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Tips and tools to help you pack for your next vacation with ease.  Length: 2:29

Learn how to maximize space in your linen closet.  Length: 2:16

Step-by-step principles to help you organize your closet.  Length: 2:56

Ideas to help you organize your life.  Length: 3:00

Deciding what to keep and what to let go.  Length: 2:58

Interview about how to organize your home and your life.  Length: 8:15

Tips and techniques for clearing paper clutter.  Length: 1:20

Meal planning made easy.  Length: 1:16

Organize your photos and family memoralbia.  Length: 2:17

You’ll love your pantry when it’s organized.  Length: 3:01

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Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Seems like just yesterday we were watching the ball drop in Times Square to celebrate the beginning of the New Year and yet, here we are already in November. As my mom always said, "Time flies." I have noticed that holiday stress starts earlier and earlier for many...

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The SOS Clutter Disruptors support group

The SOS Clutter Disruptors support group

A clutter support group that will change your life Would you feel more inclined to start organizing projects if you knew you had a support group behind you? Do you need help letting go of excess stuff in your space and in your life as a whole? Do you wish you had a...

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Everything In Its Place

Everything In Its Place

Green Living magazine is one of my favorite monthly magazines. It is an eco-conscious lifestyle magazine whose vision is to leave the world a better place for future generations. The magazine is published in Phoenix, AZ, by Dorie Morales, a friend and colleague....

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