The 10 Best Back-To-School Tips


  1. Designate one spot in your home for book bags, backpacks, jackets, etc. 
  2. Starting homework after a quick snack and before dinner is a good habit to establish.
  3. Have your children sort through their papers with you each afternoon, or at least once per week.
  4. If a school event is scheduled, enter it on your family calendar immediately.
  5. A landing zone near the door makes it easy for kids to kick off their shoes, and be able to find them in the morning.
  6. If your child takes a lunch, get it ready the night before. If your child goes to the cafeteria, pay for lunches in advance. 
  7. Create a clutter-free homework zone for your child.
  8. Having a healthy breakfast each morning is key for starting out the day on a good note.
  9. Establish bedtime routines. Sleepy kids are cranky kids.
  10. The more calm and established the morning routine in your home, the more calm and productive the rest of your child’s day…and your day, too!

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