Getting Organized Supports Business Growth

Do you have the right people in place to properly support you and grow your business? Are you on track and reaching milestones or are you chasing your tail trying to do it all?

I have found that a lot of us who have left the corporate world and have chosen to work for ourselves are trying to do it all, often at the expense of our own success. I would love to tell you that this does not apply to me and my company, Simple Organized Solutions, but I, too, struggle with trying to do too much. I am fully aware that I am less adept in some roles than others and yet I struggle through tasks that take longer than they should rather than delegating. As of this moment, I vow that over the next several months, I will find the proper people who can relieve me of those tasks and can help me propel my company to the next level. Ready, set, soar!

Here is a blog post by fellow e-Women Network member, Lisa Larter, that addresses this subject.