Part 2

Make an appointment

Quite possibly, having a firm commitment with an attorney will force you do what needs to be done to get the ball rolling.

Know this:

  • Organizing your estate is paper intensive, and will require you to gather up pertinent documents that relate to your estate.
  • Organizing your estate is thought-provoking. You will be asked who you want to administer your estate, to make decisions on your behalf, to care for your minor children, and other such sensitive topics. Careful contemplation is required.
  • Organizing your estate is more than just creating a Trust and/or Last Will & Testament. It also means organizing possessions in your home, office, garage, storage units, etc.
  • Organizing your estate should also entail organizing family documents and photographs. You are encouraged to identify people in photographs, share family stories, document and share family medical history, label and photograph heirlooms, and detail who gets what (personal property distribution).


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