A happy client shares her experience with hosting one of my Organize YOU parties. We organized her pantry and it not only was fun, it also provided GREAT results! (read testimonial below). If you viewed this video, you heard the joy in her voice as she shared that her wish – alphabetized spices – is now her reality!

Do you want to bring more organization into your life? Host an Organize YOU party! You can invite up to 10 people, and we will do a live and interactive demonstration to organize one small area in your home. Call me for more details.

Here is the blog post that Michelle shared about the experience:

“I think most people who know me would consider me an organized person. It’s true, I am actually quite organized and I get stuff done. But I had one thing that was impossible to keep organized! It was my large, walk-in pantry! No matter how much time I spent trying to organize and reorganize it, and no matter how many times I directed my family to “put things back where they go,” the pantry was always messy, dysfunctional, and it caused me stress.

Enter Andrea Brundage, Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm. She is the founder and owner of Simple Organized Solutions (SOS). You may have seen Andrea on the television shows, Sonoran Living and Arizona Living where she shares her amazingly simple tips and techniques for living an organized and simplified life.

So, back to the party: I hosted one of Andrea’s Organize YOU parties and I invited about 10 friends over to learn, watch, and even participate in the PANTRY TRANSFORMATION! Let me tell you, it was humbling to let people see my pantry, but in the end, the vulnerability was SO WORTH IT!

I am truly amazed at the results, and after several months, and a summer of both kids being home, my pantry is still organized. The space is neat; I know what is in there; and everything now has a home. This makes it simple for my entire family to put things back where they go. I LOVE my pantry!

I highly recommend Andrea for any of your home or office organizational needs. And if you want to throw an Organize YOU party, tell her I sent you! Call Andrea when you are ready to create organizational systems that really work, and will continue to work long-term. Andrea can be reached at or at 480.382.1085.”

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