Jan 05

One Simple Thing

simple thing

Can You Commit to Doing One Simple Thing?

I am all about simple, and my associate and friend, Mallary Tytel, Ph.D, has written this amazing book entitled, “One Simple Thing: Simple Tools for Living Your Own Theory of Change.” I love this quote on the back cover, “Your power lies in your ability to influence the world and all it takes is doing One Simple Thing every day.” 

If you do indeed want to make a difference – in your life or someone else’s – why not start by doing just One Simple Thing each day?

What Dr. Tytel offers in this book makes this concept very easy for you, too! Chapter 8 provides a list of 100 things you could do to accomplish that One Simple Thing each day. The rest of the book is full of thought provoking reflection activities followed by tools designed to help you understand who you are, and what matters most to you, and how you want to contribute in the world.  Buy the book. Read the book. Gift the book. It is simply awesome!


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