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Andrea Brundage is an expert Professional Organizer. She has appeared on several television shows, and is frequently interviewed and quoted in articles. Andrea has shared her message of chaos into calm and intentional living with thousands of people through her speaking engagements and workshops. Her first book, SIMPLIFY: 8 PRINCIPLES TO TURN YOUR CHAOS INTO CALM (working title) will be released later this year!


Green Living Magazine

Salt River Project (SRP) Business Resource Center & Yahoo Finance

BBC Online

Las Sendas Up Close Publications (Page 19)

Williamsburg Therapy & Wellness – Dr. Nerina Garcia-Arcemer

White Mountain Independent Newspaper

Interviews, Guest Blogs, Podcasts

Business Radio X (Phoenix) podcast – Topic: Conversations with a Professional Organizer & Bringer of Calm. Click here.

The Spare Foot Blog, 7-Ways to Corral Electronic Clutter

Smead Organomics podcast – Topic: Delayed Decision Disorder – Watch here.

The Spare Foot Blog, “How To Store Your Holiday Dishes”, Margot Carmichael Lester, Staples® Contributing Writer,  “How to Keep Your Workspace Neat”

Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, Janet Barclay of Organized Assistant,  “Decision Making” 

Off The Ground Blog by Emma Siemasko, quoted in “Get Organized by Going Back to Basics” (8/1/14), Donna Smallin Kuper, Guest blog, “Delayed Decision Disorder (DDD)”

MoneyTalksNews – quoted in “14-Ways to Re-decorate For Free” by Donna Freedman

Hear From Entrepreneurs website: “How Did You Come Up With Your Company Name?”

Coach Nicky Roberts’  Blog Series: “5-Things I Learned About Getting Organized” 

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Got Chaos? Get Calm. ™

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