As a professional organizer, this Huffington Post article written by Samatha Toscano really hit the mark. We professional organizers are not going into your homes with an critical eye looking for things to reorganize or to put away. Nope, we are just like you, wanting to have some fun and connect with our friends and family. Now that we are clear, may I ask a few favors of you?

  1. Please do not clean the house before I arrive. It makes me uncomfortable to know that you stressed out because I was coming over.
  2. Please do not apologize for the “mess.” I am not there to judge how messy or non-messy your space is, I am simply there to to have some fun, some conversation, and to connect with you.
  3. Please remember, professional organizing is what I do, it is not who I am.  I like to think there is more to me than organized cupboards and streamlined operations.

Read the article below and let me know your thoughts in my comments section. And if you are in fact ready to get organized and would like the help of a professional organizer, then go ahead and schedule an appointment by calling (480) 382-1085 or by clicking on the  Get Started tab now.