Articles and books are cropping up all over about letting go, clutter clearing, and releasing that which no longer serves. Are you ready to jump on the band wagon and get rid of some of the stuff that is perhaps weighing you down?

Pamela Druckerman recently wrote an Op Ed for the New York Times entitled, The Clutter Cure’s Illusory Joy.  I would love to hear your comments on her closing thought, “It’s consoling to think that, beneath all these distractions, we’ll discover our shining, authentic selves, or even achieve a state of “mindfulness.” But I doubt it. I’m starting to suspect that the joy of ditching all of our stuff is just as illusory as the joy of acquiring it all was. Less may be more, but it’s still not enough.”  Do you agree?

Do you have too much stuff and need to clear some space so you can clear your head? Simple Organized Solutions offers a more holistic approach to professional organizing, “It’s more about intentional living rather than perfectly folded linens.” Clearing clutter will certainly not correct everything that ails you, but it certainly can provide some space for clearer thinking and much needed breathing room.