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Andrea Brundage is an expert Professional Organizer. She has appeared on several television shows, and is frequently interviewed and quoted in articles. Andrea has shared her message of chaos into calm and intentional living with thousands of people through her speaking engagements and workshops. Her first book, SIMPLIFY: 8 PRINCIPLES TO TURN YOUR CHAOS INTO CALM (working title) will be released later this year!

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Extraordinary Days

Every day is an extraordinary day My heart aches when I hear statements like This was my mother's china. I never used it and now I will have no place to store it. Too often my clients were waiting for that special day to use those adored dishes, cups and saucers. That...

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Paper Calendars Are Still My Favorite

What is your favorite calendar? Are you still a fan of paper calendars or have you gone totally electronic? I personally love using a paper calendar and have written a blog about this before. I submit, in addition to my paper calendar I use my Google Calendar, too....

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Local First AZ on Phoenix Business Radio X

Local First AZ Rocks! I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to co-host an episode of Phoenix Business Radio X with Karen Nowicki. Karen and I have known each other for years and her latest venture, Phoenix Business Radio X, has taken off like wildfire! The...

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Got Chaos? Get Calm. ™

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