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 I want to share this excellent article from a fellow Professional Organizer, Jennifer Asselin, who is a busy young mother, and one with clear priorities. She shares the truth about Professional Organizers. I love the honesty of her post, and I hope that some of you busy moms and dads who use HGTV as the standard by which you judge your own organization – or lack thereof – will give yourselves a break. Organization on TV is pretty unrealistic, especially when you have messy little ones, and messy big ones, sharing your space.

Can’t change the past

While I am past the busy mom stage, I will say that being organized has always served me well, but do I wish I could have a few “do overs” with my now grown daughter? Of course I do! Do I wish we had more moments of cooking and crafting together and less arguing over messy bedrooms? Of course I do! Did I realize too late that we could find a compromise over that space I often referred to as a pig pen? Of course I did. With that said, do I think it is important to teach children to respect their parents’ homes, and their possessions, and that they should bear responsibility for helping around the house? Yes, of course! And I also believe that organization is a teachable skill and that as parents, it is part of what goes into raising a responsible adult.

Rites of passage

But I have two grandchildren now and those life lessons are not mine to teach. Their parents are in charge, and they are doing a great job, I might add. Here is the beauty of grandchildren: I just get to love them! I could care less about the mess we create while we bond in the kitchen. I have more time now; I do not have 100 irons in the fire in addition to a full-time job that requires a ton of energy. There are no longer little people in my world who need to be taken to school, or who procrastinate over homework, or need me to take them to practice, and slumber parties, etc. Being a grandparent is much easier than being a parent, it is true.

Truth about Professional Organizers

                                     Baking with my grandkids

Being organized is a process

So to all you busy moms and dads other there, just know that being organized is a process. It is seeking progress NOT perfection, and it is a commitment to consistent actions that will help you maintain some sense of organization. Chaos and overwhelm can be kept at bay – most of the time. And please remember, there is no perfect — no perfect parenting, no perfect house, no perfect anything, so relax, have fun, and know that the days really do fly by and our little birdies do leave the nest…and we miss them. Here’s to making sweet memories with your babies – and grandbabies.

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