The Best Product at Rootstech

This blog is written to share what I unofficially dubbed as the Best Product at the 2018 Rootstech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. In case you missed my previous blog that summarizes the wonderful conference experience, you can read it here.

There were a lot of vendors in the Rootstech Expo Hall this year. There were software companies, photo digitizing and scanning companies, family history preservation companies, publishing companies, etc. In fact, there a lot of the same kinds of products or services being showcased. As one who seeks out the unusual, I was on the lookout for something a little different. After about 30-minutes walking the aisles of this massive room, I found something that caught my eye!

As a Professional Organizer and amateur photographer, the QIK-FRAME™ booth grabbed my attention. The booth was tastefully done and had a wonderful collage display of frames containing various photographs, graphics, and inspirational quotes. I stopped to speak with the person at the booth to learn more. As fate would have it, I was speaking with QIK-FRAME’s™ founder and designer of this amazing product, Jay Ward. Jay was happy to chat with me about his background as a graphic designer and QIK-FRAME™. After the event, I reached out to Jay and upon my request, he was kind enough to send me a frame so that I could write a full review. Read on to find out why I named QIK-FRAME™ the Best Product at Rootstech award.

(Note: This is strictly my opinion and is not a paid endorsement.)


Introducing Andrea’s winner of Best Product at 2018 Rootstech…. (drum roll, please)


Best product at RootstechClick the logo above to watch an introductory video



  • QIK is not just a catchy name based on the word “quick,” which is how you change out the frame’s picture.
  • QIK actually stands for Quality, Innovation, and Kindness. Hey, what’s not to love about that!
  • The product is ideal for people like me, people who like change.
  • The product is ideal for people who are looking for creative ways to decorate.
  • The frame is made of quality materials and comes in black and white, which fits nicely with most decors.
  • The quick-change functionality is simply brilliant (more on that later).
  • You can use your own photographs and inspirations, too! How about using one for this year’s Vision Board?


Yay, it’s here!

The package arrived intact on my doorstep. We all know this is not always the case as packages often arrive so beat up, you fear the contents have been destroyed in transit. But I digress. This has nothing to do with QIK-FRAME™.

So, there it was, a box on my front stoop in perfect shape. The box was clearly labeled so I knew who it was from and I was eager to open it. What I found inside was that the frame had an outer wrap of heavy-duty bubble wrap. Upon removal of that layer, it was wrapped again in a cellophane material. At either end of the box were two pieces of styrofoam, which kept the frame from sliding and shifting in transit. Great job, QIK-FRAME™! The frame arrived in perfect condition!

The package contained the large black frame, two sets of gorgeous 11″ x 14″double-sided prints, and easy-to-read instructions (photo below).


Attached to the back of the frame is a plastic sheet with diamond cut tabs in it. The tabs are meant to be bent to hold prints or photographs firmly against the glass.


And how cool are these graphics?

I received four different images on just two sheets of high-quality paper! (Note: If these prints don’t suit you, QIK-FRAME™ has a large selection of other images and inspirational quotes from which you can choose.) Added bonus: You can use QIK-FRAME’s™ for your own images!

10-reasons QIK-FRAME™ deserves the Best Product award

  1. Quality frame holds standard sizes of photographs.
  2. Frames currently come in black or white, matching most decors.
  3. Insertable images are printed on high-bond paper.
  4. Changing the image out is easy and you do not have to remove it from the wall. You simply just lift and switch.
  5. QIK-FRAME™ has created Gallery Wall sets allowing you to easily create an impressive focal point wall in your home or office.
  6. You can store the extra prints/images right inside the frame!
  7. Installation is fast and easy and no nails are required.
  8. Frames can be moved or rotated by detaching, adjusting, and reattaching to the wall.
  9. Easy to use and reasonably priced.
  10. What the company name stands for QIK = Quality, Innovation, and Kindness.

5-reasons you will love QIK-FRAME™

  1. Allows you to keep the decor fresh and updated in your home.
  2. Displays those professional certificates in your office.
  3. You can easily switch out the images, especially fun for holidays.
  4. You can create an ever-changing gallery to spotlight your child’s artwork, or your own!
  5. Attractive, economical, easy-to-use.

QIK-FRAMEs™ are great for…

  1. Teachers – Decorate your classroom for the holidays, or highlight a Student-of-the-Month.
  2. Kids – Honor your kids’ efforts by allocating a couple of frames for their artwork or fun photos of them, or both!
  3. Families – Wouldn’t it be fun to change out all the images for birthdays? On their birthday, insert photos of past birthdays and watch their eyes light up!
  4. The elderly – How nice to have a way to easily decorate Grandma’s little apartment or room. Insert old photos that bring back wonderful memories; add a frame with photos of grandchildren; decorate by using holiday images to spruce up and bring good cheer to the room.
  5. Interior designers – A wonderful solution to offer your clients and a memorable thank you gift.
  6. Apartment dwellers – How fun to be able to change your decor often and with ease!
  7. College students – Encourage your college-age student to take at least one of their favorite family photos with them as they head off to college.
  8. Business owners – Do you want to stand out in your clients’ minds? Then you have to do something different! QIK–FRAMEs™ are different AND useful!
  9. Companies – Easily change out the photos for Employee-of-the-Month winners.
  10. Anyone who loves decorating, artwork, photography, etc.

In summary

The innovative QIK-FRAME™ is functional and awesome. As a Professional Organizer, I work with people who have a lot of stuff that doesn’t get used. The QIK-FRAME™ is a wonderful, eco-friendly, economical, reusable way to create a beautiful and supportive space once the clutter has been cleared.

As for me, I have hung my QIK-FRAME™ in my office and will rotate out inspirational messages and photographs that move and inspire me.

Thank you, Jay and QIK-FRAME™ for creating and sharing this wonderful product.

Need more information? Contact Andrea Brundage at or (480) 382-1085.