Part 3

Gather and organize paperwork

If you have piles of paper, use the categories shown below to help you sort through them. Write each category name on a separate sticky note and spread them out on a flat surface like a large table. This table will become your temporary separating station.

  • To Do
  • To File
  • To Read (magazines, articles)
  • To Others (papers that need to be given or mailed to others)
  • To Shred (you might need to allocate a box for this category)
  • To Scan (optional)

You may find you need to create additional categories and sticky notes such as Home Repairs, Taxes, Property, Medical, Johnny’s Schoolwork, Janie’s Schoolwork, etc.


Are your files and paperwork in order?

If not, are you willing to commit the time needed to get them in order?


Here’s an article you might find helpful.