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Gail Helton
Gail Helton
17:49 03 Sep 19
I was feeling totally buried in mountains of paperwork. Andrea helped me see my way out, and I now have a plan to stay on top of it! I feel lighter!
Shane S
Shane S
18:29 25 Sep 18
Marilee is a true pleasure to be in the presence of. Bright, energetic, and proffesional. Several friends have used her services and every one of them have emphatically expressed their approval and gratitude
Lindy Wilson
Lindy Wilson
17:52 27 Aug 18
I found Andrea online after looking for someone to help coach me in some decisions about starting my own business in organization. I read her reviews and saw her 5 star rating and decided to give her a call. She was so easy to talk to and had some incredibly helpful information that I was able to take and use. I appreciated her calm, happy disposition and willingness to answer all and any of my questions. I really appreciated all of her help and highly recommend her if you're needing some coaching.
Tammy Lopez
Tammy Lopez
02:21 24 Aug 18
Andrea is a super coach. I’m a new organizer and she patiently helped me by answering many questions to build a stronger foundation for my business. Our sessions were very informative.
michael Woodrum
michael Woodrum
03:36 22 Feb 18
Andrea is a lifesavers. Went to Mesa to help my brother after surgery. Home needed help also, Andrea was referred by cleaning service. Called and she came by the same day, Wow. She has a great eye for what needs to be done. Very professional and non judgmental. She’s worked with my brother on how to do process of organizing while I was there. He’s continued working with her and the results are amazing and life changing!! You come away from the experience feeling like you’ve made a new friend. Also her husband, Tim, is a handyman so he was able to haul off trash and do some repairs, what a team!!! Would highly recommend!!!
Vonda Shumaker
Vonda Shumaker
18:56 06 Feb 17
Andrea help me find space in my kitchen for a crafting cabinet. She saw where I was not utilizing space and showed me how to use it to my best advantage. Andrea's very kind easy going person to work with and as very positive attitude. I highly recommend her.
Carmelita Jimenez
Carmelita Jimenez
18:38 22 Nov 16
Andrea was wonderful. Her kind and gentle approach to a my dreaded task of organizing a sewing and painting space made it actually fun! In 4 hours she was able to help me prioritize and identify what things were of use and what things were not. Not only did I get my painting space, she called me the next day to make sure that finished my "homework". Thank you Andrea. I am feeling much lighter and happier in my new space!
Abbi Normal
Abbi Normal
01:52 28 Aug 16
Back in November Andrea did an amazing job helping me bring order and calm to my condo. She has amazing energy and a very positive attitude. She teaches you how to keep things the way they are, and doesn't just do it for you. She is incredible and well worth your time.
Michelle Lohman
Michelle Lohman
18:47 12 Aug 16
Andrea is calm, kind, and easy to work with. You pair that with her expertise and clever ideas and she is the ANSWER to our disorganized and chaotic lives. Whether you need a closet organized, your office or your entire home, Andrea is the GIFT to yourself that you DESERVE! In addition, Simple Organized Solutions is the PERFECT GIFT for elderly parents or grandparents that just can't "keep up" with all the clutter, or for your over-worked Boss or business partner, etc.....And it's the gift that keeps giving because every time you walk into your newly organized space, there is sense of Calm and Accomplishment that fulfills you. Don't procrastinate this much needed service any longer. Call Andrea at Simple Organized Solutions!
Mallary Tytel
Mallary Tytel
22:08 11 May 16
Andrea is a talented professional whose personalized attention and expertise help create an orderly and flexible environment that works. She is always prepared with practical, productive ideas that solve the toughest challenges in building an organized work and living space. She is a pleasure to work with – and gets things done!
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“What a difference in my home office space!  I made a good investment that will make a difference in my ability to keep my business on track.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

- Kim B.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You helped me declutter and reorganize and I am amazed at how your easy-to-maintain methods work. By simply folding towels and sheets in a different way, you cleared up extra shelves for storage!”

- Sue P.

“Excellent! You made every minute count and you made the right suggestions at the right time.”

-Louise Wakehouse

“Within three short hours, my home office went from unorganized to organized, or as Andrea Brundage would say, from “chaos into calm.” I still have work to do with purging files, and I will hire Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) for that project, too.  Andrea and SOS implement organizational systems that really work!”

-Morgan Davis, DDS

“You brought structure and order to the office as well as warmth and a kind heart. You have improved my quality of life.”

-Dan Puente, D.P. Electric, Inc.

“My wife hired you to come and help me with my garage. In the end, what was really nice about it is that it looks spectacular, and I didn’t feel like I had to do it by myself. It looks absolutely fabulous and I am pleased as punch to have it done. I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

- Doug S.

“Amazing what having “space” does for adding back time in my day. Thank you so much for your help and I am looking forward to our next session.”

- Anonymous

“Your kindness and gentle patience were what made getting organized possible.”

- Laura Bird

“Andrea has a special ability to create order out of chaos and to keep things moving in a straight line. She is both efficient and effective, and has an attitude and demeanor that makes her easy to work with. She is detail-oriented while also keeping the big picture in mind. She is clearly a professional who knows how to take on a job and get it done.”

- Dr. Jim Subach

“Andrea is very detail-oriented and  professional, and she is a pleasure to work with. She can take disarray out of any situation and bring order to it. She is very organized, always comes up with creative solutions and ideas, and is very thorough at implementing the change. She takes on challenges, head on .”

- M. Telep

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