What I often find is that the parents are not setting a good example for their kids to follow.  


Are you a good example?  


Paulo quote_be an example


The quickest way to lose your integrity is to expect more of others than you are willing to do yourself. Do you set a good example? 


If you are tired of your own mess, and if you are ready to clear the clutter and create organizational systems that complement how you flow through your home and through your life, then give me a call today at (480) 382-1085. You will receive gentle guidance and compassionate care…always.


Professional Organizer AZ



Sep 08

5-Questions To Help You Declutter

5-Questions to Help You Declutter Your Space
Simple Organized Solutions

We turn “Chaos into Calm.”

  1. Do I love this?

If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no and you are not sure why you even still have it, let it go.


If the answer is no but it has sentimental value, consider taking a photograph of it and passing it on to other family members who do love it. If no one wants it, let it go so someone else can love it.


  1. Has it served its purpose?

We often keep things and we are not even sure why. If it no longer serves you, let it go.


  1. Does this make me feel good, bad, or indifferent?

Pay attention to how you feel about the items in your home. For example, if a closet is full of clothes that are now too small, know that your subconscious recognizes that, and the message those clothes send to you can affect how you feel about yourself. Conversely, think about how you feel when you look at portraits of your children or grandchildren or your favorite piece of artwork. These are the items that support us and make us feel good.


  1. When was the last time I used, wore, or have seen this?

If there are things in your home that have not been used, worn, or even seen in years, it is time to make a decision about them. If you still love the item, move it to the front of the cabinet or closet. If you do not use your beautiful china, wear your yummy cashmere scarf, or your favorite football jersey or baseball cap, ask yourself why. I say, enjoy them – today! A cup of tea served in delicate china just tastes better than sipping it from a bulky coffee mug. Make the ordinary extraordinary every day and start using your favorite and beautiful things. If they get broken or ruined, it will be because they have been lovingly used – by you.


  1. How many of these do I really need?

Clothes, purses, shoes, kitchen gadgets, books, baseball caps, vintage rock concert T-shirts, tools. These items are often accumulated by men and women and are rarely purged unless forced by a move or a major clean-out. If you feel cramped in your space, these are the first things I recommend that you evaluate. Asking questions like, “Seriously, how many white t-shirts do I need?” or “How many plastic food containers do I use in a week/month/year?” and “How many coffee cans and jars of miscellaneous nails, bolts, and screws does one need?”  The answers go back to question 1; if you love it, keep it. If not, let it go.


If you need help getting through the process of de-cluttering and you need an experienced and compassionate professional on your side, contact SOS at Get Started or by calling (480) 382-1085.

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Aug 31

Organize YOUniversity Class: How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room

Plan to attend the upcoming Organize YOUniversity Class, “How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room”


Are you a scrapbooker, stamper, artist, jewelry maker, or a quilter?

Are you overrun with all the supplies that accompany your hobbies?

Plan on attending my upcoming Organize YOUniversity class, “How To Organize Your Craft/Hobby Room” on Sept 3rd at 6:30 PM. 


Details in the link below, seating is limited, registration is required.





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Aug 27

Are You Good At Follow Through?

Simple Organized Solutions

(This blog is a bit of a rant so if you do not want to read it, exit now.)


As a business owner and a networker, doing one-to-one meetings is a big part of getting to know people and their businesses. One-to-one meetings are also about creating and nurturing that all-important KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor. The theory goes like this, “How can I confidently refer you to others if I do not know you? And how can you possibly refer me if you do not know me and my ideal client?” With that said, allocating time on our calendars to conduct one-on-ones is an important part of not only marketing our own businesses, but also for learning who and what resources are available to us and to our clients.

So here is what has my feathers ruffled: Meetings that get canceled at the last minute. Let me be clear here, I understand that life happens and that emergencies crop up and appointments need to be rescheduled from time to time, that is not the problem. What is frustrating is the frequency with which these last minute cancellations are occurring. Last minute cancellations ultimately affect the bottom line, and that is not a good thing.

Two times in the last month, I have been in my car driving to a scheduled appointment only to receive a phone call that my appointment was canceling. Three other times, I have sent courtesy emails confirming appointments scheduled for later in the week, only to get responses back saying that they were canceling. Arranging my day around these meetings means that space was held, and therefore not available for anyone or anything else. Can I adjust my day? Of course I can. There are 1,000 things I can do to fill up that spot, but do you get where I am coming from here?

Here is the thing, I place a high value on my time and on others’ time. And so I am just putting this out there for discussion: How do you handle last minute cancellations and/or no shows? What if the last minute cancellation is from a client? Do you handle it differently versus a cancelled one-to-one meeting? Do you feel differently if the meeting scheduled was a face-to-face meeting that required travel time versus a phone call or an online meeting? Does a last minute cancellation affect whether or not you feel confident referring someone to potential clients or business partners? 

Are you good at follow through? Here is another article written by , Etiquette Editor at BellaOnline on the topic of “Cancelling an Appointment.”


If you are ready to get organized and move from Chaos into Calm, click on my Get Started tab, or give me a call at (480) 382-1085.


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Aug 19

5-Benefits of Being Organized


5-Benefits of Being Organized from a Professional Organizer

There are so many benefits to being more organized, and here are five main reasons why you need to commit today to getting organized. Help is a simple phone call or click away. 

 If the thought of starting to clear clutter in your home or office gives you anxiety, give Andrea Brundage a call at (480) 382-1085 or visit the SOS website here Get Started. Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself. We can turn your “chaos into calm.” We help by offering in-person consulting and/or virtual sessions. Let us take you to that place of intentional, peaceful living. 


Simple Organized Solutions

Benefits of Being Organized

 Professional Organizer AZ


 Call SOS or visit our website at http://www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com

Aug 12

10-Back to School Organizing Tips

In some places, school has already started and in other places, school will begin in the next week or two.  Are you organized and ready for your child to go back to school? Are your kids organized and ready? Is your college student ready?  It is never too late to implement new organizing strategies so even if school has already started in your neighborhood, you may want to implement some of these 10-back-to-school organizing tips.Andrea Brundage Back to School Tips

10-tips to set your child(ren) up for success this school year:

  1. Use a family calendar that works for you and your family. It can be electronic, an app, or the old-fashioned paper kind. The key is that everyone knows where it is, can update it regularly, and can see at a glance what is on the schedule for everyone in the family.
  2. Create a space in your home/dorm room that is conducive to studying and homework. 
  3. Plan meals and snacks that are healthy and boost brain power. A brain loaded up on sugar and caffeine does not function at its highest level. Think ahead and make sure healthy options are available for your kids. Healthy eating does not have to be hard.
  4. You may not realize just how impacted the family is by transitions. Whether it is back-to-school alarm clocks, packing lunches at 7 AM, or returning to an empty-nest status, the end of summer creates transitions. Acknowledge this and make adjustments.
  5. Be a good role model. If you want your children to pick up after themselves, you have to do the same.  
  6. Ensure your child(ren) have what they need to succeed in school, and this includes having enough time! Do not over schedule your kids’ activities. If you want your children to get a good education, you have to give them the time they need to study. 
  7. Let your child(ren) experience consequences, both good and bad. I am amazed at the number of parents that say, “We have a report due.”  Note to parents: It is not YOUR term paper or report, and if you are staying up until midnight writing a term paper for your child, you are not allowing your child to experience consequences. None of us wants our children to fail, but sometimes, missing that one deadline is enough to get their attention.  Learning how to manage time well is a valuable life lesson.
  8. Eat together as a family whenever possible. Life is moving very quickly these days and providing a routine and some stability around family time can be very beneficial for bonding and communication. Calendar it if you have to.
  9. Make sure your child gets enough sleep. We all know the challenges that come with tired children.
  10. Praise loudly, correct quietly. Talk about and highlight those shining moments. When correction needs to happen, do it in a constructive and loving manner. This may not be an organizing tip, but it is too important not to share.


To work with Simple Organized Solutions on any organizational challenge, call (480) 382-1085 or click here . We provide virtual coaching as well as 1:1 organizing so no more excuses, call today and let us turn your “chaos into calm.” 


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Aug 06

Professional Organizer Spotlight by Salt River Project

I am so honored to have been selected by Salt River Project for their Business Resource Center spotlight in July. Click on the link to read the article about Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer / Productivity Consultant / Speaker / Educator.




BRC Success Story Photo Shoot

Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer, Simple Organized Solutions


And I was very surprised to learn that I was also featured in their July Business Contact newsletter, too!  

IMG_20140806_163830_563 (1)

Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer


Are you disorganized and burdened with overwhelm? Is YOUR home supporting you and your family?  Is YOUR office set up for success?  Give SOS a call and let’s get that fixed so you can SOAR into September and beyond!  (480) 382-1085 or info@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com


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Jul 11

Decorate on a Budget

 Use books and other items of interest that you already have around your home to decorate on a budget.

Simple Organized Solutions


I love books, and many of my clients love books, too. Unfortunately, books are often relegated to closets, or a boxed up in the garage or basement. When working with my homeowner or real estate clients, I often use books to add pops of color and varying focal point levels. Using books in our homes or offices is a beautiful and practical way to surround ourselves with the things that we love and the things that serve us well.  


Here is a slideshow from Good Housekeeping that illustrates how versatile books can be for decorating.  


Do you need help getting organized or creating spaces that you love and that support you? Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) enjoys creating Intentional Peaceful Environments for clients. Visit us at http://professionalorganizeraz.com/get-started/ or call us at (480) 382-1085.

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Jun 18

Get Organized – Do You Suffer From Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD)?

Delayed Decision Disorder

Simple Organized Solutions


Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant


Do you suffer from DDD (Delayed Decision Disorder)?

Symptoms: Clutter, overstuffed closets, messy cars, piles of paper, loads of laundry, sinks full of dirty dishes, no room to park cars in the garage.

The cure: Physical therapy (as in sorting, purging, donating, clearing space, and MAKING decisions!)

As a professional organizer who has worked with a lot of clients overwhelmed with clutter, I noticed one thing in common across the board and I call it DDD.  Delayed Decision Disorder is what is found at the bottom of every pile of paper, every stack of unprocessed mail, every load of laundry left in the dryer or on the living room floor, and every box or bin in the garage labeled “Miscellaneous.”  So how do you get DDD, and more importantly, how do you get over it?  Read on.

Simply put, you get DDD from delaying decisions. Often it starts with the inner conversation that says, “I’ll do it later,” or “I’m too busy right now,” or “I’ll just do it tomorrow.” We all have times when we say these things, but it is when we say them over long periods of time that the piles and unfinished projects start accumulating. Once the piles take on a life of their own, I often get called in to help clear the clutter and make sense of the chaos. Together with my clients, we begin the process of clearing clutter and becoming very intentional.

Here are three questions I pose to my clients:

  1. Do you love it?
  2. Do you use it?
  3. Does it serve you well?

If the response is no, then it needs to go. These questions work well with clothes, household items, sporting equipment, etc.  It gets a little more complicated when an item holds sentimental value and so we talk through nostalgia, and then the decision often becomes clear. Let’s take Grandma’s awful china for example: What if we reclaimed the space currently allocated for a china set that you do not love, and quite frankly, you will never love? What if we used that space to hold things that you do love, that you do use, and that serve you well?  Often the simple act of taking a photograph is enough to preserve the memory, and then releasing the physical item becomes easier.

Children’s artwork and school projects can also be photographed and I recommend getting children their very own digital frame. Having a rotating gallery of their masterpieces is a wonderful way to honor your kids’ massive talents!

In summary, there is no magic potion or formula to clear clutter and get organized. It is about becoming hyper-intentional and vowing to making timely decisions. It is about setting up life flow systems that fit your family’s lifestyle and needs. It is also about asking for help from family members. And lastly, getting organized requires a commitment to go through the A to Z process of eliminating the unnecessary and releasing the unwanted, and becoming very intentional about what you allow in your life and in your environment.

Visit www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com or call (480) 382-1085 for more information or to schedule a consultation.


“Maybe the life you have always wanted to live is buried beneath everything you own.” – Joshua Becker


To hear Andrea’s DDD webinar for the Mom-e Club, click below:



Professional Organizer AZ

Jun 17

Professional Organizers Just Want To Have Fun!

As a professional organizer, this Huffington Post article written by Samatha Toscano really hit the mark. We professional organizers are not going into your homes with an critical eye looking for things to reorganize or to put away. Nope, we are just like you, wanting to have some fun and connect with our friends and family. Now that we are clear, may I ask a few favors of you?


  1. Please do not clean the house before I arrive. It makes me uncomfortable to know that you stressed out because I was coming over.
  2. Please do not apologize for the “mess.” I am not there to judge how messy or non-messy your space is, I am simply there to to have some fun, some conversation, and to connect with you.
  3. Please remember, professional organizing is what I do, it is not who I am.  I like to think there is more to me than organized cupboards and streamlined operations.

Read the article below and let me know your thoughts in my comments section. And if you are in fact ready to get organized and would like the help of a professional organizer, then go ahead and schedule an appointment by calling (480) 382-1085 or by clicking on the  Get Started tab now.



Professional Organizer, Simple Organized Solutions

Getty Image

 Professional Organizer AZ

Jun 09

Get Organized: Managing Business Cards

manage business cards

© Brundage Photography


 Get Organized: Managing Business Cards

 If you are like me and you network a lot, managing business cards can become overwhelming! While working with clients who need help getting organized in their offices, I often see piles of paper and lots of business cards.

I have found that stacks of business cards are a result of 1) not having a system to process business cards effectively; 2) not processing contacts in a timely manner, and 3) feeling responsible for keeping business cards from every person encountered. 

So how do you get organized and manage your business cards?


Here are my 7-Tips for Organizing Business Cards:

1) Do not take cards from people that you are not going to follow-up with,
2) Do not take cards from people that you already have in your contacts database,
3) Make a note on each card that includes the date, the event, and something memorable (i.e., wears a clown nose),
4) Use an electronic system that syncs with your phone so you have access to your contacts database at all times,
5) Assign a group name to the new contact that is logical (for example, the name of a networking group), enter items noted in #3 in the description
6) Make an entry on your calendar to follow-up with them via email or phone call,
7) Toss or recycle the card


If your office is cluttered, filled with unprocessed business cards and/or piles of paper, it is time to take back control. If you want to save money, have more free time, and increase your peace of mind, call today. An intentional and supportive environment is a phone call away. Dial (480) 382-1085 or visit http://www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com.


 Professional Organizer AZ




May 28

NAPO Honors Andrea Brundage

I am so humbled to have been awarded the President’s Award by the NAPO-AZ chapter this month.  Working with an amazing board of directors that included Brenda Scagnetti Clement, Shelle Snyder, Robin Adrihan, Doreen Collins, and Bridges Conner was a delight.  

Together this team worked through a year’s worth of challenges being short-staffed in key support positions and early resignations of board members. It is heartwarming to come to the realization that when you work together as a team, the challenges become opportunities to learn, to persevere, and to overcome. 

This year the 2014 NAPO National Conference will be held in Scottsdale and we are honored to be the host city. Our chapter will be represented well by our members and you will know us by the yellow bandanas.  Hope to see you there!


L to R: Andrea Brundage (NAPO-AZ Vice President), Mary Novess Dykstra (NAPO National President) and Brenda Scagnetti Clement (NAPO-AZ President).

L to R: Andrea Brundage (NAPO-AZ Vice President), Mary Dykstra Novess (NAPO National President), and Brenda Scagnetti Clement (NAPO-AZ President).


Professional Organizer AZ

May 20

Client Testimonial: Home Office Organization

Watch this video of a recent home office organization client


Do you need some home office organization? Call SOS today.

Professional Organizer AZ

Mar 23

Spring Cleaning Can Be More Fun

When springtime rolls around, our thoughts often turn to budding flowers, more sunlight, and a sense of renewal. This is also the time of year that many people decide to do some spring cleaning and organizing. While cleaning and organizing is not nearly as fun as playing in the garden or going for hike, we all know that it is the perfect time of year to spruce up the place – inside and outside.



It is important to make your spring cleaning and organizing fun. Rather than thinking of it as a chore, re-frame it as a “feel-good” exercise—one that will help you feel good about yourself and your environment. Here are five suggestions to make spring cleaning more productive and more fun:

  • Before you start, have all the supplies and tools on hand that you will need to get the job done

  • Start and finish one room or area at a time

  • Crank up the music. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along and not thinking about the chore you are doing..

  • Set simple targets for yourself and after you complete them, reward yourself. The internal dialogue might sound something like, “When I finish organizing this drawer, I will take a 5-minute break.” Then sit and relax for a few minutes.

  • Get the family involved. Give everyone a task, and then do something fun afterwards. Kids love activities like running through sprinklers and riding bikes, so do it as a family. If finances allow, consider going to a family movie or out for ice cream

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so reward your accomplishments as you achieve them. If you need help, be sure to ask. You can enlist help from family members, friends, or better yet, call a professional organizer…like me!



Call Andrea at (480) 382-1085 or visit Simple Organized Solutions at


Professional Organizer AZ

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Mar 11

Organize Your Home Office Day is March 11!


How organized is YOUR office?

Having an office in your home these days is commonplace. So this begs the question: How organized is yours?  Well, if you need some incentive to get that space organized, today is the PERFECT day to make a commitment! As a professional organizer, the home office is very often the area that gives my clients the most grief. It can be so overwhelming to some that they do not even want to go in there. I have clients tell me that they just throw things in their office and then close the door! Another client recently shared that she felt so overwhelmed by the piles of paper that she didn’t even want to go into her office to do the things she actually enjoyed doing!


(Photo credit unknown)


In honor of Organize Your Home Office Day, I am offering a  “Messy Office” contest! Here is how it works: Email me between two and four good quality pictures of your messy office. At the end of March, I will select the office a winner. That winner will receive three (3) *Virtual 30-Minute DIY Office Make-Over Coaching sessions with me! How’s that for incentive?

Here is how the DIY/Coaching Sessions will work:

Coaching session #1 – Discovery Session/Action Plan – We will discuss your habits, workflow, and your vision for an organized office. I will come up with an Action Plan, which will include your “home” work.

Coaching session #2 – Check-in – We will review of progress of the “home” work that was previously assigned, and we will tweak the process as needed.

Coaching session #3 – Celebrate and Review – We will use this session to fine-tune and then CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

So, grab your camera and take some pictures of that messy office now!

Directions for entry: Email photos (no more than four) using the subject line: Messy Desk Contest to Andrea@ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com.  Include your Name, Phone number, Skype and/or Google Hangout names in the body of the email.  Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2014, and the winner will be notified at the end of March via email.  

*Virtual: Phone, Skype, Google Hangout
Coaching sessions must be completed by April 30, 2014
Winner has final authority and is responsible for the cost and purchase of recommended supplies
Entrants grant permission for photos to be used in marketing materials
Entrants will be SUBSCRIBED to the newsletter mailing list

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Oct 14

Get Organized and Get Involved

Simple Organized Solutions (SOS)

www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com – (480) 382-1085

I want to celebrate the people out there that are involved in lifting, supporting, and actively participating in community service projects. That’s right, the people who are not just talking about helping, but the people who schedule time in their lives to actively make a difference. From operating non-profits to chairing committees; from accepting volunteer board positions to participating in charity walks for various causes, we are surrounded by some really amazing, self-less people.


 “ True success is the only thing that you cannot have unless and until you have offered it to others. ”  — Sri Chinmoy

Today, I attended the Sisterhood of Superwomen luncheon in Phoenix. I was awestruck as we went around the room and everyone had a chance to introduce themselves.

These are just a few of the organizations that were represented by today’s attendees: Simple Rules Foundation whose 2013 Objective is to “Support International Women’s Education and Empowerment;” Severson Sisters a non-profit organization that “provides programs and services that help girls (and women) ‘Connect to their Inner Super Girl;’ Living The Dreams Coaches whose website reads in part, “…reignite your life, align yourself to your legacy, and live the dream!”  Another non-profit represented was FeedingCards, a mother-daughter venture that provides food to African villages through the sale of their greeting cards. Attendee, Ann E. Owens, who is a past Peace Corp volunteer, mentioned her involvement with missions in Tanzania.

A fellow professional organizer shared her goal as an organizer to recycle and re-purpose most, if not all, of her clients’ discards to reduce dumping into landfills.  Another attendee shared an article saying that October 26th is the 23rd Make A Difference Day; she brought extra photocopies to distribute to the group.  All this goodness – and much more – was shared in one afternoon, in one meeting, and with only 25 or so people in attendance!

Do not believe the news; there are a lot of good things going on in our communities and in our world!  If you are so inclined, find ways that you can get involved, too. Do a little research and find an organization that resonates with you, and know that no act of charity is too small or inconsequential. I encourage you to organize your calendar so that you, too, can make a difference by getting involved with a cause that speaks to your heart.


To learn more about these organizations, click on the links below:


Get Organized & Get Involved today!

Professional Organizer AZ

Oct 02

Get Unstuck, Get Organized

Are you the person whose New Year’s Resolutions list always contains the words: “GET ORGANIZED,” but when December 31st rolls around, you realize that not only are you still not organized, but now your piles are even deeper? Not only have the piles grown, but now your closet is overflowing into other areas of your home, and the office and laundry room are a mess, and the garage and basement look like storage units instead of a part of your home.

Stop the madness! It is time to release the stuff that creates embarrassment, feelings of overwhelm, crowds out the good things, creates negative energy, and even causes tension and stress amongst partners. That cocoon of stuff is suffocating you and affecting relationships – with yourself and with others.

At the bottom of every pile and every box filled with miscellaneous stuff is something I call DDD. It is not an uncommon affliction and in fact,  most people who request my services have it.  What is DDD?  It is Delayed Decision Disorder, and the cure for it is committing to changing your behaviors.  DDD manifests in paperwork, mail, crafts, schoolwork, toys, sports equipment, tools, clothes, shoes…you name it.  So rather than continuing down the path of DDD and clutterdom, STOP delaying decisions, and START getting rid of stuff before it becomes another contribution to the pile.

Here’s the thing, if you truly want to get organized, you have to commit to getting unstuck.  It is also important to acknowledge that living in a chaotic environment can just be a bad habit. With that said, habits can be broken, it just takes a commitment to change and a willingness to do the work. Choosing to take control over your environment can feel daunting at first, but just like Rome was not built in a day, neither were your piles. Be patient and stick to it, and know that just as clutter creeps through your life, so does order and organization!  That is the best news ever, don’t you agree?

How to start? Block ample time each day to Sort, Organize, and Simplify (SOS). Commit to starting and finishing an area – a drawer, a closet, a room – whatever your time slot will allow, and do not get distracted and side-tracked into other areas. Finish one project before starting another. The last thing you need is your entire home becoming a reminder of your unfinished projects. The SOS methodology can be applied to a junk drawer, a closet, the kids’ rooms, or your garage. Sort through the piles, make decisions on what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. The process is really as simple as that.

You do not have to struggle with DDD and clutter any longer, you just need to create a new habit of making quick decisions, and then acting upon those decisions.

Need help getting unstuck?  Get started by completing the form at http://www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com  or by calling (480) 382-1085


Professional Organizer AZ


Sep 01

10-Steps to Organize Paper Piles and Mail

Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) – www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com – (480) 382-1085

When facing a large office organizing project, I recommend that my clients start with the paper piles.  This post provides an easy to follow 10-Step program as well as a checklist of the supplies you will need on hand before you begin.



Helpful tips: On your calendar, block at least two, preferably three, uninterrupted hours to begin this project. Understand that the larger the piles, the longer time it will take to complete this task. Anticipate that your environment may look worse before it looks better so stay focused on the long-term goal, and continue to block hours on your calendar until the project is completed.


  • Gather piles and place on a large flat surface, preferably a dining room table

  • With Sharpie, write on three sticky notes: “To Do” “To Read” “To File” and stick on table top

  • With Sharpie, write on two sticky notes: “To Shred” “For Others” place on appropriate box or bin

  • Go through piles one paper at a time and place in appropriate pile or bin. Things to be thrown out go in the garbage can or recycle bin

  • When you come across magazines, write “READ BY {date}” (no more than 3-months out) on a sticky note and place it in the “To Read” pile. When you run across items that you want to give to others, place a sticky note with the person’s name and place it in the “For Others” box

  • Do not take the time to fully read articles, letters, or other papers that pull your attention away from the task-at-hand, which is to separate into appropriate piles

  • Once you have gone through all the piles on the table, take one pile at a time and process into 1) an appropriately labeled file folder, or 2) the “To-Do” Inbox tray, or 3) “To-Read”  – Take processed folders back to your office, place in a filing cabinet. Place trays on corner of desk in plain view.

  • Shred paper in “To Shred” box, empty garbage can and recycle bins

  • Take “For Others” box to your office. Go through those documents again and place them into appropriate labeled envelopes for mailing. Place in box to take to post office. Whatever you will hand-deliver should be labeled with the person’s name and returned to box. Place the box in your car, and commit to deliver within 5-days.

Supplies Checklist: How to Organize Stacks of Paper and Mail


Supplies required:
Empty file folders
Pendaflex or hanging folders
Sticky notes Sharpie Tape (for repairing torn paper)
Stapler, staples
Staple remover
Two labeled desk trays:  “To Do” or “Inbox” and “To Read”
A garbage can
A recycle bin
Two empty bins or boxes labeled “Shred” “For Others”
Shredder or access to shredder
Recommended / Optional supplies:
A label maker
Label maker tape
Stick-on file folder labels
Mailing envelopes


Professional Organizer AZ

Aug 06

10-Tips on Organizing Your Office and Boosting Your Productivity

How you operate in your business on a day-to-day basis is just as important as how you serve your clients. Organizing and de-cluttering your office, optimizing office space, establishing routine, and implementing effective workflow systems are just a few ways to reduce stress, increase productivity, and ultimately provide more productive hours in the day.



 The Top 10 List  

  • Start each day by reviewing your To Do list. Throughout the day, cross items off as you complete them and add new items as they are presented. Paper or electronic lists are both acceptable.

  • Know your personal peak energy hours. Organize your day and focus on concentration-rich projects during this time period.

  • Have adequate desk or work surface. It is important that your work area provides enough flat surface area to spread out the materials you need to do the task at hand. Remove decorative and unneeded items from the desk surface if space is limited.

  •  Control interruptions and set proper boundaries. Drop-by visits, personal phone calls, and continually checking your phone for messages and status updates eats up valuable time.

  • Focus. If you are easily distracted, remove all items from your workspace that are not related to your current project.

  • Use a calendar. Keep a calendar on your desk, your computer, or your phone, to record upcoming meetings and appointments. Do not rely on sticky notes as they often get misplaced or stuck to other paperwork and there is nothing worse that missing an important meeting because you did not enter it onto your calendar.

  • Unsubscribe and set up email filters. If you are inundated with emails on a daily basis, unsubscribe from mailing lists that are clogging up your Inbox. Create filters and rules to route incoming emails to folders based on your preferences.

  • Use a contact management system. Set up email templates and auto-responders when appropriate. Process business cards from associates or networking affiliates within one week. Once you have entered the information into your database, toss the cards and try to remember not to take those cards again. Business cards are a source of clutter and create overwhelm.

  • Set aside blocks of time. If practical, rather than opening emails as they arrive, try to block time each day to read and respond; clean out your Inbox (electronic and paper); follow-up with phone calls, work on administrative tasks, and file paperwork.

  • Review and Repeat. At the end of each day, review your To Do list and in order of priority, transfer the items not completed to the next day’s To Do list.

Professional Organizer AZ

Jul 09

Do a Closet Makeover before Back-To-School Shopping

For some students, having a new outfit on the first day of school is only a dream. With back-to-school just a few short weeks away, this is a great time to clear closets of outgrown, unwanted clothing and shoes. Not only do you free up much needed space in your closets, but you could also positively impact someone’s life that may be less fortunate.

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is a business theory but it also applies to our clothes. Statistics reveal that we wear only 20% of the clothes in our closets and the other 80% are just taking up space.

So before you head out to do your back-to-school shopping, allocate a few hours to clearing out your closets. Start working at one end of the closet and work your way to the other.

Need more floor space? You can free up floor space by hanging longer items from the highest level. The extra space can then accommodate a shoe rack. If you have high-ceilings in your closet, consider adding additional shelving to accommodate items that are not needed at all times. Using decorative, labeled bins is an effective way to hold out-of-season clothing.

To save closet space and to give the look of uniformity, invest in thin hangers. The thin, velvet-lined hangers have been seen at the large discount warehouse stores, and can also be found at a variety of department stores. Extra hangers should be stored neatly in a box or bin rather than left on the rods taking up precious space.

It is important to note that not all clothes and shoes should be donated. Carefully evaluate the condition of the item and if too worn, set aside for the discard pile or for delivery to a fiber recycling company (see resources below).




Below are 5-Tips to help you get started on your closet makeover and purge:
5-Tips for Effectively Purging Closets

1. Set up four bins or stations labeled “Keep” “Discard” “Donate” “Recycle”
2. Focus on one closet at a time and complete the clean-out before moving on
3. Go through the entire closet one piece of clothing at a time and make a decision (see #1)
4. The “KEEPS” get re-hung in a like with like manner: Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, long-sleeved with long-sleeved, like colors with like colors.
5. Arrange for a pick-up or deliver donations to drop-off centers, consignment shops, or recycling centers within 2-days.


Additional tips:

  • Questionable items of clothing should be placed in the closet with the hanger facing the opposite direction. If after six months the hanger is still facing backwards, it is likely that the item will not be worn again. Donate it.

  • Keep a step-stool in your closet to access those out-of-reach places.

  • If lighting is a problem in your closet, install stick-on lights where needed.

  • Visit websites such as IKEA and Container Store for creative ideas for increasing storage.

  • Go to www.pinterest.com and search for images showing organized closet space.

Below is a list of resources that you may consider using for your discarded items. These are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement.

Consignment Resources

Turnstile Consignment: http://www.turnstyleconsign.com/
My Sister’s Closet: http://www.mysisterscloset.com/
Kid to Kid Consignment: http://kidtokid.com/
Once Upon a Child Consignment: http://www.onceuponachild.com/

Donation Resources
Goodwill, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Salvation Army


Miscellaneous Resources:
Treasures 4 Teachers (crafts, school supplies, paper, etc): http://www.treasures4teachers.org/

Phoenix Fibers (clothing and fabric): http://www.phxfibers.com/


Professional Organizer AZ

Jun 15

10-Tips To More Organized (less stressed) Summer Travel

Whether you and your family are planning a road trip this summer, or flying to your vacation destination, your trip can calm instead of chaotic if you implement these simple 10 summer travel tips:


  • Take only what you need (truthfully, I have yet to master this).

  • To save room in your luggage (and baggage fees), pack only clothes that can be mixed and matched.

  • Take clothes that do not wrinkle: rayon, polyester blends travel well.

  • Leave all extra credit cards at home.

  • If you are traveling out of the country, make copies of your passport, itineraries, and credit cards. Take copies with you and leave one with a relative.

  • If flying, be sure to allow plenty of time for check-in AND security. Nothing is worse than thinking you have plenty of time only to find that the security check-in line inside the terminal is 3-miles long…and is moving very slowly.  STRESS!

  • If taking a road trip, have your car properly serviced prior to travel.

  • Take a couple of expandable file folders for brochures that you pick up along the way.

  • Always have a camera handy to capture those picture-perfect moments along the way.

  • Allow time for spontaneous side trips and R&R. Traveling with an extensive and rigid “must see, must do” list is stressful, not to mention, co-travelers can become resistant and resentful if their entire vacation is planned, right down to the millisecond.

Professional Organizer AZ

May 14

Organize Your Passwords

Staying organized takes on a whole new meaning with the electronic age moving at such a fast pace. Managing your Inbox mail with filters and rules is one thing, but managing your passwords and PIN numbers is even more important. Here is a quick read by my friend, Susan Mershon, aka The Techie Mentor. Susan is knowledgeable in all things “techie” and in this post she shares a resource to help you organize and manage your passwords.

Read Susan’s blog  http://thetechiementor.com/new/5-reasons-to-use-passpack-to-manage-passwords/


 Professional Organizer AZ

Apr 30

Get Organized and Grow Your Business

Do you have the right people in place to properly support you and grow your business? Are you on track and reaching milestones or are you chasing your tail trying to do it all?

org-chartI have found that a lot of us who have left the corporate world and have chosen to work for ourselves are trying to do it all, often at the expense of our own success. I would love to tell you that this does not apply to me and my company, Simple Organized Solutions, but I, too, struggle with trying to do too much. I am fully aware that I am less adept in some roles than others and yet I struggle through tasks that take longer than they should rather than delegating. As of this moment, I vow that over the next several months, I will find the proper people who can relieve me of those tasks and can help me propel my company to the next level. Ready, set, soar!

Here is a blog post by fellow e-Women Network member, Lisa Larter, that addresses this subject.  http://ewomensocial.com/4-team-members-every-entrepreneur-needs/


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