The tidying up frenzy seems to have died down a bit since it went
viral earlier this year. If you jumped on the tidying up bandwagon and got
through your decluttering projects, congratulations!


If you started some projects but didn’t get through them, don’t despair. There is help available to you. You can work with me! I work side-by-side with my clients (and yes, I will travel). I also offer virtual coaching for those who are on a budget or prefer to work DIY-style (Do-it-yourself). Reach out to me by completing the Get Started form here.


I frequently get requests from companies to post their articles and graphics
on my website. I always review their content to make sure it is in alignment with my organizing and business philosophies. If it isn’t, I will not post it. If it is, I will. Some real gems have come across my desk and I always love sharing them with you.


This blog features a guest article submitted to me by It is a comprehensive guide and is chock-full of valuable information. Read full article here: The Art of Tidying Up: A Complete Guide to a Decluttered Life.

I think you’ll enjoy the content. If you need help tidying up, letting go, and organizing your home or office, click here or give me a call at (480) 382-1085 or 

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