Simple Organized Solutions

Do I love this?

If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no and you are not sure why you even still have it, let it go.

If the answer is no but it has sentimental value, consider taking a photograph of it and passing it on to other family members who do love it. If no one wants it, let it go so someone else can love it.

Has it served its purpose?

We often keep things and we are not even sure why. If it no longer serves you, let it go.

Does this make me feel good, bad, or indifferent?

Pay attention to how you feel about the items in your home. For example, if a closet is full of clothes that are now too small, know that your subconscious recognizes that, and the message those clothes send to you can affect how you feel about yourself. Conversely, think about how you feel when you look at portraits of your children or grandchildren or your favorite piece of artwork. These are the items that support us and make us feel good. 

When was the last time I used, wore, or have seen this?

If there are things in your home that have not been used, worn, or even seen in years, it is time to make a decision about them. If you still love the item, move it to the front of the cabinet or closet. If you do not use your beautiful china, wear your yummy cashmere scarf, or your favorite football jersey or baseball cap, ask yourself why. I say, enjoy them – today! A cup of tea served in delicate china just tastes better than sipping it from a bulky coffee mug. Make the ordinary extraordinary every day and start using your favorite and beautiful things. If they get broken or ruined, it will be because they have been lovingly used – by you.

How many of these do I really need?

Clothes, purses, shoes, kitchen gadgets, books, baseball caps, vintage rock concert T-shirts, tools. These items are often accumulated by men and women and are rarely purged unless forced by a move or a major clean-out. If you feel cramped in your space, these are the first things I recommend that you evaluate. Asking questions like, “Seriously, how many white t-shirts do I need?” or “How many plastic food containers do I use in a week/month/year?” and “How many coffee cans and jars of miscellaneous nails, bolts, and screws does one need?”  The answers go back to question 1; if you love it, keep it. If not, let it go.

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