Do You Have Electronic Clutter?

The only way to cope with electronic clutter is to only keep what is currently in use within arm’s reach. As a professional organizer, I often see boxes and drawers filled with outdated, obsolete electronics. Rather than boxing them up or stuffing them into a drawer or box, I recommend donating them, along with the accessories and cords to places where they can be re-purposed and beneficial to others. Donations must be made in a timely to be most beneficial.
Consider donating to safe houses, shelters, local charities. If you are tech savvy, wipe off the hard drive or get assurance from the donation site that this will occur before they redistribute it. 
If you have boxes of stuff in your home, office, or garage that you never use anymore, it is time to get rid of them. Free up space. Get intentional. Let go of stuff that no longer serves you. Give away things that can serve others well.  
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