This dining room project was completed in less than 1/2 day. Turning chaos into calm is what we do at Simple Organized Solutions (SOS). Got Chaos? Get Calm.™
Below are 10 simple steps to use to clear clutter and reclaim unusable space:
  1. Set up stations/areas for things to Keep, Give to others, Donate, and Toss (KGDT)
  2. Start in one corner and work your way around the room
  3. Go through every item in the room and put the item where it goes (according to #1)
  4. Process the KGDT stations: Keep (goes in the closet or laundry); Give to Others (box up and label); Donate (load up the car now); Toss (recycle or garbage)
  5. Rearrange furniture (or put back in place)
  6. Dust, vacuum
  7. Deliver/drop off give-aways and donations immediately. In the future, arrange for pick up of donated items before starting the project (thus creating a deadline for yourself)
  8. Call your friends and invite them over!
  9. Enjoy entertaining in your formal dining room once again!
  10. Tell everyone you know about the benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer!



Organizer_Before and After photos_diningroom10-steps-clear-clutter-andrea-brundage-organizer-arizona

If you are overwhelmed, living in clutter, and you have unusable space in your home or garage, it is time to stop the madness. You deserve to LIVE in every room in your house. If your stuff owns you rather than you owning it, NOW is time to take back control over your space and your life. Schedule your organizing session by clicking here, or by calling (480) 382-1085 now.