At this time of year we often pause, reflect, and take stock of where we have been, where we are right now, and where we want to go. Many of us create resolutions or goals, whether formally or informally. Some resist the idea of resolutions and instead just make a commitment to make improvements as things arise.

It does not matter what you call it or how or why you set your goals, all that matters is that you recognize areas where you feel you are falling short or areas of your life or in your business that can be improved upon.

Five of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include:

1. Getting healthy

2. Getting organized

3. Living life to the fullest

4. Learning new hobbies 

5. Spending less and saving more

May I suggest that Get Organized be the first one you tackle, as it will support the achievement of all the goals on your list?

When you are more organized, you will be able to schedule in your gym time or walks (Get Healthy); your finances will be organized, and you will be more conscious of your spending and savings goals (spend less and save more). Additionally,  you will be in proactive mode versus reactive mode, which puts you in the driver’s seat, and who doesn’t like to be the driver in their own life?

In short, being more organized saves you time, saves you money, and helps turn your chaos into calm.


That last sentence bears repeating: 

Being more organized saves you time, saves you money, and helps turn your chaos into calm.

What IS that worth to you?

Get My 7-Tips to Help You Get More Organized This Year!

  1. Only keep the holiday decorations that you love. The others should be passed on, donated, or sold. Wrap and pack away the “keepers” in labeled bins for next year.
  2. If you still use a paper calendar, set aside 15 to 20 minutes to transfer all the important dates to the new calendar. No excuses for missed birthdays or late tax payments! 
  3. Set up all your yearly file folders now. The same applies for both paper folders and electronic folders.

Get support in your resolutions and get more organized this year!

It’s simple! Whether you need someone to help identify where to begin, or to navigate the entire process,  or even if you just need a little support, I’ve got you covered! 

See the difference an organized home can make.

Need guided help to get organized this year?

My organizing services can make all the difference. Available in-person or virtually, we’ll cut through the chaos together!

Not ready for a professional yet?

Get free support from our amazing SOS Clutter Disruptors Facebook Group where you’ll find people just like you, all on the same journey to get more organized. SOS Clutter Disruptors was created as a closed support group and a safe place to help you as you set out to organize your life.

Share your successes. Share your struggles. Post Before & After photos.

Ask what others have found helpful. Tell others about the helpful things you have found that have helped you be more organized.