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There is no magic to tidying up. There is only a commitment to do the work necessary to remove clutter and to create a calm, peaceful, and supportive environment for yourself and for your family.

– Andrea Brundage


Everywhere I go, people are talking about “The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up.” One woman shared that she was a writer and while reading the book, she made the decision to destroy her life time of writings and journals. Another lady shared that asking herself the question, “Does this spark joy?” has helped her let go of things. She realized that the spark of joy came during the buying process, and so the item had in a sense already served its purpose. These stories are real life conversations about the impact this book has had on these two women.

While I endorse and appreciate some of Marie Kondo’s theories and suggestions, I know that for me, and for the majority of my clients, being so cut and dry does not work. A joy/misery, love/hate viewpoint is not necessary. The space between the two extremes works best. We all understand that gray is the space between black and white, and that like is the space between love and hate, and we are okay with that.

What I Know For Sure

  • Short bursts of manic clutter clearing does not create lasting order

  • When manic-induced clear out projects are NOT taken through completion – which is typical – they create even bigger messes

  • In order to maintain an organized life, you MUST create new habits around effective organizing systems and life flow

  • There are no magic fixes and one-size-fits-all in living an organized and intentional life

As with all relationships, finding the connection point is key. So, if you like the KonMari Method of organizing, that is great. If you prefer to gain understanding and a life-long skill that is yours to keep, then call me.

Connect with me when you are ready to:

1) Clear clutter in all areas of your life; 

2) Address the clutter cycle that plagues you;

3) Create sustainable shift;

4) Learn the SOS system of 4Ps

5) Build maintainable systems that match the way YOU think, live, and work in your space;

6) Work with an expert Professional Organizer who approaches organization from a “whole person” perspective


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