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Andrea Brundage is the real deal. She is experienced, educated, effective, and efficient, and her years of serving people just like you means that she brings a quiet confidence and calm demeanor to each of her projects.


Andrea is different

One of the things that sets Andrea Brundage and Simple Organized Solutions apart in the professional organizing industry is her years of experience, a Master’s degree in business, her gentle guidance, compassionate coaching, and superior service.

Another differentiator is that you will be working with Andrea, not people with whom you do not know. On the rare occasion where additional help is warranted, Andrea will select and contract with the best organizers in town, and you will be informed and properly introduced.

Andrea shares

Andrea also prides herself on being “the source of the resources.” If you need services not provided in the SOS scope of work, Andrea will do her best to connect you with whomever you need. 

Andrea teaches

Let’s be honest –  many of you are frustrated because you have started organizing projects and ended up creating even bigger messes. You have gotten started; maybe you even bought a bunch of organizing products, but sadly, you lost steam and fell back into your old, dysfunctional habits.

To stop this cycle of failure, effective systems and new habits must be developed. Andrea will help you implement these. She will teach you how to keep your space organized, and most importantly, she will do it quickly and effectively. Andrea will help you actually start and finish projects!

Andrea speaks

As a public speaker, Andrea shares the principles of organization, time management, and the power of intentional living. 

Andrea writes

Andrea’s first book is coming out this year! Stay tuned for your chance to purchase Simplify: 8 Principles to Turn Your Chaos into Calm

To summarize

Andrea believes that organization is a teachable skill. She also believes that each client deserves the utmost, individualized care, not just a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. If your needs happen to fall out of her scope of work, she will do her best to refer you to professionals that can help you. 

Bottom line: You do not have to go it alone. Getting organized is an overwhelming task for most. If you want a gentle hand, creative solutions, and long-lasting results then Andrea Brundage and Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) are just what you need.


  • NAPO-AZ President’s Award
  • Best of Service 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Mom Entrepreneur of The Year, Top 10 Finalist
  • NAPO-AZ Volunteer Award
  • eWomen Network’s “Give First, Share Always” Award
  • ABWA Woman of the Year, White Mountains Chapter
  • National ABWA, Newletter Editor Excellence Award
  • award for one of the Best Organizers in Phoenix


NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing)

National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA)

East Valley Women

Women-Owned Women Operated Business (WOWOB)

Ellevate Network

Local First Arizona

Health Services Professionals – East Valley

Andrea was a Board of Director member at NAPO-Arizona and served two terms as Vice-President in addition to other leadership roles. She is also the first person in Arizona to affiliate with Legacy Republic, a photo and memory preserving company that focuses on “Rediscovering Life’s Moments that Matter Most.”

Andrea Brundage is a premiere organizer in Mesa, Arizona on

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