Serving Others

I want to celebrate the people out there that are involved in lifting, supporting, and actively participating in community service projects. That’s right, the people who are not just talking about helping, but the people who schedule time in their lives to actively make a difference. From operating non-profits to chairing committees; from accepting volunteer board positions to participating in charity walks for various causes, we are surrounded by some really amazing, self-less people.

 “ True success is the only thing that you cannot have unless and until you have offered it to others. ”  — Sri Chinmoy

Today, I attended the Sisterhood of Superwomen luncheon in Phoenix. I was awestruck as we went around the room and everyone had a chance to introduce themselves.

These are just a few of the organizations that were represented by today’s attendees: Simple Rules Foundation whose 2013 Objective is to “Support International Women’s Education and Empowerment;” Severson Sisters a non-profit organization that “provides programs and services that help girls (and women) ‘Connect to their Inner Super Girl;’ Living The Dreams Coaches whose website reads in part, “…reignite your life, align yourself to your legacy, and live the dream!”  Another non-profit represented was FeedingCards, a mother-daughter venture that provides food to African villages through the sale of their greeting cards. Attendee, Ann E. Owens, who is a past Peace Corp volunteer, mentioned her involvement with missions in Tanzania.

A fellow professional organizer shared her goal as an organizer to recycle and re-purpose most, if not all, of her clients’ discards to reduce dumping into landfills.  Another attendee shared an article saying that October 26th is the 23rd Make A Difference Day; she brought extra photocopies to distribute to the group.  All this goodness – and much more – was shared in one afternoon, in one meeting, and with only 25 or so people in attendance!

Do not believe the news; there are a lot of good things going on in our communities and in our world!  If you are so inclined, find ways that you can get involved, too. Do a little research and find an organization that resonates with you, and know that no act of charity is too small or inconsequential. I encourage you to organize your calendar so that you, too, can make a difference by getting involved with a cause that speaks to your heart.

To learn more about these organizations, click on the links below:

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