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There are many ways to organize, but a basic organizing principle is to group things in a like-with-like manner. Consider the pantry: Cereal goes with cereal. Snacks with snacks. Baking supplies with baking supplies. Canned goods with canned goods. The linen closet carries the same concept; sheets with extra bedding, bath towels, and overflow bathroom supplies.


The like-with-like principle applies to all areas of your home and office. Here are some other examples of storing items that “belong” together:


Pantry: Food and ingredients for cooking, canned goods, small appliances that are not used on a daily basis, plastic wrap, foil, plastic containers.


Bathroom: Medicine, first aid supplies, overflow bathroom supplies


Office: Paperwork, bills, insurance documents, permanent files, paper supplies, crafts and supplies, greeting cards, gift wrap


Laundry room: Detergent, spot removers, softeners, iron, starch, ironing board, extra hangers, small indoor tools, small supply of nails, batteries, etc


Holiday decorations: Store holiday decorations in clear, labeled bins. Attics and/or basements are great places for these bins. 


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