Perfectly imperfect

Do you get stuck trying to be perfect? Guess what? Perfect does not exist! Isn’t that the most refreshing thing you have read all day? Letting go of perfectionism means you need to be okay with imperfections, which is our human condition, and you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable means looking at yourself in the mirror and accepting yourself in your perfectly imperfect state. Being vulnerable means letting others see you in your less than perfect state. Being vulnerable means not letting fear keep you stuck in the sameness that no longer serves you. Being vulnerable is releasing all that is keeping you from your best life and/or your higher calling.

As a professional organizer, I frequently encounter people who are paralyzed by not knowing where to start with getting organized. Some are intimidated and frozen with fear of not being able to perfectly complete a project. Some have let things get so out of control that they do not know where to begin. Asking for help makes us feel vulnerable. Be vulnerable.

How I can help

I help my clients through the process or sorting, purging, and simplifying and it is not unusual to start a project with a simple statement like “Let’s just start in this corner and work our way out.”  You see, I believe working our way out of a corner gives us the space we need to get turned around and to start moving towards our goals. I also believe that less than perfect is often good enough, and while striving to do better, to be better, to feel better, to look better can be motivating, when taken to the extreme of perfectionism, it can be detrimental and paralyzing.

We are human after all, and we all have issues – end of story. Being vulnerable means that I can just be me and you can just be you – naked in our frailties and imperfections, and if we decide we are both okay with who we really are then we can be friends, partners, collaborators, or perhaps something in between.

Perhaps we would do well to become unattached to how others “show up” and to just love them when they are lovable, and to love ourselves always.  We will find along the way that some people are better to love at a distance, and that is okay, too.

Finding acceptance

Accept that you are perfectly imperfect…and so it is with everyone you will encounter on this amazing journey we call life. 

If you are tired of being stuck in clutter and overwhelm, let’s talk. If you have tried to get organized before but didn’t get through it or have lost your way, let’s talk. If you just want to someone who understands the struggles that come from chronic disorganization, let’s talk.  Help is a simple click away