Happy New Year!

7-Organizing Tips To Help You Get Organized

  1. Only keep the holiday decorations that you love. The others should be passed on, donated, or sold. Wrap and pack away the “keepers” in labeled bins for next year.

    2. If you still use a paper calendar, set aside 15 to 20 minutes to transfer all the important dates to the 2016 calendar. No excuses for missed birthdays or late tax payments! 

    3. Set up all your 2016 file folders now. The same applies for both paper folders and electronic folders.

    4. Schedule a date with your CPA or tax preparer. That will give you a clear deadline to get all of your accounting records in order.

    5. Set up autopay or bill pay for all recurring bills. This will save you lots of time every month.

    6. Review your estate/trust documents; update and record as needed.

    7. Vow to process incoming mail on a daily basis using the SOS paper handling system (if you need more information, please contact me). 

Wishing you a happy and organized 2016!

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