Part 5

Apply the 4 Q’s

Below are my signature four questions (4 Q’s). Ask the questions about everything in your space, from clothes and shoes to kitchen gadgets and tools. Your answers to these questions will reveal what stays, and what goes.

Remember, everything that stays must have a designated home.

  1. Do I love this? (whatever IT is)
  2. Do I use/wear this?
  3. Does it serve me well? (as in, does it bring me joy?)
  4. Could it serve someone else better? (If yes, it’s time to donate or sell)


What organizing project are you willing to undertake and stick with from start to finish? Closet? Kitchen? Pantry? Garage?


If you’re comfortable, name your project below. Post Before pictures of your project, and feel free to post any questions or quandaries you find yourself in. We are here to support you. Finally, upon completion of the project, PLEASE post the beautiful After photos.