What is your favorite calendar?

Are you still a fan of paper calendars or have you gone totally electronic? I personally love using a paper calendar and have written a blog about this before. I submit, in addition to my paper calendar I use my Google Calendar, too. Why? Because it syncs with my phone thus providing GPS directions to client appointments and meetings. It also provides a great audit trail for mileage business expenses.

Below is an intro provided by Jessica Pyykkonen of Ghergich & Co. She teamed up with Quill.com for this article on the benefits of keeping paper calendars.

Technology and the cloud are great for sharing all sorts of things. We share photos and news updates, funny cat memes and breaking news. And tech is also great for helping us share and plan events and take notes in meetings or classes.

But by abandoning our handwriting efforts, we may not be doing our brains and our memories any favors. That’s because when you write something down, you’re not just working the muscles in your hand. You’re working the muscles in your brain, too, by activating large regions that control memory. You don’t get the same benefits if you type on a computer. And you also don’t remember as well when you’re taking notes for a class or in a meeting via typing. To remember, handwriting is key.


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