How organized is your office?

Having an office in your home these days is commonplace. So this begs the question: How organized is yours?  Well, if you need some incentive to get that space organized, today is the PERFECT day to make a commitment! As a professional organizer, the home office is very often the area that gives my clients the most grief. It can be so overwhelming to some that they do not even want to go in there. I have clients tell me that they just throw things in their office and then close the door! Another client recently shared that she felt so overwhelmed by the piles of paper that she didn’t even want to go into her office to do the things she actually enjoyed doing!

In honor of Organize Your Home Office Day, I am offering a  “Messy Office” contest! Here is how it works: Email me between two and four good quality pictures of your messy office. At the end of March, I will select the office a winner. That winner will receive three (3) *Virtual 30-Minute DIY Office Make-Over Coaching sessions with me! How’s that for incentive?

Here is how the DIY/Coaching Sessions will work:

Coaching session #1 – Discovery Session/Action Plan – We will discuss your habits, workflow, and your vision for an organized office. I will come up with an Action Plan, which will include your “home” work.

Coaching session #2 – Check-in – We will review of progress of the “home” work that was previously assigned, and we will tweak the process as needed.

Coaching session #3 – Celebrate and Review – We will use this session to fine-tune and then CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

So, grab your camera and take some pictures of that messy office now!

Directions for entry: Email photos (no more than four) using the subject line: Messy Desk Contest to  Include your Name, Phone number, Skype and/or Google Hangout names in the body of the email.  Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2014, and the winner will be notified at the end of March via email.

*Virtual: Phone, Zoom, Skype, Google
Coaching sessions must be completed by April 30, 2014
Winner has final authority and is responsible for the cost and purchase of recommended supplies
Entrants grant permission for photos to be used in marketing materials
Entrants will be SUBSCRIBED to the newsletter mailing list Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer AZ