Garage Organizing

Here are Before & After photos of a garage organizing project that is still underway. My client’s goal, “To be able to park Sven in the garage” (Sven is her beloved Volvo SUV).

This project has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for my client as these boxes have been sitting in the garage since she moved in two years ago. Prior to the move, she lost her husband to a quick moving form of cancer, and it was devastating. They loved life together, and they lived life fully. They loved to acquire beautiful things such as china, crystal, and collectibles. Many of these treasures are still packed away in these boxes, which have been exposed to harsh conditions. In addition to the heat factor, many have sustained water damage, thus compromising their integrity.

Her family helped her pack, which is wonderful and also lined with its own challenges. Add to that, the physical constraints of moving into a place with far less square footage, and you end up with a situation headed straight for overwhelm. Going through the piled-to-the-rafter stacks of boxes to determine what to keep, what to donate, what to pass on to others, and what to  throw out, was simply too overwhelming for her. And then she called me.

When dealing with emotionally charged possessions, it is helpful to have someone come in who is not closely related. Someone who can guide through the process without judgement and without the emotion that often accompanies family help. A professional organizer is the ticket out of overwhelm. And my sweet client would agree!

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