Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is overwhelming for many people. Rather than waiting, why not start now? If you do a little bit each day, before you know it, spring will be here and you will be finished with your “Things-To-Do” list!

Start here

Early in the year, I recommend clearing out last year’s files and setting up the current year’s files. In the US, tax day is April 15, and it arrives before we know it. Being prepared well in advance removes stress from last minute scrambling, and it takes the burden off our shoulders.

Physical space

From a physical standpoint, the best place to start is in an area that will provide the most visual impact of progress. Perhaps start in the entry way of your home, or the living room, or the kitchen. I suggest that clients focus on one area at a time rather than deciding to organize and clean the whole house in a day. Breaking projects into smaller, clearly defined tasks is beneficial when tackling any large project. 

 What are typical spring cleaning chores?

This varies person to person and house to house. The goal here is progress, not perfection. With that said, a typical spring cleaning might include: vacuuming under furniture and bed, cleaning out behind the appliances, window washing, clearing out the pantry and refrigerator of expired or unwanted food items, dusting blinds and ceiling fans, vacuuming or dry cleaning draperies, running a vinegar bath through dishwasher and coffee maker, changing out air filters, replacing batteries in smoke alarms.

 What should I have on hand?

Cleaning Supplies – At a minimum, have white cotton cloths and some type of cleaning solution on hand. There are a host of “green” products on the market such as Norwex or Melaleuca that you can research to determine if they will work for you. If chemicals are of concern, consider using vinegar and baking soda; these old-fashioned ingredients have so many cleaning uses. Have plenty of trash bags and a recycle bin handy.

Vacuum – Did you know that vacuums can be a major source of dust? Make sure your vacuum is in good working order and is sealed up properly.

Replacement items – New air filters, new batteries, belt for vacuum

Create momentum

A few completed projects can create huge momentum. Allocate enough time to start and finish at least one task per day.

How can I make spring cleaning easier?

Adopt a daily/weekly routine. This will be extremely helpful for KEEPING your home tidy so you do not have to tidy up things before you can clean. Here are a few examples of routines that you may find helpful:

SUNDAY: Vacuum, change linens. Wash, dry, fold, and put away sheets and towels

MONDAY: File and process piles of paper from the previous week. Turn the “piles into files.”

SATURDAY: Meal planning, grocery shopping. Wash and gas up the car for the next week.

EVERYDAY or AS NEEDED: Run the dishwasher. Wash, fold, and put away laundry (so it doesn’t get ahead of you). Tidy up every night. Prepare for tomorrow tonight.

Make spring cleaning fun

It is important to make your spring cleaning and organizing fun.  Rather than thinking of spring cleaning as a chore, try to re-frame it as a “feel-good” exercise—one that will help you feel good about yourself and your environment. Some suggestions to make spring cleaning more fun: 

    1. Crank up the music. Before you know it, you will be singing along and not thinking about the chore you are doing
    2. Set simple targets for yourself and after you complete them, reward yourself. The internal dialogue might sound something like, “When I finish organizing this drawer, I will take a 10-minute break.” Then go outside and sit on the patio to relax for a few minutes
    3. Get the family involved. Give everyone a task, and then engage in something fun afterwards. Kids love activities like running through sprinklers and riding bikes, so do it as a family. If finances allow, consider going to a family movie or out for ice cream.

If spring cleaning is overwhelming to you, then call Simple Organized Solutions today! We will help you turn your “chaos into calm.”