Are you overwhelmed and cranky by the time you leave for a trip or family vacation? Vacations have been known to cause some of the biggest arguments with families, so here’s some advice – get organized so you won’t be stressed out and ready to bite someone’s head off before you even back out of the driveway. Remember, vacation and travel should be a fun experience.

1. Travel Information



Flight, hotel, and car rental confirmations (these can be delivered to and stored on your Smart phone)


2. Toiletries

Create a Grab-N-Go travel bag or cosmetic pouch that contains all the basic toiletries you need. You can add extra needed items such as medications, etc. on the day of travel.

3. Electronics

Camera equipment, extra memory card, charger or spare batteries

Laptop, tablet, charging cords

iPod, Phone, phone charger

Flash or portable hard drive


Alarm clock

4. Miscellaneous

Books, magazines, journal, notepad, pens

Portable speakers



Airline pillow and light blanket

Ear plugs, eye covers

Travel umbrella, sunscreen, insect repellent

5. Clothes

Climate appropriate clothing

Light jacket

Shoes, sandals

Accessories (small purse, jewelry, scarf, cuff links, tie)

Hat, gloves, boots, if appropriate

Robe, pajamas, slippers

6. Emergency Items

Basic 1st aid kit

Sewing kit, safety pins

Small flashlight

Copies of passport, insurance documents, credit card information (be sure to leave a copy with a trusted person at home, too)

Medical alert notification

Physician phone number, and insurance policy and carrier’s phone number

If you need help organizing your home, your business, or your life, or if you would like a more comprehensive Organized Traveler checklist, email us, or go to the Get Startedpage and submit your request.