What Calendar Works Best for You?

Do you use the calendar that is right for you? With the new year approaching, now is the time to give this some thought.

Full disclosure here, I still use a paper calendar. Actually I use a paper calendar and an electronic calendar! How is that for redundancy? I rationalize this dual system because it creates a back-up system should one or the other get lost or become inaccessible. The paper calendar is my “go to” system as my eyesight is not what it used to be, and using the calendar on my Smart phone leaves a lot of room for error with the compromised vision and clumsy fingers. Plus, and this is a big plus, the electronic calendar is a huge time saver. I enter the address of my appointment on my Google calendar, which automatically syncs to my Smart phone, which then activates Google maps, and feeds my GPS software. I no longer print out a maps, which saves me time, money in toner, and requires no paper. I also can easily generate mileage reports, and document who I met with, and the purpose of the meeting, which is crucial for documenting business deductions on my tax return.

Calendar snob

So, I consider myself kind of a paper calendar snob, and for me, shopping for a calendar can take weeks. Whatever calendar I buy needs to serve me for at least one year so this is a BIG decision for a planner like me. As a former Franklin-Covey enthusiastic, I have found an alternative that suits me well at a fraction of the cost. For the past two years I have really enjoyed BlueSky calendars, which can be found at Target and many other outlets.

Simple Organized Solutions

Here are 10-Things I like about BlueSky calendars

1) The size (5″ x 8″ easily fits into purse or briefcase)

2) The plastic front and back covers keeps it looking nice and gives an extra “pocket” for displaying a photo, storing notes, or affirmations

3) Clearly marked tabs separate each month

4) Laminated Yearly Overview page at front of calendar for easy reference throughout the year

5) Clearly labeled monthly tabs have a full month’s calendar view, with room to write in on-going appointments

6) Daily writing space is sufficient for my appointments and notes

7) The paper is of quality so entries can be erased completely when needed (be aware of paper that is too slick)

8) There are extra blank pages in the back for notes

9) The spiral binder is sturdy, unlike other spiral bound calendars I have had

10) The price is very reasonable and with daily use, the product has held up very well

There you have it. Let me know what your favorite calendaring system is and why you like it.

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