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 Get Organized: Managing Business Cards

If you are like me and you network a lot, managing business cards can become overwhelming! While working with clients who need help getting organized in their offices, I often see piles of paper and lots of business cards.

I have found that stacks of business cards are a result of 1) not having a system to process business cards effectively; 2) not processing contacts in a timely manner, and 3) feeling responsible for keeping business cards from every person encountered.

So how do you get organized and manage your business cards?

Here are my 7-Tips for Organizing Business Cards:

1) Do not take cards from people that you are not going to follow-up with,
2) Do not take cards from people that you already have in your contacts database,
3) Make a note on each card that includes the date, the event, and something memorable (i.e., wears a clown nose),
4) Use an electronic system that syncs with your phone so you have access to your contacts database at all times,
5) Assign a group name to the new contact that is logical (for example, the name of a networking group), enter items noted in #3 in the description
6) Make an entry on your calendar to follow-up with them via email or phone call,
7) Toss or recycle the card

If your office is cluttered, filled with unprocessed business cards and/or piles of paper, it is time to take back control. If you want to save money, have more free time, and increase your peace of mind, call today. An intentional and supportive environment is a phone call away. Dial (480) 382-1085 or visit