Are You Stuck?

Are you the person whose New Year’s Resolutions list always contains the words: “GET ORGANIZED,” but when December 31st rolls around, you realize that not only are you still not organized, but now your piles are even deeper? Not only have the piles grown, but now your closet is overflowing into other areas of your home, and the office and laundry room are a mess, and the garage and basement look like storage units instead of a part of your home.

Stop the madness! It is time to release the stuff that creates embarrassment, feelings of overwhelm, crowds out the good things, creates negative energy, and even causes tension and stress amongst partners. That cocoon of stuff is suffocating you and affecting relationships – with yourself and with others.

At the bottom of every pile and every box filled with miscellaneous stuff is something I call DDD. It is not an uncommon affliction and in fact,  most people who request my services have it.  What is DDD?  It is Delayed Decision Disorder, and the cure for it is committing to changing your behaviors.  DDD manifests in paperwork, mail, crafts, schoolwork, toys, sports equipment, tools, clothes, shoes…you name it.  So rather than continuing down the path of DDD and clutterdom, STOP delaying decisions, and START getting rid of stuff before it becomes another contribution to the pile.

Here’s the thing, if you truly want to get organized, you have to commit to getting unstuck.  It is also important to acknowledge that living in a chaotic environment can just be a bad habit. With that said, habits can be broken, it just takes a commitment to change and a willingness to do the work. Choosing to take control over your environment can feel daunting at first, but just like Rome was not built in a day, neither were your piles. Be patient and stick to it, and know that just as clutter creeps through your life, so does order and organization!  That is the best news ever, don’t you agree?

How to start? Block ample time each day to Sort, Organize, and Simplify (SOS). Commit to starting and finishing an area – a drawer, a closet, a room – whatever your time slot will allow, and do not get distracted and side-tracked into other areas. Finish one project before starting another. The last thing you need is your entire home becoming a reminder of your unfinished projects. The SOS methodology can be applied to a junk drawer, a closet, the kids’ rooms, or your garage. Sort through the piles, make decisions on what to keep, what to toss, and what to donate. The process is really as simple as that.

You do not have to struggle with DDD and clutter any longer, you just need to create a new habit of making quick decisions, and then acting upon those decisions.

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Andrea Brundage Professional Organizer