What Do Your Closets Say to You?
Our closets and our clothes talk to us. What do yours say to you? 


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Ahhh, I am just coming off this feeling of AWESOMENESS after a wonderful ladies-only workshop last weekend. Frazzled 2 Fabulous: Organize Your Closet and Choose Your Clothes with Confidence was held at the beautiful Val Vista Lakes. This event was born out of a conversation over coffee with Deborah Sikes, a wardrobe consultant and a friend. We decided that creating a workshop together would be fun, helpful, and a complementary mix of our passions and our skill sets.

In today’s world of mass accumulation of THINGS, the need to purge and pare down to only the things we LOVE is evident and obvious. Garages are bursting at the seams with boxes upon boxes of stuff that is no longer allowed in the house, while our cars (typically our second largest investment) are relegated outside to endure the elements. Outbuildings, sheds, and off-site storage units are full of “treasures” that will never see the light of day in our homes again. In fact, off-site storage is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are reality shows about the unfortunate folks who lose their possessions (read: forgotten “treasures”) to the highest bidder! The statistics on the storage industry are staggering.1 But, I digress…back to closets and clothes.

I am frequently hired to help people organize their closets. These closets are usually so chock full of clothes and shoes that they could easily be labeled “Danger Zone, Hard Hat Required.” This is reality, not a statement of judgment. And it causes pain for people. These are a few sentiment my overwhelmed-with-stuff clients share: They feel stressed and overwhelmed. They feel suffocated. They feel embarrassed. They feel guilty (often for the money spent). They feel dishonest (often hiding their shopping habits from partners). And are you ready for this? They feel heaviness in their chest. Yes, as in breathless (and not in a good way)! Clothes and closets generate a lot of feelings. And those feelings generate a lot of inner conversations and many are less than pleasant.

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How about that expensive dress or that pair of designer jeans that is 10-lbs. too small? What “conversation” do those too-small clothes have with you? How does that feel?  

How about that funky blouse that the helpful salesperson skillfully suggested you buy, and so you did? You know the one, right? Yes, that one right there. The one with the tag still on it. The one that was out of your budget, and not really your style anyway. The one you took home and then quickly realized that not only did you pay too much for it, but you really do not like it, at all. And oh darn, it does not go with anything that you already own!

And the conversation continues, but now we have some choices to make: 1) Return it to Nordstrom (which is often viewed as an inconvenience for busy people), 2) Set out to find something to wear it with (throwing good money after bad?), and 3) Let it hang in your closet with the tags still on until it is out of style (pretty normal) or donated at some point in the far off future.

The reality is this: You do not LOVE it now, and you most likely never will! So…cue it up….♫Let it go, let it go♫, however that works out best for you.

So I ask, are you are ready to tackle your own cluttered closet and pare it down to only the items you LOVE? Do you want to be able to breathe when you walk into your closet?

Below I share my 4-Key Questions which is the basis for The SOS Triple-A Effect (TM) – Ask, Answer, take Action.

Ask, answer, and then take the appropriate *actions based on your responses:

1) Do I LOVE it?

2) Do I USE / WEAR it?

3) Does it serve me well?

4) Can it serve someone else better?


* Some helpful actions might include Giveaway, Donate, Consign, Sell

Consider Consigning

Consigning clothes is a wonderful way to edit out, and add to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Not only is it cost effective to consign, but you can keep changing your wardrobe while building store credit or even getting paid for the clothes that no longer serve you. Depending on the store, you may not even have to bother with your consigned clothes ever again as many will donate your unsold consigned clothes to good causes! How wonderful is that?! Just remember, the goal is to keep only the clothes you LOVE, and please remember, do not bring into more clothes than your newly organized closet can handle.

If you are interested in consigning clothes, here are a few places in the Phoenix area to consider. (Note: This list is not an endorsement of any of the stores, nor do I get commission for referring clients to them.)

Each of these consignment stores has its own policies. Please research and understand their guidelines on consigning, donations, time frames, percentages, and the handling of store credits.






Children’s consignment stores




1. Self-Storage Association fact sheet 


If you are frazzled every time you walk into your closet. If your closet should be labeled “Danger Zone.” If you need a compassionate professional to guide you through the Key Questions and the Process of Elimination, then call me right now at (480) 382-1085.