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Tips and tools to help you pack for your next vacation with ease.  Length: 2:29

Learn how to maximize space in your linen closet.  Length: 2:16

Step-by-step principles to help you organize your closet.  Length: 2:56

Ideas to help you organize your life.  Length: 3:00

Deciding what to keep and what to let go.  Length: 2:58

Interview about how to organize your home and your life.  Length: 8:15

Tips and techniques for clearing paper clutter.  Length: 1:20

Meal planning made easy.  Length: 1:16

Organize your photos and family memoralbia.  Length: 2:17

You’ll love your pantry when it’s organized.  Length: 3:01

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The Art of Tidying Up

The Art of Tidying Up

The tidying up frenzy seems to have died down a bit since it went viral earlier this year. If you jumped on the tidying up bandwagon and got through your decluttering projects, congratulations!   If you started some projects but didn't get through them, don't...

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Downsizing: Living the Dream

What does living the dream look like to you? For many, it means being free to roam. To let go of what was and to embrace what is. For you, this might mean selling the family home and purchasing something smaller (downsizing), reducing possessions (right-sizing), and...

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Tidying Up: Things To Consider Before Decluttering

Tidying Up: Things To Consider Before Decluttering

There is a bit of a frenzy with the release of "Tidying Up" program on Netflix. Decluttering is fabulous. Releasing is freeing. Getting motivated is marvelous. But for those already dealing with the overwhelm of having "too much stuff," I urge you to recognize there's...

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