Spring is a beautiful time of year. The trees bud, the flowers bloom, and many families use this time of year to renew, refresh, and beautify their homes.

Although most people want the benefits of a beautiful and clean home, it does require effort and work that not everyone enjoys. There are ways to make cleaning less unpleasant, and maybe even FUN! This newsletter offers tips and tools to show you how. Hope you enjoy it!

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Gather all the needed cleaning supplies before starting a project
  2. Start and finish one room or area before moving on to another
  3. Crank up your favorite music or listen to an audiobook while working
  4. Set realistic expectations based upon how much time you’re willing to commit to each project (I call this “time appropriate tasks”)
  5. Get the whole family involved (even the very young ones can help)


Rewards and celebrations are in order! Shout out an exuberant hallelujah, let’s see those high fives, and maybe head out for an ice cream treat!

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