Chaos has many complexions

To say life is a little chaotic at the moment is probably an understatement. Your chaos might not look like mine, but trust me, I’m feeling it, too. COVID shut-downs and lockouts. Economic impacts. The short-term effects. The long-term effects. The underlying stressors. There’s so much that is unknown at this point in time. And that feels chaotic.

Operation control

When I feel unsettled and a little chaotic, I look around for ways I can exert some control. For me, being in charge and intentional about my physical environment is an obvious remedy. When my environment is in order, my inner being feels more at ease. My space is orderly. I know what I have and what I need (which isn’t much). I know where things are and can put my finger on them. This is good for my soul, and it makes me feel a little more in control.

Worth a look…

Here’s a Washington Post article that Maria Shriver recently referenced in her Sunday Paper. The author shares how decluttering can increase productivity, lower stress, and save you money. I wholeheartedly agree!


While I discourage getting on a bunch of newsletter lists that clutter up your Inbox, I do love Maria’s weekly inspiration, and you might, too. I love her passion for offering hope, inspiration, all while being transparent and authentic. One of my favorite quotes is by Ram Dass and it says, We’re all just walking each other home. I love that Maria is so real, so human, and that she writes about her own journey maneuvering life’s up and downs.


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