Can cleaning be fun?

When springtime rolls around, our thoughts often turn to budding flowers, more sunlight, and a sense of renewal. This is also the time of year that many people decide to do some spring cleaning and organizing. While cleaning and organizing is not nearly as fun as playing in the garden or going for hike, we all know that it is the perfect time of year to spruce up the place – inside and outside.

It is important to make your spring cleaning and organizing fun. Rather than thinking of it as a chore, re-frame it as a “feel-good” exercise—one that will help you feel good about yourself and your environment. Here are five suggestions to make spring cleaning more productive and more fun:

  • Before you start, have all the supplies and tools on hand that you will need to get the job done
  • Start and finish one room or area at a time
  • Crank up the music. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along and not thinking about the chore you are doing..
  • Set simple targets for yourself and after you complete them, reward yourself. The internal dialogue might sound something like, “When I finish organizing this drawer, I will take a 5-minute break.” Then sit and relax for a few minutes.
  • Get the family involved. Give everyone a task, and then do something fun afterwards. Kids love activities like running through sprinklers and riding bikes, so do it as a family. If finances allow, consider going to a family movie or out for ice cream

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so reward your accomplishments as you achieve them. If you need help, be sure to ask. You can enlist help from family members, friends, or better yet, call a professional organizer…like me!

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