Identifying the Root Cause of Clutter

Interior designer, Jeanette Knudsen, has invited me to create blog posts around her beautiful graphics, which will feature a series of organizing tips throughout the month of January. Visit her website at for more tips and great design ideas from this amazing designer. Her company, Design for a Lifespan specializes in redesigning and remodeling projects to help the senior population “age in place.” Call 480-695-1360 for more information.

 The root cause of clutter can often be traced to the fact that it can be “hard” to put things away. What makes putting things away so hard? Well, it is due to overstuffed closets, bulging chests of drawers, no assigned area for shoes, no floor space available, overstuffed file folders, bulging filing cabinets, misappropriated garages, and on and on. Do yourself a favor, clear and purge the stuff you do not LOVE or even want anymore so you have space for the things that do matter to you. Clear some space and you will find that not only will you know what you have, but everything will have a home, and it will be much easier to put things away. As a bonus, you will be able to find them later on when you really want them thus saving you precious time.

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