This is a guest post from professional writer, Jessica Kane, of Flex-Con, a corrugated plastics company based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. These products are some of the many options available. When in doubt, call a Professional Organizer to help you make a sound decision.


Plastic Containers and Their Many Uses

Plastic containers, they are found in virtually every household. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, durability, and dozens of other factors that we take into consideration when deciding their use. We can use them for organizing our closets, decorations, old belongings, and much more. The important thing is to carefully sort your items you wish to store, purge unnecessary items and place them thoughtfully inside for future use. It isn’t about just putting things away to just put things away. Organizing is an art and plastic containers are your tools to achieve bliss. They can be our greatest organizing ally, or our worst nemesis with missing lids and mix matching containers. But love them or hate ‘em, here are five reasons to keep them around.


Toy Bins

They not only help to organize your kid’s toys, but allows the child to feel confident and in control when putting their toys away. They can see them and know that they are there, but still be able to store them in an organized way. Small toys especially benefit from this. Building blocks, mini figures, coins, small dolls or cars and trucks, even crayons can be put in the small containers, sealed up, then stored on a bookshelf, dresser, or other designated space for your child. Try color coordinating the lids to a specific purpose. I.E. crayons go with the blue lid, building blocks go with the red, dolls or toy cars go with the yellow. Let the kids decide and let them have fun!


Crafting Supplies

For those who like to do crafts of any kind, clear plastic containers are a great option for storing supplies, coordinating like items, and can even aid in taking stock. They are sturdy, durable, and will keep out dust, pets, kids, and even bugs if stored in a garage or basement.

Use them to store supplies for:

• Sewing

• Scrapbooking

• Crocheting or Knitting

• Wood working

• Jewelry arts

• Painting

• Scrap metal

• Beading

• Rubber band arts

The possibilities are endless.



Industrial plastic containers are not only useful for storing important items that are not being readily used, but for some, it might offer a unique opportunity for decorating and/or extra table tops. The types of bins a person would want to use depends on their needs, but generally for long term storage, a strong clear box with an attached lid flap can offer protection for possessions, and for cost saving, turn that tote into a bedside table, a chair side table, supports for a light weight desk or work bench. Colorful totes and designs help to make the transition into the home or office interesting, fun, and cost effective.


Shed or Garage

Ever walk into your garage or shed and search for the one thing you need? Try using clear plastic containers to help you organize your outdoor belongings. Streamline your camping gear, outdoor toys, tool set, garden tools, hoses, spare parts… You get the idea. Not only will you get peace of mind knowing where everything is, your family will know too. Just point them in the right direction and they can take care of the rest without it becoming a hassle.



This is an oldie but a goody. Holiday decorations can be a pain to store. Boxes get worn out and take damage and eventually fall apart. They let in water, dust, bugs, and can leave your belongings smelling musty. Plastic containers are a great solution to this problem year after year. They don’t degrade or fall apart. They are engineered to have securely fastened lids to keep out damaging environmental factors. They come in an array of colors so you can coordinate according to the holiday, so you always know what box holds what. Get red and green  for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, light blue and light purple for Easter. Never misplace your decorations again. Have a family heirloom ornament, or several? Get a smaller plastic container, fill it with shock absorbing material, secure the lid and place in the larger storage box. Easy, safe, secure. Yes, plastic storage containers may be a bit more to purchase than boxes, but because they are so durable they will virtually pay for themselves in the first two years.


If you’re still stuck on where to get started with organizing your home, seek out and speak with a Professional Organizer organizer. They will help you figure out where to prioritize your efforts in order to get the most out of your home. 

Often, professional organizers can help bring a sense of peace and positive energy flow to your home that can help improve the overall function, ambiance, tone, and sense of self. In short, messy house, messy mind. Clean house, clean mind. Happy organizing!


Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in keeping things organized and in order. She currently writes for FlexCon, a leading vendor of corrugated plastic bins and boxes.



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