Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start and that you are anticipating a great February, the month of love. This month’s newsletter includes a motivating list of 10-things you can accomplish this year brought to you courtesy of Smead Manufacturing Company. 

 10-Things You Can Accomplish This Year
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1. Create an Emergency Survival Kit

Make sure to include food and water for 3 days, first aid kit, portable radio, tools, candles, matches and flashlight with batteries.

2. Use Automatic Bill Pay

Save time on paying your bills as well as ensure they’re paid on time.

3. Scan Your Family Photos

If you’ve been putting this off, do it this year. For added security upload them to an online archive in case of damage to your home.

4. Take an Inventory / Review Insurance Plans 

If something happened to your home, would you remember all of your items? Take pictures of your home, valuables (including serial numbers) and upload to an online archive.

5. Deep Clean Your Desk/Office 

De-clutter, clean, and purge or archive old records. Create new file headings if needed.

6. Update Your Budget 

Income, priorities and the changes to your goals. Re-evaluate what’s important to you this year.

7. Start/Continue Planning for Retirement

It’s never too late or too early to start planning for retirement. If you are already contributing to a retirement plan, consider increasing your contribution.

8. Focus on Publications You Care About

Unsubscribe from newsletters, mailing lists, and magazines that you don’t care about. Focus on a select few that you do, and re-evaluate again next year.

9. Stop Shopping and Start Donating

Having less stuff around is a great way to bring order and simplicity. Clean out storage areas and donate or sell useful items you no longer use.

10. Limit Your TV Time

Only watch the programs you really care about and plan when you’ll watch them.

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