Do you love your space?

“Surround yourself by things that you love.” If you spend any time with me, you will hear me say this simple direction over and over. This concept of loving the space you are in applies to your home and also to your work space. Do you love your space?

The photo above was taken in my home office. Yes, it is true; I burn candles and create an environment of calm and gentle support even as I work. You, too, can create a space that supports you, regardless of your work space configuration.

“You, too, can create a space that supports you, regardless of your work space configuration.”

Here are 7 tips to help you create a work space that you love

  • Bring in a few (please notice, I said a FEW) small items, tokens, or decorations that you love and place them in your office.
  • Smells are powerful in creating mood. Bring in a small candle, wax burner, or an oil diffuser (if allowed). 
  • Add color. Bring in a few photographs of places you love, artwork that you enjoy, colorful file folders, a small floral arrangement or plant, coffee mugs. All of these things add color and bring up the vibration of the space.
  • Place books that inspire you or support the work you do in a bookshelf or on a credenza.
  • Have the desk accessories that you use on a daily basis within arm’s reach. They do not necessarily need to be on top on the desk, but perhaps stowed away in a drawer or a nearby cabinet.
  • Do not overcrowd your workspace. You must have enough “elbow room” to effectively spread out and do your job. This is a huge problem for many of my work-at-home clients, which is why they often relegate themselves to the dining room table or couch (not recommended).
  • Keep desktop icons to a minimum (they can be placed in a folder on your desktop and still be available for easy access). That visual busyness can make you tense. Instead, consider creating a rotating slideshow of inspirational quotes, family pictures, or favorite vacation spots.

“Surround yourself by things that you love.”

Do you love your space or is your office a disaster? If you want to love your space, and you want to reclaim your space for its intended purpose, contact Andrea now by clicking the image below. SOS to the rescue! We will turn your chaos into calm (TM).