A clutter support group that will change your life

Would you feel more inclined to start organizing projects if you knew you had a support group behind you? Do you need help letting go of excess stuff in your space and in your life as a whole? Do you wish you had a safe place where you could openly share your struggles and celebrate your victories?

Your wish has been granted

Introducing the SOS Clutter Disruptors Facebook group! This group was created as a safe space for people on the Simplify Your Life journey. It’s a place for members to ask for help, share stories, and post before and after photos of their projects. And just as important, it’s a place of celebration and high-fives. The group idea came to me as I was finishing up my book, Simplify Your Life: 8 Simple Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm (purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books or on my website). I knew the book would spark my readers into action; into taking those first step towards decluttering and simplifying life. But, I wanted more for them.

Reality check

I’ve been a Professional Organizer for over 14 years and I’ve helped a lot of clients with organizing projects. Frankly, I’ve probably seen it all. Reality check: Getting stuck is a common for many DIY‘ers (Do-It-Yourselfers) and backsliding into old habits can happen, too. So, the question became, “What can I do to provide support for those readers who do get stuck or who want to avoid backsliding?” And then I had an idea, “What if I started a group on Facebook that offered support to people, no matter where they lived? It could be a place where I could offer help for the people who even after reading the book, didn’t feel like they knew where to begin? And then, I can help even more people traveling the Simplify Your Life journey?” And so, I created a tribe. Because we all know the load we carry is lighter when we accept a helping hand, so SOS Clutter Disruptors is here for you. Besides, being part of a support group or tribe is not only helpful, it’s fun!
The load we carry is lighter when we accept a helping hand. Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm

Join now.

Click here and answer three short questions. Full access to friendly support, inspirational quotes, probing questions, entertaining stories, and some fabulous before and after photos is just one click away.

Welcome to the SOS Clutter Disruptors Tribe

Oh wait, one more thing…

Once you’ve been accepted to the group, invite others who would benefit, too. The more the merrier, right? Now let’s grow this tribe!