Are your affairs in order?

Organizing your affairs is a term we think of when people are presented with a dire diagnosis from a physician. Typically, it means that someone’s life is hanging in the balance, and they may only have a few short months or years to live. And those are the lucky ones. We all have heard the tragic stories of the people who have died very unexpectedly, without a will, without a trust, without any forethought about what would happen if they were to suddenly die.

What if instead of waiting until we are faced with an end of life situation, we commit to getting our affairs in order NOW? Now while we are feeling good and vibrant. How different would it be if, God forbid, we got that kind of bad news, and our affairs were already in order? Rather than spending precious time taking care of legal issues, and having conversations around who wants what, we instead spend that precious time with our family, with our friends, traveling, or doing whatever it is we have been wanting, yet waiting, to do.

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Organized affairs – A guest blog

I am sharing this informative article, “Parting Gifts,” written by Loreesa Botkin on this very subject. Be sure to visit Loreesa’s company websites at and to learn more about her services. She has a passion to help you preserve your legacy, create your inventory, and prepare a distribution list of your possessions a manner that leaves you in control of decisions and alleviates family tension. Do it now….now while you are living and able to speak your voice. There is nothing worse than having family discord over “Mom’s recipe box” or “Dad’s trophy fish;” things that may seem inconsequential to outsiders, but can become a battlefield for family members. 

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Remember, if you need help organizing your possessions so you can make good decisions and proper distributions, please give us a call. We will help you purge, sort, and make clear-headed decisions about what matters most to you. Got Chaos? Get Calm.™