Project: Organizing A Travel Agent’s Office Space

This client reached out to me after finding my website using Google search for Professional Organizers in Arizona. He was impressed by the great reviews from my clients and also noticed that I have done television shows. As a former PR person for the airline industry, this caught his eye. Watch video here.

The whiteboard at the end of this post tells the story of what we accomplished for this very busy travel industry professional whose company Select Sailings specializes is booking cruises.

During our initial call and follow-up meeting we talked about the problems he was experiencing and the fact that he felt overwhelmed and exhausted. He had never worked with a Professional Organizer before, so I assured him that the overwhelm was “fixable” and that I would navigate us through the entire process. I say us here, because my clients are very involved in the process, and in order to have long-lasting results, they need to provide input so that we implement organizational solutions that work best for them! There is no magic fix; and the way I do business, there is no one-size fits all approach either. Each client is different, so every solution needs to fit the individual’s needs.

The first thing we did was to empty and then remove boxes from the room, along with anything else that would impeding our walkway and progress. Then I set up my Basic SOS Paper Sorting Stations and we got to work. We focused on one pile of paper at a time. My client made quick decisions about which papers could be tossed, shredded, and then placed the remaining papers in the Sorting Stations we had created.

We added a couple of stations to the Basic SOS Four as needed. Once we had processed the paper piles, we went through each Sorting Station pile again, further purging, refining, and then began the process of creating permanent file folders that are logical and meaningful to him. No more looking for lost pieces of paper for this Professional Travel expert!

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 Do you need help organizing your office space so that you can

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