What Size House Do You Need to Be Comfortable and Happy?

Rarely is getting a bigger house the solution for feeling crowded and claustrophobic in our homes. We simply have too much stuff. No matter the size of your space, make it work for you. Your home should support you whether it is 50,000 sf, 5,000 sf, or 500 sf.

Tips for Creating A Supportive Space

Make room so you can breathe:

Clear the clutter;

Purge the excess;

Donate, sell, or giveaway what you longer want, use, or need;

Stop piling; and

Stop procrastinating!

If you want to remove that heavy load off your chest (that takes the form of clutter and chaos), you must find motivation, get into action, and commit to seeing it through. If you cannot do it on your own, call in a Professional Organizer to help you.

NOW is time to LET GO of all that no longer serves you. You deserve to live comfortably and happily in your home…no matter how big or how small. Can’t do it alone? Then call SOS now at (480) 382-1085. Help is a simple phone call away.

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Photos courtesy of Pixabay.com